Ravenswood High School

2016 WV Exemplary High School: College and Career Readiness

Transition Award (ACT)

2016, 2017 & 2018 Jennings Randolph Spirit of WV Award (100% Eligible Voter Registration)

2018 MVB Bank Award Recipient

A WV School of Excellence and

A WV Success School

One Plaza Drive

Ravenswood, WV  26164

Phone: (304) 273-9301

Fax: (304) 273-9556

Counseling (304) 273-2652

High School Code Number: 491-080

School Website: http://rhs.jack.k12.wv.us

Grades and Classes: https://jacksoncounty.instructure.com 

          Twitter Account : @theonlyrhs 


Ravenswood High School is dedicated to developing respectful, responsible and productive global citizens.



Ravenswood High School-  

Where Excellence is the Expectation


The ultimate purpose of programs and services at Ravenswood High School is to help each student fully engage in the learning process and become a productive citizen.  To participate successfully in the world where learning opportunities never cease, we must develop and accept the personal responsibilities for learning and the obligations, intrinsically and societal, for good citizenship.  Therefore, it is our desire that you find these aspects within your school, which will prepare you to live a more productive life and better qualify you to take your place in our ever changing complex society.



Jackson County Board of Education members urge each school in Jackson County to summarize the general rules and regulations regarding student conduct that are in effect throughout the school district. Board members suggest such rules and regulations be in writing and be available to all students and their parents or guardians.  This handbook has been prepared to explain and clarify the procedures, policies, and regulations at Ravenswood High School. State Policy 4373 will impact county and school regulations, therefore updates may be necessary from time to time. You are urged to contact the school administrators if you have any questions.


Welcome to Ravenswood High School!  We are looking forward to an exciting new school year and we welcome the opportunity to guide and assist you in fulfilling your educational goals.  Ravenswood has a history of fine academic and extracurricular accomplishments.  We expect you to meet the goals which have been set, to carry on the traditions, and to make positive contributions to make the school a better place.  You can benefit from the opportunities at RHS by being actively involved in your classes and the programs offered.  If you encounter difficulties, seek out any of our trained professionals and we will do our best to help you.  We are here to make your years in school as successful, yet educationally challenging, as possible.  We welcome the opportunity to help you as you proceed through your high school career.

In order for every student to have the opportunity to reach his or her potential and achieve success through academics and integrity, every student at Ravenswood High must adhere to the

Student Code of Conduct which states that each student must:

Any conduct which causes or will likely cause a substantial disruption in any school function, activity, or purpose, or that interferes with or creates a reasonable likelihood that it will interfere with the health, safety or well-being, or the rights of themselves or others, is prohibited.

The preceding is a general standard that should be used as a guide by all students.  Not all acts of misconduct can be itemized in the regulations.  The following are some of the main areas of conduct which may lead to parental conferences and disciplinary action such as: detention

confiscation of material, revoking privileges, exclusion from class, lunch detention, after school ALC, out of school suspension, or expulsion from school:

Ravenswood High School Profile

Ravenswood High School serves approximately 440 students in grades 9-12 and offers a rich, challenging curriculum.  Home of the Red Devils, Ravenswood High is a “School of Champions” having earned 26 state athletic titles and statewide recognition in academics as well as other activities.  Ravenswood High school has been designated a WV School of Excellence and a WV Success School.  In 2016, the school was selected at the top school in WV for College and Career Readiness by ACT and for the Jennings Randolph Award for WV.   The School and community work closely together to enhance curricular and extracurricular opportunities for students.




        ALMA MATER                                        VICTORS (Fight Song)

        Hail Alma Mater                                        Fight!  Down the field Red Devils,

        Of thee we sing                                        Don’t ever yield Red Devils

        Praises and honor                                        On!  On!  to Victory and lead us to fame;

        To thee we bring                                        We’re by your side Red Devils

        May our devotion                                        Don’t be denied now fellows

        Be ever nigh                                                Fight!  Fight! with all your might

        All hail our Alma Mater                                And we will win again. Go! Devils

        Ravenswood High                                                (2nd verse-we will win again! Yes!)


Academic Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities

Students that elect to participate in any extracurricular sport shall have a 2.0 grade point average the previous semester of participation.  

