Private Non-Profit Schools in Burton, Texas

  1. Action Requested:  Contact Burton ISD

Your Private Non-Profit School may be eligible to receive educational services from certain Federal Programs, such as the Title Programs under No Child Left Behind.

Please contact Melinda Fuchs, elementary principal, for more details:

Contact Person:  Melinda Fuchs

Phone:  979-289-2175

Fax:  979-289-0170


Mailing Address:  PO Box 129, Burton, TX 77835

Due to the program deadlines, please contact our office on or before June 14, 2019.

  1. Information:  Federal Requirement

No Child Left Behind Program Specific Assurances

The Local Education Agency (LEA) will provide services to eligible students attending the private elementary and secondary schools in accordance with section 1120 (Participation of Children Enrolled in Private Schools), and timely, ongoing, and meaningful consultation with private school officials regarding such services. [P.L. 107-110, Section 1112(c)(1)(E)].

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