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OH Family Handbook 2021-2022
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Family Handbook


    15500 18th Avenue West                                                       Office: 425.431.7744

    Lynnwood, WA 98087                                                               Fax: 425.431. 7747        

Press 1 for Attendance

Press 4 for voicemail

Press 9 for the office


Dear Oak Heights Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! It is such an honor for us to lead this amazing school.  We look forward to a great year of learning and celebrating this learning community.

We’ve created this handbook to give you an overview of policies and procedures.  Please read through the handbook and keep this in a handy place so you have quick answers to your questions throughout the year.

We are excited for another great year of teaching and learning with you and your child(ren).  Oak Heights is a community of learners that includes the students, staff, families and community members.  We encourage you to stay as informed and involved as possible – it makes a difference to us and to your child!  We are honored to be on this journey together.  

Communication is important to us – both to and from school.  We will continue to send most of our communication to families via e-mail using the School Messenger system.  Please make sure that we have your current email address at all times so you don’t miss out.  We will print a limited number of copies for families who do not have regular access to email.  By using electronic methods, we are able to save precious funding dollars for use in the classrooms.  To accommodate our Spanish speaking families we have all newsletters and most other documents translated.  Let us know if you would like us to translate into an additional language.  We want everyone to be informed and in the loop!  

Thanks for everything you do to support your child(ren). Please don’t hesitate to ask let us know if you have questions or concerns.  We’re here for you and your family!    


 Jessie and Katie

Jessie Asp, Principal

Katie Shook, Assistant Principal

Staff Contacts


There are several ways to contact a staff member here at Oak Heights Elementary.  We encourage those who want to talk to a staff member to do so either before or after school.  If you would like to visit the classroom, arrangements should be made through the classroom teacher prior to your visit.

If you have a message you would like to pass along to your child’s teacher, we encourage you to send a note with your child, or you may also contact a staff member via email using the address listed below.  

If you would like to call, you can contact the office at 425-431-7744 and then press #9.  We will be happy to take a message for your child or his/her teacher.  We try to deliver these messages during recess or lunch if possible, rather than interrupt class during lessons.

If you would like to leave a voicemail for your child’s teacher (without interrupting class), you may dial   425-431-*+ (4digit extension number).  Teachers will return calls as soon as possible.

BUILDING STAFF 2021 – 2022

Principal, Jessie Asp, 425-431-7748,

Assistant Principal, Katie Shook, 425-431-1960 , 

Role        Name & Extension                E-mail Address                

Office Manager        Sarah Madsen (3375)      

Office Support        Maryanne Trang (3376)       

Student Intervention Coordinator

        Julie Johnsen (1806)              

Family Resource Advocate

        Molly Rhodes (3424)              


Kindergarten        Kristi Yount (3401)      

        Anna Stuart (2860)      

        Ali Wilkens (3396)      

        Lydia Douglas (3390)      

        Kelly Ward (1781)      

Grade 1        Julie Krusenstjerna (3408)

        Molly Martin (3386 )              

        Christina Duff (2683)      

        Anne Milsten (7138)      

Grade 2        Theresa Tonnu (2633)      

        Jenna Smith (2712)      

        Erica Morgan (3556)       


Grade 3        Tanya Grush (3412)              

        Deanna Silue (2303)      

        Sara Kaleo (3394)      

        Shellena Nicol (3653)      


Grade 4        Thea Russo (2428)              

        Rhodora dela Cruz (3413)

        Bronwyn Maughlin (3380)        

Grade 5        Janice Paulson (2630)      

        Jessica Cotton (1668)      

        Alecia Aillaud (2468)      

Grade 6        Theresa Bennett (3416)      

        Colin Odell (3406)      

        Jessica Janicki (3393)      

Remote        Patricia Riggin (3320)      

        Tamara Littlejohn (2707)

        Ruby White (5247)      

        Mercredi Noble (3399)      

Lib/Media Specialist        Leah Logan (3781)                

Physical Education        Nicole Brekkaa (3420)              

        Nick Economou       

        Dan  Samoza      

Music        Kylene Ries  (2699)      

        Jeffery Cohn (4145)      

        Ashley Giri  

Psychologist        Sara Hasunuma  (1558)      

        Logan McAuley (1075)                      

SLP        Virginia See (1246)      

OT        Stephanie Evangelist (1832)

Title/ LAP        Kristen Brunner(2854)       

        Crystal Abeyta (2398)       

        Megan Hendrickson(7154)

Learning Support          Debbie Johnson(3414)                       

        April Mcgill(2942)      

Nurse        Chrissy Pierce (1888)        

Health Para        Eveline Shurvarikov(3428)

Custodians        Alan Westerlund (3389)

        John Green (3389)        

Paraeducators        Nahla Abdulshaheed

        Amy Melby

        JoAnn Riordan

        Maribeth Spears

        Desiree Stocker        

        Stephenie Vail        

        Lisa De Jong

        Emily Francois

        Lily Kotovic

        Hillary Schriber

        Kellen Reeder


Schedule and Attendance Policies


To register a new student at Oak Heights, you must come to the main office with proof of residency, the child’s birth certificate and Immunization records and your current contact information.  Registration hours are from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  

Please see Maryanne Trang or Sarah Madsen in the main office for more information.


