0010: Google Keep, Part Deux


In Episode 0010 (2019-01-20)  I return to our Google Keep series. In the first episode of the series, episode 0008, I focused on the basics of Google Keep. In this episode, you will learn how to integrate Google Keep data into Google Docs and use advanced features. I do this by sharing my podcast preparation workflow. Lastly, I share the latest news including the new Pixel 3 Lite leak.

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Using Google Keep

Why Google Keep?

Christmas Decorations Note: Record the placement of Christmas decorations around the home for next year. Took about 13 pictures inside and outside of the home. Created a new note using the pictures. Used Google Pixelbook and Google Pen to make hand-written notations on the images. Created checkboxes in the same note with To Do items for next year (such as buy a smart outdoor outlet). Added the `Home` label. Shared the note with my wife so she too can add images and notes. Added a Reminder on November 1st annually to prompt me to review the note and begin preparation.

Capturing Ideas

Organizing Thoughts

Show notes preparation

Share Google Keep content with other apps on mobile

Final Google Keep Thoughts

My workflow continues to change over time as I become more efficient using the tools. We may one day come back to Google Keep and discuss any updates. Let’s just hope Google Keep doesn’t end up in the Google Cemetary. I have a concern because Google also has Google Tasks and has built a task database for Google Assistant (you can’t use Google Assitant to store items in Google Keep! IFTTT integration not yet available for Google Keep either).


Wrapping Up

Pixel Power Podcast Show Notes