Host an Art Fundraiser with I Heart Art Studios!!!

Fundraisers are a great way to raise funds for a good cause!  Let’s raise funds together in a NO-pressure and FUN atmosphere.  Non-profit, neighbor in need, sports team or school club, church groups, animal rescue, or family members!  There is need all around us!

I take a reduced fee so you can set a reasonable price for your event.  

Fundraisers run just like any other event offered at I Heart Art Studios.  However, I would suggest a pre-pay for ticket sales with a no-refund policy.  This will safeguard your fundraiser from those no-call/no-show participants.  We can always reschedule the event in case of bad weather.  We’ll let guests know that a prepayment is required and if they do need to cancel, they can rest assured their payment will still go toward the fundraiser.  

The studio can seat up to 24 guests, which could earn your fundraiser an easy $240 for a SOLD OUT event!!

Once we decide on a date, then we can decide on a project.  This isn’t the time to pick that off-the-wall painting you’ve been wanting to paint for the past 10 years.  We need to offer a fun, fresh, or popular project that will gain the attention of many!  Then we’ll plan a date that isn’t competing with other popular community events.

I can create a Facebook event, take care of registration, accept payment, put a flier up in the studio, and share it through my business page.

You are ultimately responsible for sharing the event, inviting all your friends/family, asking them to share it, and talking about it to everyone you know!  Fundraisers are MOST successful the person who feels the passion for the cause, shares it!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!  

If you’re ready to start planning your fundraiser, contact me NOW: or 715-712-0009.

Contact info:

Becky Winter, Owner,

I Heart Art Studios

340 West Grand Avenue, #101

Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54495