If you plan to move during the school year, please notify the main office as soon as possible to allow for a smooth transition and transfer of school records.  All library books and chrome books must be returned before you leave.


Please make every effort to have your child be here and on time every school day.  If your child is ill, please call the school’s absentee line, (425) 431-7744 (selection 1), before 9:00 AM. In cases where a child is not at school and no call is received from the parent, we will attempt to determine the child’s whereabouts by contacting parents. Please keep your emergency contact numbers updated for the safety of your child.  

Edmonds School District has examined and revised its policies and procedures regarding attendance. Research has shown that regular attendance, as early as kindergarten, is a strong determiner for graduating high school. Getting your students to school every day and on time is one of the best ways you can support their education.  We’ve revised our school’s procedures to be in compliance with the revised truancy laws and district policies.

These are the changes to our attendance procedures:

For absences of 3 days or longer for reasons other than illness, medical issues or emergencies, prior approval is required.  Please complete the “Request for Excused Absence” form available in the main office.  Principal and teacher approval is required. We recognize that there may be a time when a family trip is necessary due to a special occasion or other reason, but we cannot excuse absences for trips during state testing, which starts at the end of April and continues through May.  

Medical/Dental appointments, which cannot be arranged outside of school hours, need to be communicated with the school office prior to the date of absence.  Parents/guardians are required by state law immediately after the absence to send a note to the student’s teacher for each separate instance of absence when the student re-enters school.  The note should include the date of absence, the nature of the illness and the parent’s/guardian’s signature.

Students need to arrive at school on time.  Occasionally, all of us experience events that cause us to be late.  Frequent tardiness is disruptive to the classroom, causes a disorganized start to the day, and teaches the child behavior that is tolerated in other settings, like the workplace.  Please establish routines and expectations with your child that gets them here on time.


The District is required by state law, WAC 180-40-010, to report excessive absences and tardiness to the court.  Consistent, on time attendance is necessary if a student is to keep up with the rest of the class.  The office may require a doctor’s confirmation of medical reasons for more than 10 excused absences.  We are required to report when a student’s absence is deemed by the principal as unexcused.  Please send a signed note any time your child returns to school from an absence or has an excused tardy.

SCHOOL  HOURS        All Students         8:40 a.m.        -        3:10 p.m.                

        Early Dismissal Time        11:40 a.m.


Students are not to arrive on school grounds earlier than 8:20 a.m., unless participating in the breakfast program.  Breakfast is served beginning at 8:10 a.m.  Students must depart promptly after dismissal.  They should not return to school without an adult until after 4:00 pm.


It is important that the following early dismissal procedure be observed for pupil security.  In the event an early dismissal is necessary, please make requests in writing to the teacher.  The child will be excused through the school office.  Please go to the school office, sign your child out and pick up your child in the office.

In an emergency, students may only be released to persons already designated on the “Student Release Authorization” form.

District Calendar  


                        September 6                        Labor Day

                        September 8                        First Day of School

                        September 24                        Early Release

                        October 8                         Early Release

                        October 22                        Professional Development (Non-student Day)

                        October 25 – 29                        Grades K-6 Parent-Teacher Conferences

                                                        (Early Release all week)

                        November 5                        End of First Quarter

                        November 11                        Veterans Day

                        November 12                        Teacher Non Contract Day/Non-student Day

                        November 25 – 26                Thanksgiving Break

                        December 3                         Early Release (all grades)

                        December 17                        Early Release (all grades)

                        December 18 - Jan. 2                Winter Break

                        January 17                        Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

                        January 28                        Early Release (all grades) First Semester Ends

                        January 31                        Professional Development Day (Non-student Day)

                        February 11                        Early Release (all grades)

                        February 21                        Presidents’ Day Break

                        February 22                        No School (Snow make up day if needed)

                        March 4                         Early Release (All grades)                

                        March 16-17                        Grades K-6 Parent-Teacher Conference      

                                                                                                     (Early Release)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                        March 18                        Professional Development (Non-student Day)

                                                        (Snow Make up day if needed)

                        April 1                                Early Release (all grades)

                        April 4-8                        Spring Break

                        May 6                                 Early Release (all grades)

                        May 20                                Professional Development (Non-student Day)

                        May 30                                Memorial Day

                        June 10                         Early Release (all grades)

                        June 23                                Last day of school (Early Release)

                        June 24, 27, 28                             Snow make-up days (if needed)

Behavior Goals and Expectations

As a school community we developed and follow these expectations:

Oak Heights Bobcats are:

We believe that a school environment where children feel physically and emotionally safe is where they will learn best.  We also believe that students must develop self-discipline and the skills for working and learning cooperatively with others.

