1.  I promise to have fun and be nice!

  1. I agree to be respectful and obey all posted rules, warnings and further agreed to follow any oral instructions or directions given by Play with Clay Staff.

  1. I recognize there are inherent risks associated with my participation, and I will assume full responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage arising out of my families use of the facilities at Play with Clay, whether caused by fault of myself, my family, Play with Clay staff or third-party.

  1. I agree to pay for all damages to equipment or facilities of Play with Clay caused by me or my family’s negligent, reckless, or willful actions and to defend Play with Clay against all claims.

  1.  I acknowledge that Play with Clay cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from misuse of equipment, medical problems resulting from contact with skin, or ingestion and or inhalation of toxic materials, and I am healthy enough to engage in this activity under these conditions.

  1. If I choose to keep pottery, I will embellish each one with a unique marketing and design and take detailed photographs of the pottery AND markings. I will retain these photographs in order to claim my pieces. Pottery cannot be taken home without these pictures.

  1. In the instance of breakage or firing mishap or loss, I understand the”No Refund Policy” and accept only equal credit within the studio. I understand if these uncontrollable factors occur, I will choose only to receive credit or choose a staff made replacement pot.

  1. I am aware if I do not return within 4 months to collect my ceramic work from its creation or glaze date, it becomes property of play with Clay, and will be disposed of. I understand I’m not entitled to any reimbursement and all credit protocol would be forfeited