A Brief History Of The American WOMP Racing Association

The American WOMP Racing Association or AWRA for short grew out of Steve Adkins' efforts to organize WOMP races at South Carolina raceways starting in 2015. These races were run prior to the formation of the AWRA, but the winners have been recognized by the AWRA. These races were billed as state championship races.

The first of these races was to be held at Upstate Speedway in Inman, South Carolina on August 15th, 2015. That race was moved to Slot Car Cave in Rock Hill, South Carolina after flooding ruined the track at Upstate. The race was held at Slot Car Cave  on schedule when Aaron Farrell, the owner of Slot Car Cave stepped in and agreed to host the event. Jimmy Johnson was the winner and first South Carolina state champion.

 The second of the pre-AWRA races was held At Foothills Speedway in Inman, South Carolina on August 20, 2916. Michael Smith was the winner.

The third of these races was held at The Slot Car Track in Concord, North Carolina on November 19. 2016. Robbie Deese was the winner.

By this time, it had become apparent that the rules left a lot to be desired, and so with the goal of establishing a uniform and standardized national set of rules, a small rules committee was formed and the original rules were written in late 2016-early 2017. The rules committee has grown to include raceway owners, racers, manufacturers, and retailers and the committee decides on rules changes and parts approval by vote.

The first official AWRA race was booked for Saturday, March 11 at Flashbacks Model Raceway in Snellville, Georgia. When Flashbacks suddenly closed, Eddie Cordle, the owner of Cordle Model Speedway in Marietta, Georgia agreed to host the race and so the first AWRA event was held at Cordle Model Speedway.

Since that first race, AWRA events have been held on tracks ranging from club tracks to massive commercial facilities from coast to coast in thirteen states at last count with more dates in more states planned for this year.

The rules committee has grown to include an art department, a procurement department, and a test facility. A traveling tech inspector for each event is in the works, as well as a media department.

If you haven't yet been a part of an AWRA event, take a look at our Upcoming Events section. If there is no AWRA event listed for your area, contact your local raceway and have them contact us at awrainfo@yahoo.com for information on how to schedule an AWRA event.