Our goal is to teach, model and reinforce our expectations in every setting at school.  We have developed some guidelines to help students who have ongoing difficulties with following the expectations.  These include:

At times, a staff member may complete a Behavior Improvement Plan form.  These forms are used to formalize consequences and document ongoing or extreme behavior issues, and a copy is always sent home.  At any step, we may team with the student’s family to work together to help them get on track.


We believe students should extend and practice what they learn in school.  Therefore, students will be assigned homework at the discretion of the classroom teacher.  Please provide them with a “home structure” of a quiet place and specific time to do their homework.


In order to provide a safe and productive learning environment, the following guidelines are to be followed.   We hope that parents and students will review these guidelines together.  If there is a question about a student’s dress, they will be sent to the office and parents will be called.


Oak Heights’ students may bring a cell phone to school at their parents’ discretion.  Because most cell phones used today are also connected to the internet we expect that students will use these devices safely and in accordance with our internet safety rules at all times while on our campus.  Phones must be in an “off” position once the student enters campus through the main gate and remain off until after school.  During school hours they must be stored in the student’s backpack.  Cell phones seen out, or on, during school will be confiscated and returned to a parent. After school students may access their cell phones once they are outside the main gate, assuming they continue to use it in a safe and respectful manner.  Oak Heights is not responsible for lost phones.

Parent Involvement

VISITING SCHOOL - Due to covid safety precautions we currently can not have visitors on campus.

 All visitors must check in at the school office and wear a Visitor or Volunteer badge while on campus.

Our school is your school – we welcome visitors.  All visits should be pre-arranged through the teacher and/or principal.  Our goal is to maintain a positive and productive classroom environment.  Parents are often interested in visiting school to observe their child.  We invite and encourage parents to make classroom visits.  

In order to ensure safety and academic continuity, we ask the following:

  1. Parents should contact the teacher prior to their visit.  Please come at a time of day when the work you want to see is most likely to be going on.  Remember you will be seeing a very small segment of a unit of work, which may have been in progress for many days and may continue for some time.
  2. All visitors need to stop by the office before going to the classroom to sign in and get a badge.  
  3. Please make an appointment for a private conference if you wish to discuss your child’s progress.
  4. Look for the following points which are indicators for your child’s success in school:
  1. Ability to listen
  2. Independent work habits
  3. Success while working with others in group activities
  4. General attitude – Is your child happy and well-adjusted?
  5. Attitude toward suggestions or comments by the teacher
  6. Willingness to cooperate and share with the group
  1. Parents who question classroom practices, student’s achievement/growth or teacher/child relationships should first request a conference with the teacher.  It is often advisable to include your child.  It is best to work out concerns with the staff member closest to the problem.

The School Board has the following agreement with its employees regarding school visits.

“It is recognized by the parties that the patrons of the District have the right to observe the educational program of the District.  Patrons visiting a classroom shall obtain the approval of the Principal.  The time will be arranged after the Principal has conferred privately with the employee.

Upon request of an employee, the building administrator shall schedule a conference between the patron and the employee.”


Report cards are available on Skyward Family Access twice a year, in early February and in late June.


Parent/teacher conferences for all students, grades K-6, are scheduled once each academic year to provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress.  This year, conferences will occur the last full week of October.  Students will be dismissed early on conference days.  Lunch is served at school prior to dismissal.   At these conferences, participants are encouraged to share any suggestions, problems, or celebrations they might have regarding the student’s school experience.  We encourage all parents to attend these conferences.  Parents may also schedule a conference with a teacher at any time during the school year to discuss a particular concern or academic progress.


It is the policy of the Board of Directors of the Edmonds School District to provide basic text materials, supplies and equipment necessary for the instructional program.  Students may be required to purchase supplemental materials such as workbooks, current event papers, crayons, protractors, rulers, paper, etc.  A supply list is available in the office for each grade level.