A 2.0 average is defined as a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better on a scale where an A is 4 points, a B is 3 points, a C is 2 points, a D is 1 point and an F is 0 points.  In computing a student’s grade point average for purposes of this policy, all subjects undertaken by the student and for which a final grade is recorded are to be considered.  The total number of classes taken is divided into the total

number of grade points earned to determine the GPA.  Classes for which a pass/fail is awarded will be

included in computing the GPA only if the student failed the class.

With a cooperative agreement between the administration and coaches, a minimum school eligibility requirement for continued participation in a sport may be established even though SSAC eligibility was previously established.  Athletes are advised that in situations where the school’s academic eligibility exceeds SSAC provisions, specific sport participants WILL be required to maintain a 2.0 GPA during the duration of their season to maintain membership on the team.

The student’s eligibility will be determined each semester by his/her GPA the previous semester.  To regain eligibility and commence practice a student must first successfully obtain a 2.0 or better average at the six weeks grading period following the semester when ineligibility was determined.  At the conclusion of the nine weeks students seeking eligibility status must again have grades computed which equal 2.0 or better.  Adhering to school and SSAC eligibility standards, a student may become eligible for extracurricular competition at this time. In addition, athletes must have a physical examination and submit a drug form prior to the start of a sport’s season or athletic practice.  Students may also have to take care of any obligations before being permitted to participate.

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

Ravenswood High School is a member of the WVSSAC, a voluntary organization of public and parochial schools of West Virginia, organized for the purpose of promoting and regulating the competition between schools in what is generally known as extra-curricular activities.  The school is subject to and governed in part by the rules and regulations of the WVSSAC.

Students are required to be in attendance the ENTIRE DAY of any scheduled activity (practice or game) in which they are to participate.  This requirement can be waived by a doctor's excuse provided to both the coach and school.  The administration can allow participation in the case of an unavoidable, non-illness related reason.

Ravenswood High School offers the following athletic programs: football, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, cross country, wrestling, golf, archery, track and field, baseball, softball, and tennis.


EVERY ACCIDENT in the school building, on school grounds, at practice sessions, or at any events sponsored by the school, must be reported immediately to the person in charge and to the school office. An accident report (JC-19) must be filled out by the supervising staff member.

Students requiring FIRST AID may report to the front office to see the school nurse during the day. If ill, students must check in with the school nurse or front office secretary before being permitted to call home.


Ravenswood High School has been accredited by the State of West Virginia and by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (AdvancEd).  This certification means that Ravenswood High School has met and must maintain strict standards for quality, continuous improvement and assurances through internal and external reviews.  The school also undergoes annual reviews by the county and state.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Student use, possession, distribution, sale, or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, controlled substances, look-alike drugs, steroids, or possessing drug paraphernalia on any school premise or at any school function is strictly prohibited.  Minimum penalty for violation of this policy will be suspension from school; however, violation of this policy could result in expulsion from school.


All announcements must be submitted to the front office. Announcements submitted by students must have the written approval of a teacher, sponsor or administrator.  Unless an emergency arises of an unusual nature, classes will not be interrupted by announcements on the PA system. Message boards will be updated daily to display important information and announcements along with verifiable activity cancellations. Also, check the school web site (http://rhs.jack.k12.wv.us)

 or Canvas (https://jacksoncounty.instructure.com) for additional announcements or notices.


West Virginia law requires attendance at school for children between the ages of six and seventeen and others who elect to stay in school.  The privilege to attend school places upon students the responsibility of faithful attendance.  Remember that attendance and good grades are closely related.  Student absences will be excused for the following reasons when verified by a note:

