2020 Sal Salandra’s Thread Art Paintings, Sal Salandra, East Hampton Tow, curated by Abby Lloyd and Hadley Vogel

2019 Scarecrow Show, The Greenthumb Farm, Watermill, NY / curated by Abby Lloyd, Hadley Vogel and Dennis Witkin

2019 Night Court, Patrick Sarmiento and Chloe Siebert

2018 Pockets for Losers, Borna Sammak and Andrea McGinty

2018 Tiny People, Abby Lloyd and Chris Retsina

2018 MOONDOG, group show, curator

2017 Stain, Quay Quinn Wolf

2017 Poison Apple, Kelly Akashi, Mindy Rose Schwartz and Larissa Lockshin

2016 “This: The history of a lover blue as the sky never shy”, Ricardo Morales Hernández

2016 Ground & Pound, Theodore Darst and Jennifer Mehigan

2016 I’m a Horse Now, group show curated by Brian Kokoska

2015 Arcades and Garlands, Sofia Leiby

2015 Trudy and Russell, Trudy Benson and Russell Tyler

2014 (Untitled 2 person), Margo Wolowiec and Nik Pence

2014 Gold Digger,  Marissa Olson

2014 (Untitled 2 person), Larissa Lockshin and Abigail Vogel

2014 I Never Called You a Dream, Hector Arce-Espasas and Lewis Teague Wright

2014 (Untitled solo), Jean Baptiste Bernadet

2013 Crocodile Tears, Rebecca Ward

2013 Hot Danger Moment, Brian Kokoska

2012 Made With Mustard, Ethan Cook and Jess Fuller

2012 The Love We Make, Lauren Luloff and Landon Metz

Art Fairs:

2016 Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Theodore Darst and Andrea McGinty

2015 NADA NYC, Friedemann Heckel

2015 Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Larissa Lockshin

2014 NADA Miami, Brian Kokoska