Please check with your child’s teacher regarding their preference for celebrating birthdays at school.  Some students do not celebrate their birthday for religious or family reasons and we want to be respectful of all students. If a teacher chooses to allow a small celebration it must be celebrated with non-food treats and favors for students.  No food is allowed as part of a birthday celebration.


The School Board has set a limit of three classroom celebrations (such as seasonal, cultural or curriculum-related) per classroom per year.  The theme and time of year of the party is up to the discretion of the classroom teacher.  If food is served, it must meet the “Food Safety Guidelines For Room Parties” published by the Snohomish Health District.  Due to the prevalence of students with severe food allergies, foods with nuts or tree nuts are strongly discouraged and in some cases not allowed.


The Oak Heights Elementary Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a volunteer network of adults: parents, grandparents, caregivers, siblings, teachers, staff, etc.  Our mission is to provide our Oak Heights students an enhanced educational environment by offering enjoyable and beneficial learning opportunities, supporting our teachers and staff, and promoting the importance of community.  All families are encouraged to join.  There are no obligations of membership beyond a small annual dues fee.

Our PTA coordinates volunteers for many needs of our students and school, however, membership is not a requirement to be a school volunteer.  We have a large variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  If you are interested, we can assist with choosing an activity that works for you.

PTA is an inclusive community.  Information and resources are available at all general meetings and through our website  We also offer an informational Facebook page: Oak Heights Elementary PTA- Lynnwood.  Inquiries or input are always welcome!

Transportation, Parking Lot Safety, Weather Emergency


 Your child’s safety is a paramount responsibility for all of us.  To get our students here uninjured, we strive for 100% compliance with our traffic rules at school.  Please do not let your need to save time tempt you to disregard the rules and put children at risk.  

When dropping off and picking up your children at Oak Heights, there are only two safe choices:

  1. Park in a spot (south lot) and walk them to the school gate.
  2. Use the south lot and drop them safely onto the sidewalk in the drop-off lane.

As you enter the lot from Oak Road and turn right to make the loop:

The bus turnaround will be restricted to busses only from 8:10 AM to 8:40 AM and from 3:00 PM to 3:25 PM.


Bicycle and scooter riders are expected to wear safety helmets and obey the traffic rules that apply to vehicles.  It is the parents’ responsibility to decide whether or not their child has enough skill and judgment to ride safely.  Parents who want their kindergarten, first and second grade child to ride bicycles to school are to send a note of parent approval to the principal.  The school assumes no responsibility for bicycles that are brought to school.  All bicycles should be locked.  Students must walk bikes at all times on school property.  Skateboards or scooters are not allowed to be ridden on school grounds.


Students planning on riding a bus other than their assigned route must bring a written and signed parent permission note to the office to receive a bus pass prior to boarding.  This should be done early in the school day.


Safety is essential on school buses.  Transporting children to and from school in a safe and timely manner is a big responsibility for our bus drivers.  Students riding the buses have a very significant contribution in the success of each day’s bus ride.  The following simple rules will help in creating a safe and positive experience for your children:

Please remember that riding the bus is a privilege and if continued abuses occur, the riding privilege will be revoked in order to assure the safety of all students riding the bus.

Our bus drivers make every effort to pick-up and deliver students on time.  If you have concerns about your child’s bus, you may check the Bus Delay Hotline at 425-431-1441 or contact Transportation directly at 425-431-7230.


My Stop is a mobile app for parents that pinpoints the ETA of their student’s bus.  Use of this app will hopefully eliminate calls to schools and Transportation.  No setup is needed.  Families will need to know their Skyward Family ID/password.  Parents will select students they wish to track from the pop up screen.  Bus cards will have the info, and flyers will be sent to schools.  Schools can use My Stop to find out where buses are located, how close they are to arriving in real time.  This works with regular routes only, or after- school LAP and Move 60 programs. (Parents may also access My Stop through their computer as long as they have their family ID.


Bus drivers are responsible for the safe operation of their buses. Student misconduct at the bus stop or on the bus jeopardizes the safety of all students. Bus drivers have been instructed to attempt to investigate and report each behavior incident occurring on the bus or at the bus stops.

The first recorded incident will result in a telephone call home from the driver.

The second recorded incident will result in a 3-day suspension of the bus riding privilege.

The third recorded incident will result in a 5-day suspension of the bus riding privilege.

Further incidents may result in removal from the bus for the remainder of the trimester.

Please communicate directly with the bus driver for details of bus incidents. The Transportation Department telephone number is (425) 431-7230.


Parents, staff and students, it is important to note that if no message is given for Edmonds School District by TV, radio, websites or voicemail, then our schools are operating on a normal schedule.  Every effort will be made for the information to be available from the following sources no later than 6:00 a.m. the day of a possible schedule change.