1.  Illness or injury of the student

2.   Medical or dental appointment

3.   Illness or injury in family and student’s presence is deemed essential by a physician

4.   Calamity, such as fire in the home, flood, or family emergency

5.   Death in the family (limit 3 days except in extraordinary circumstances)

6.   School approved curricular or extracurricular activities

7.   Legal obligations

8.   Failure of bus to run or extremely hazardous conditions

9.   Observance of religious holidays

10.  A leave of educational value with prior approval of principal (including college visit) 


Absences will be recorded on a class by class basis by each teacher using Canvas.  Should a student miss 20 minutes or more from a class, he/she will be counted absent for that period.  When a student has been absent for any reason other than absences due to school activity, he/she must bring a parent, doctor or court note upon return to school.  Excuses must be presented to the front office personnel directly upon return to school.  Failure to bring a note will result in the absence being classified officially as un-excused.  Notes will need to be presented to the front office no longer than three (3) days after the last day absent.  Parents may verify an absence due to illness or injury for five (5) total days a semester but not to exceed three (3) consecutive days.  A doctor’s excuse is required for absences of more than three (3) consecutive days.  A doctor’s excuse will be required for any absences over the five (5) parental excuses per semester.

Students who are absent, whether excused or unexcused, will receive phone calls at home through the school’s automated call system.

All absences, with the exception of those that are school related, without proper verification will be recorded as un-excused.  It is the student’s responsibility to check their attendance record weekly  and maintain up to date documentation of absences.

As a means of enhancing learning opportunities and reducing absenteeism, parents should make a concerted effort to schedule all dental, doctor, legal, or other necessary appointments during non-school hours or days when possible.

Students who leave school early (sign out) or arrive late (sign in) must also submit a note for excuse.    Simply signing the sign-out sheet for a student does not suffice as an authorized excuse.

Students are encouraged to be active participants in activities sponsored by the school and community. Staff members should be scrupulous in scheduling events which remove students from classes.  To ensure that events are scheduled with consideration for the student’s academic success and that students do not become over-extended in the multitude of out-of-class activities, staff will be required to submit for approval to the administration, in advance, a notice of the activity and students involved.  Students are advised, too, that excessive absences (five (5) or more unexcused per semester) may forfeit their opportunity to be involved in school-sponsored activities either during or after school hours (i.e., athletics, field trips, dances, etc.).  NOTE: An Attendance Review Committee shall be established to provide students a voice of appeal while reinforcing opportunities for students to have legitimate school absences without violating this policy.

The Ravenswood High School Attendance Goal: ZERO (0) UNEXCUSED ABSENCES FOR ALL

Please note: Students submitting a Proof of Enrollment Form for their DRIVERS LICENSE need to have all of their notes in for excuse prior to requesting principal’s signature.  Students must be passing classes and have all discipline served prior to obtaining the principal's signature.

Students are advised to keep track of their attendance through periodic checks  on Canvas.  Absences are recorded as ½ day or a full day (morning, afternoon or both).  Students with ZERO unexcused absences will be eligible for rewards throughout the year.  Those that have 5 or fewer excused absences (0 unexcused) will receive Faithful Attendance certificates.


Students who drive to school or ride with students must fill out the proper forms and return them to the office, with parent signature, for approval by the principal. If approved, a parking permit will be issued to the student.  Students are to park in designated areas only.  DO NOT park in front of the school along Plaza Drive.

(These areas are reserved for deliveries, guest parking, substitutes and staff)

  1. Students who use cars for transportation to and from school are expected to comply with the regulations listed below.  These regulations are for the protection of the entire student body.
  2. There is to be no “hot rodding” near school, before or after school.  Sporty driving on campus will revoke the student's driving/parking privileges at school and may result in a traffic ticket.
  3. Cars are to be parked in designated areas and under no circumstances are to be driven at lunch without special permission of the principal.  Any student violating the above rule will be suspended and have their school driving privileges revoked.
  4. Students are not to go to the parking area or cars unless special permission is granted from administration.  These are restricted areas with severe consequences for violators.
  5. Students are not to loiter in parked cars before or after school.
  6. Students are not to use cars for errands during school time unless given special permission by the principal.
  7. Students will not be permitted in the back/bed of trucks due to safety considerations.
  8. The administration reserves the right to revoke the above policy or refuse any student permission to drive.
  9. The rear parking lot is for school enrolled student parking only.  Unauthorized visitors will be charged with trespassing.
  10. All student drivers are subject to random drug testing as per county policy (must submit a drug test form)

No student is allowed to park on campus in any location other than

student parking facilities behind the PE building.

