1.        Purpose

The Board recognizes the importance of maintaining an effective Management Team to strengthen the administration and educational programs of the District, and to establish and improve communications; decision-making; conflict resolution; and other relationships among the members of the Team.

2.        Authority

        SC 510

While the Management Team concept places emphasis upon shared responsibility and authority, nothing in this policy is intended to limit the responsibility and authority of the Board to make decisions, as prescribed by law.

3.        Definitions

Management Team Concept - is a means whereby educational policies and administrative procedures that define the District's programs and operations are arrived at through shared responsibility and authority.

Management Team - is composed of the Superintendent and administrative, supervisory, and administrative support personnel who have significant responsibilities for:

  1. Formulating or implementing District policies and procedures or programs.

  1. Recommending employment, transfer, suspension, discharge, layoff, recall, promotion, assignment, compensation, or discipline of employees.

  1. Directing and supervising other employees.

  1. Evaluating employees.

  1. Adjusting complaints.

Management Employees - refers to members of the Management Team.

4.        Guidelines

The objectives of the District's Management Team are:

  1. To provide input into policies, procedures and rules that directly affect management employees in the administration of the District.

  1. To provide a means of addressing the economic and welfare concerns of management employees.

5.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines for the operation of the Management Team. Such guidelines shall provide that:

  1. Management Team meetings will include representatives reflective of all management employee positions and all management employees, when necessary.

  1. The Management Team shall address itself to appropriate concerns identified by a consensus of the members of the Team.

  1. Concerns of the Management Team will include but not be limited to District budget, District curriculum, personnel management and welfare of management employees.

  1. The Management Team will meet on a regular basis and when requested with the Board or its representatives.

  1. Actions of all members of the Management Team shall be consistent with professional and ethical standards adopted by professional management associations.

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