Possible adjusted schedules and what they mean:

Schools Closed

Two Hours Late

Two Hours Late, Limited Bus Transportation


It is our practice to provide outside recesses for all students whenever possible.  Because we have so many damp, drizzly days, it is important to dress your child appropriately.  Coats should be worn most of the year at recess.  A play-shed area provides cover for our students.  (If possible, please tuck an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack.)

Student Well Being


The Edmonds School District offers a number of special services to students through Special Education funded programs.  Special services are available for students with identified conditions that interfere significantly with their educational progress.  Support services to students who qualify are provided by Speech and Hearing Therapists, Physical/Occupational Therapists, School Psychologists and Itinerant Teachers.  Parents who feel their child has a possible condition that significantly affects his/her school progress should contact the school principal (425-431-7744) or Student Services (425-431-7200) to discuss mutual concerns.


We believe that the guidance and counseling program is an integral part of students’ daily educational environment.  Services available include consultation with parents and teachers, classroom social skills lessons, and small group counseling focusing on students’ adjustment and social interaction.  All services support students’ academic, social and emotional growth, thus maximizing student success.  For more information, please contact our School Psychologist, Logan McAuley at 425-431-1075.



Preferably, all medication should be dispensed before and or after school hours under supervision of a parent or guardian.

By State Law, and for safety reasons, medication can be given at school only with specific written directions from a doctor and with a signed request from you, as the parent or guardian.  No medication should be sent to school without these written directions.  This includes over the counter medicines such as aspirin, cold and allergy medications, asthma inhalers, etc.

If your physician judges that it is absolutely necessary to have your child receive medication at school and he/she requires help from the staff, the permit form is available from the school office.  You will want to take one of these forms with you to the doctor’s office.


If students are to self-administer their own medication, please send only a daily dose in a labeled container.  A written note must also be sent giving your child permission to take the medication on his/her own.


Please leave a message for the school nurse if your child is diagnosed with a communicable condition such as chickenpox, head lice, scabies, ringworm, pinworms, impetigo, fifth disease, conjunctivitis, strep throat, scarlet fever or whooping cough.  Children with a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher should NOT be sent to school until fever subsides.


For the safety of any student with a life-threatening health condition, a medication or treatment order is required to attend school in the State of Washington.  A life-threatening condition is any disorder that might result in death if medical services are not delivered at school.  For example, a child may have a life-threatening if there is a history of severe asthma, allergic reactions, diabetes or a heart condition.  The order must be from a licensed health care provider such as a physician, physician assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner.

Parents are responsible for annually meeting with the school nurse and providing any needed supplies, prior to the first day of school. A release to exchange information with the student’s health care provider is also requested.  When the condition is life-threatening, the law provides that a child may only attend school when these requirements are met.  Parents may schedule an appointment with the school nurse by contacting the Oak Heights Elementary office.


If a child is ill or injured at school, he/she will be given emergency first aid treatment, and parents will be called.  If parents cannot be reached at home, the emergency contact person listed on the registration form will be called.  If no one is available to come for the student, we will use our best judgment on whether to call 911 or to keep the child in the nurse’s office.  Since some doctors will not treat a child without direct parental consent, we recommend that you leave your written consent for emergency treatment with a local physician or with Stevens Hospital.

It is extremely important that we have current home, work, cell phone, daycare and emergency contact information on file for your child. You may send a note or call the Oak Heights office at 425-431-7744.

The District and school personnel are not responsible for medication being self-administered by students.


The school immunization law, effective September 1, 1979, requires that all students attending kindergarten through sixth grades must present proof of the minimum immunization.  Exemptions from immunizations are allowed for medical reasons, when certified or signed by a licensed physician, or for religious, philosophical or personal objections, when signed by parent or guardian.  The Immunization Rules and Regulations state that:

        Any student enrolling in school who fails to provide documentation of full immunization or proof of either medical, religious, philosophical or personal objections before the child’s first day of attendance, shall be excluded from school until acceptable Certificate of Status form is submitted to Oak Heights office.

If you have any questions or need a Certificate of Immunization Status form, please contact the Oak Heights office at 425-431-7744.


Lunch Menus can be found at:

The Food and Nutrition Services Department believes that there is an important, positive relationship between good nutrition and health, behavior and student learning. The Edmonds School District participates in the National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast Program and the United States Department of Agriculture Food Distribution Program. USDA regulations guide our program. Weekly and monthly menus are planned by experienced staff members and reviewed by a Registered Dietitian. These menus meet the USDA specifications based on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Americans and are designed to appeal to students.

