Navigation Event:  Ryan Perrin


Planning Room: Kent Lovelace & Brodie Rethamel

Dispatch/Flight Planning Entry: Jim Higgins

GPS Install: Ryan Perrin; Matt Kozma

GPS Download: Erich Hess; Dylan Columbia & Dana Atkins

Refueling: Josh Garner; Justin Bauer & Nick Seefeldt


Landings:  Jim Higgins


B Card: Kent Lovelace;

C Card:

D Card: Jim Higgins

E Card:

F Card: Josh Ganshert; Nick Seefeldt

G Card: Ryan Perrin; Chris Mohan

S Card: Erich Hess

Line Judges:  All remaining


Message Drop: Brodie Rethamel


Barrel A: Brodie Rethamel; Brian Lee, Dylan Columbia, Nick Seefeldt

Barrel B: Matt Kozma; Dana Atkins, Justin Bauer

Weighing & Measuring: Nick Seefeldt; Jim Higgins, Kent Lovelace




Need 2 volunteers (with event experience)


Ground Trainer:


Need 1 volunteer (experience with event, competitor or judge, preferred)


A/C Recognition: Kent Lovelace


SCAN: Nick Seefeldt


E6B: Dana Atkins


Scorekeeping:  Erich Hess

Those available to help as needed


Safety:  All judges have input to the safety award