We serve Breakfast and Lunch in every school every day school is in session unless otherwise announced.


School accident insurance is offered to our students.  This is a voluntary program offered for your convenience but we strongly encourage participation if you are otherwise uninsured.  Applications are included in first day packets and are available in the school office.  Claims should be made through the school office.  (This plan is not a comprehensive health plan although the insurer does offer one if you are interested.)


Clothes for Kids is a program available in the Edmonds School District. If you wish to receive or donate children’s clothing, please call or stop by the Oak Heights office for specific information.


The Edmonds School District uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) modeled after Environmental Protection Agency recommended guidelines for the control of structural and landscape pests.  IPM coordinates the use of non-chemical methods to prevent pest infestations, along with all available pest control methods when an outbreak occurs.  These methods include physical (pruning), cultural (using disease resistant plants) and biological means (using Lacewings and Ladybugs), as well as the judicious use of chemicals.  Unauthorized staff are not permitted to apply pesticide products at any school site or facility.

A notice will be posted in the main office 48 hours prior to the application of any biologic or chemical pesticide.  It will provide the reason for application and the name of the product to be used.  For individual notification, please contact your school’s main office.  No notices will be sent when students do not occupy the school for at least two consecutive days after application.  These procedures do not apply to emergency applications to control pests that pose an immediate health threat (e.g. stinging insects).  If application is postponed due to weather, the notification process will be repeated.

For more information, please contact Joe Luckraft, Maintenance Director, at (425) 431-7245

Student Life and Activities


Articles of clothing or other items found on the school grounds are put in the lost and found box in the gym entry.  Any article that is marked with a child’s name will be returned to that child.  Unidentified items are put into the “Lost and Found” box in the gym until the end of the trimester.  Items not claimed will be placed in our clothing center and distributed to appropriate students. Parents are requested to mark plainly all purses, lunch boxes and articles of clothing children might leave at school.


Instrumental instruction is offered to interested 5th and 6th grade students in beginning and advanced band and stringed instruments.  There is no charge for this instruction; however, families are expected to rent or purchase the instrument used.  Consult the music staff to locate one of several local music stores who carry musical instruments for purchase or rent.


The following organizations are available to your child:

                        Alderwood Boys & Girls Club        (425) 774-3022                                        

                        Alderwood Little League        (425) 775-KIDS                                        

                        Boy Scouts                        (425) 319-6226

                        Girl Scouts                        (800) 822-9435

                        Camp Fire Boys & Girls                (425) 258-5437  

                        Edmonds Boys & Girls Club        (425) 774-0630

                        SnoKing Youth Club                (425) 775-2633

                        South County YMCA                (425) 493-9622 (Mukilteo)

                                                        (425-337-0123 (Mill Creek)


Please do not allow your children to bring items of monetary value to school.  Students bringing personal belongings to school are solely responsible for these items.  The School District, which includes Oak Heights Elementary, is NOT financially responsible for anything brought from home, e.g. any electronic device, books, collector cards, games, etc.  Electronics are not allowed at Oak Heights.  If they are brought to school, they will be confiscated by the teacher and must then be picked up by a parent. Cell phones are permitted at school with parent permission.  They must remain in the backpack and turned off while at school and on the bus. If your child has an item taken away during school hours, you may recover it by sending a note or stopping by the office.

Please label all personal belongings (lunch boxes, items of removable clothing, backpacks, etc.)

Keeping Children Safe


We require that adults wear badges on campus during school hours.  All district employees wear ID badges at all times.  Visitors are required to check into the office and wear a visitor or volunteer badge as well.  In the morning before school parents may enter through the gate and wait at their child’s lineup spot after signing in and getting a badge.  Many parents prefer to say good-bye at the gate and let their students walk in.  We do have staff assigned to supervise the Courtyard each morning who can assist and monitor.  After school parents meet their students outside the gates. This can be a spot of heavy congestion. If your children are older, you might select a meeting spot a short distance from the gate (at the flag pole for example) to reduce congestion.  


We are required by the state to conduct an emergency drill each month with all of our students to practice the procedures in the case of an adverse event.  These monthly drills help the adults tighten up our process and for students to practice listening to the adult and to follow each of the steps in the procedure.


Our district is now using Safe Schools Alert, a tip reporting service that allows students, staff, parents and community members to submit safety concerns to our administration four different ways:

  1. Phone:  425.551.7393
  2. Text:   425.551.7393
  3. Email:
  4. Web:

You and your child can easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism or any safety issue you're concerned about through Safe Schools Alert.


If you see or have information about any acts of vandalism concerning our school, please call 911 right away.  


A complete copy of this policy is available in the office.


A complete copy of this act is available in the office.


The Edmonds School District recognizes that the use/abuse and possession of alcohol, controlled, illegal, addictive or harmful substance(s), including anabolic steroids, is a societal problem and may represent an impairment to the normal development, well-being and academic performance of students.  To ensure the safety, health and well-being of all students, the district is committed to the development of a program which emphasizes prevention, intervention, aftercare support and necessary corrective actions.

The district also recognizes the effects to the school, home and community resulting from drug and alcohol use/abuse.  While the primary obligation to seek assistance rests with the student and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s), school staff shall work with the home and community to develop and implement a comprehensive prevention and intervention program.

DISTRICT POLICY:  Any student who is under the influence of or possesses, sells, offers for sale or distributes alcohol or controlled substances or drug paraphernalia will be considered under the disciplinary category of exceptional misconduct, which warrants an immediate resort to a short-term or long-term suspension or expulsion.


It is the policy of Edmonds School District No. 15 not to discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnic origin, or handicap in its educational programs and activities as required by state and federal laws.  Inquiries regarding compliance with these laws may be directed to the Affirmative Action Office, (425) 431-7128, Educational Services Center, 20420 68th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA  98036-7400.


Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

Edmonds School District Notice to Parents and Students

It is the intent of the students and staff in the Edmonds School District to create an environment for learning and work that promotes and values respect, diversity and trust. Individuals have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and have the responsibility to treat others the same way. 


Harassment, intimidation, or bullying (HIB) is an intentional written, verbal, or physical act which:

  1. Physically or emotionally harms a student or damages the student’s property; or
  2. Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s education; or
  3. Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment; or
  4. Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.

Recognizing Harassment

The following behaviors are among those commonly identified as forms of HIB:

Written or Verbal Could Include:

Physical Could Include:

Reporting Incidents of Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying

Students, parents and volunteers are encouraged to report incidents of harassment, intimidation or bullying to the appropriate school official. To report an incident, students, parents, and volunteers can report directly to school staff or they may use the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Reporting Form located on the district website.  Disciplinary action will be taken to address the behavior or the perpetrator. No school district employee, student, or volunteer may engage in reprisal, retaliation, or false accusation against a victim, witness, or one with reliable information about an act of harassment, intimidation, or bullying. False reports or retaliation will receive consequences.

Students who engage in harassment as defined above will be subject to school discipline including and up to suspension or expulsion from school.

Equal Educational Opportunity and Sexual Harassment

The Edmonds School District will maintain a learning and work environment that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination which is prohibited under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. Sexual harassment substantially compromises the attainment of educational excellence, and the District will not tolerate such behavior by staff or by students, or by parents, volunteers or contractors while on school district grounds or participating in school-sponsored events.

All such complaints will be promptly investigated and, where appropriate, immediate corrective action will be taken.  To the highest degree possible, allowing for a fair investigation, all such complaints will be treated in a confidential manner.

The District prohibits retaliation against any employee, volunteer, parent, or student because he or she has made a report of alleged sexual harassment, or against any employee, volunteer, parent, or student, who has testified, assisted or participated in the investigation of a report.  Retaliation includes, but is not limited to, any form of intimidation, reprisal, or adverse pressure.  Retaliation is itself a violation of law and will lead to disciplinary action against the offender.

Persons who knowingly report false allegations of sexual harassment or corroborate false allegations of sexual harassment will be subject to appropriate discipline or other sanctions.

Any District staff member (regardless of area of responsibility) who knows or has reason to believe that sexual harassment is or may be occurring must take immediate steps to see that the matter is addressed or reported.  Such action must be taken whether or not the student(s), volunteer, or parent has reported the incident.

Sexual harassment is legally defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in which:

1.        Submission to such conduct or communication is made either an explicit or implicit term or condition of success in school;

2.        Submission to or rejection of such conduct or communication is used as a basis for educational decisions affecting that person; or

3.        Such conduct or communication has the purpose or effect of substantially or unreasonably interfering with the individual's school performance, or of creating an intimidating hostile, or offensive educational environment.  

An "intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment" means an environment in which:

1.        Unwelcome racially or sexually-oriented jokes, innuendoes, obscenities, pictures/posters or any action with sexual connotation makes a student feel uncomfortable; or

2.        Any aggressive, harassing behavior in the school that affects learning, whether or not sexual in connotation, is directed toward an individual based on his/her sex or sexual orientation.

Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:

1.        Insulting or degrading sexual remarks, written material, or conduct directed to a student or staff member;

2.        Threats, demands, or suggestions that a person’s status is contingent upon his/her tolerance or acquiescence to advances;

3.        Cornering or blocking of normal movements;

4.        Displaying sexually suggestive pictures or objects in an educational/work environment;

5.        Unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, leering or staring, sexual flirtation or propositions, sexual slurs, epithets, threats, verbal abuse, derogatory comments or sexually degrading descriptions, verbal comments about an individual’s body, overly personal conversation of a sexual nature, sexual jokes, stories, drawings, pictures or gestures, spreading of sexual rumors, touching of an individual’s body or clothes in a sexual way.

Reporting Incidents of Sexual Harassment

If any student, parent or community member experiences or witnesses discrimination or sexual harassment, they are encouraged to report it immediately to any school administrator with whom they feel comfortable.  Reports of such incidents may also be reported to the district Equity Officer, Debby Carter, 425 431-7012

Students who engage in harassment as defined above will be subject to school discipline including and up to suspension or expulsion from school.

Legal References:

Washington State RCW 26.44.030, RCW9A.36.080 (3) and SHB 1444

Edmonds School District Policies #8200, 8205, 8206, 8207 and 8208                                                      2/19/04  


By Washington state law and by Edmonds School District policy, the issuing of a threat against individuals or against district property will be taken seriously.

Individual-directed threats of violence or harm are communications that create fear of physical harm to a specific individual or individuals, communicated directly or indirectly by any means.

Building-directed threats of violence or harm are direct or indirect communications by any means of the intent to cause damage to a school building or school property or to harm students, employees, volunteers, patrons or visitors.

Staff, students, volunteers, and others involved in school activities have the responsibility to report any threats of violence or harm to designated school officials.  Persons found to have made threats of violence or harm will be subject to relevant district discipline policies and will be referred to appropriate community agencies, including law enforcement and mental health services.


The staff and student body will not tolerate the possession of any weapons or other dangerous objects on campus. Edmonds School District Board Policy #8220 (Section III, Exceptional Misconduct), RCW 9.41.250, RCW 9.41.280 prohibit the possession of weapons or other dangerous objects, including toy or facsimile weapons, on school property.

"Possession" includes but it is not limited to having a weapon or dangerous object anywhere on school property or at any school sponsored event. The item could be located:

(a) in a space assigned to a student (such as a locker or desk);

(b) on the student's person or property (such as on the student's body, in his/her clothing, purse, backpack, gym bag or vehicle); or

(c) under the student's control or accessible or available (such as hidden by the student).

Students in possession of a weapon or dangerous object will be suspended or expelled. Students using an object in a threatening manner will be suspended or expelled. In these cases, a student also may be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Students who choose to remain in the area of illicit or criminal activities involving weapons may be charged with possession if they have had a reasonable opportunity to withdraw or report even if they are not participating.

Any student who is determined to have carried a firearm onto school property or to a school sponsored event shall be expelled for no less than a year in accordance with RCW 28A.600.420.

Weapons and dangerous objects include, but are not limited to:


To comply with state law, no animals are allowed on school grounds.  This is a new policy and includes all animals, except service animals.

Communication Process

Communication is essential for successful relationships and organization success.  To that end, we will use the following guidelines for communication.  Questions and feedback are important in the continuous improvement process.  It is important that we have this conversation in a respectful, civil manner.  Even when we disagree, it is important that we work hard to be role models for our students about how conflicts are resolved in a positive manner.

1.        Contact the staff member directly responsible for the issue you have a concern about.   Share your concern, the facts or views you have.  Be as clear as possible about what information you need or what you would like to have happen.

2.        The school principal or supervisor of the program (such as Transportation) is also a valuable source of information.  If you do not know who to contact, the supervisor or principal can help.  This step is also necessary if your concerns were not answered in Step 1.

3.        If you are not satisfied with the answer or proposed solution to your concern at the principal/supervisor level, contact the Educational Services Center (425-431-7000) to speak with the administrator responsible for that school or program.  In some circumstances, a formal hearing or review committee exists to review the matter.  In all cases, we will review the issue with you and others concerned in an effort to reconcile the concerns and move forward.

4.        If your concern is about a district-wide matter or about a superintendent-level decision, please contact the Superintendent’s Office (425-431-7003).

5.        If you have a question about Board policy or are not satisfied that the above process has produced a result you can accept, the Board of Directors will review your concern.  In some cases, the Board of Directors is the final-decision making body, while some matters may be appealed to other authorities.  Personnel and individual student matters are handled in closed sessions with the Board.  Other matters may be presented to the Board in writing or at their regular meetings (usually the first and third Tuesday of each month).

        This process is not to be used in a retaliatory manner.