Bus Regulations

Regular routes:

  1. Students shall be on time at the approved bus stop.  Bus schedules will not permit waiting.
  2. Students shall wait for the bus in their own driveway.  Do not cross the road until the bus has   completely stopped.  Students will board the bus one step at a time.
  3. Students must have written permission from the school administration to be transported on any bus other than the one which they are assigned.  A parent note must be submitted to an administrator by the morning on the day of the request.  A bus pass will be issued through the office.
  4. Rigid standards of discipline must be maintained at all times in order to ensure safety.  Whenever a driver must direct attention away from the road, danger exists.

While riding the bus:

Discipline and penalties

Activity bus

      parent or guardian submits a note to the adult in charge indicating that their child will be riding

      with them.

Cell Phone/iPOD/Cameras/Electronic Devices

All electronic devices, including but not limited to, cell phones, iPods, iPads, cameras, etc., (with the exception of calculators), must be turned off and put in locker or backpack, from the time of arrival at school until the departure from school (exit from the building), unless they are being utilized as a part of classroom instruction with teacher permission. T.E.A.M., ALC, and detention are considered extensions of the school day.   Please note: Persons possessing electronic devices on school property have a limited expectation of privacy.  Reasonable suspicion of an inappropriate activity can result in a search and seizure of the device.

 If students find they have a need to use their phone outside the allotted time, they must come to the office for administrative approval.

Character Education



        As a part of Ravenswood High School, I will pledge to be a part of the solution,

I will eliminate taunting from my own behavior; I will encourage others to do the same,

I will do my part to make Ravenswood High School a safe place by being more sensitive to others,

I will start a chain reaction by random acts of kindness,

I will set the example of a caring individual and a responsible student,

I will eliminate profanity and disparaging remarks towards others,

I will not let my words or actions hurt others, and if others won’t become a part of the solution, I will stand boldly for what is right.

Change of Address, Phone Numbers or Other information

Students are responsible for keeping the school informed of changes in address or other information that is pertinent to parent or home contact or health and safety.  Such information can be vital in case of emergency.  The information should be submitted to the counseling and front office.


Any student caught cheating in any form will receive a “zero” for the assignment and the violator must be referred to administrators for disciplinary action.  Parents will be notified by the teacher. The second offense of cheating in any class will result in a “F” and/or exclusion in that particular class for the semester with the infraction duly noted on the student’s permanent record.  In addition to disciplinary action (including ALC or OSS), a parent-teacher-student conference must be convened following an offense for cheating.  

National Honor Society membership will be revoked on the first violation of this policy. Parents will be notified by the sponsor.  

Class Officers, Student Council, and Meetings

The purpose of the Student Council is to: facilitate the administration of student affairs, to provide for cooperation between faculty and students, to promote community understanding, and to develop opportunities for both citizenship and leadership. The student council will serve as a tool through which students can express concern over the issues which affect them and the school.

The Student Council of Ravenswood High School consists of students who are elected from their respective classes and serve as their representatives in matters which concern the school. It is also open to all Ravenswood High School students who maintain a 2.0 cumulative or better GPA.

If elected, the officers must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and be in good standing (3 or fewer unexcused absences and 3 or fewer discipline reports) at Ravenswood High School.  In the event a position becomes open, appointments may be made by officers or sponsors.  Officers will serve in various leadership capacities to organize and complete approved fund-raising projects and other class obligations.

The main Student Council Officers for the 2018-2019 school year are:

President:  Ryan Wratchford        Treasurer:  Kristen Cunningham        Secretary:  Grace Sears

Vice President:  Destiny Thomas   Historian:  Angelica Miller        Parliamentarian:  Noah Freeman


Sponsor - Alyssa Boley

 (The Student Council Executive Committee consists of the advisor, main officers and class presidents)

The Class Officers and student council representatives for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Seniors Class Officers (Class of 2019)                Representatives

President:  Macey Manns                                Paige Fletcher

Vice President:  Hannah Heatherington                        Cody Pittman

Secretary:  Johannah Standridge                Shelby Howard

Treasurer:  Tyler Wilson                                        Hannah Hinzman

Historian:  Kiera Curtis                                        Kendra L. Casto

Sponsors:  Spanish, Skeen, Nelson, Wayne, Westenhaver

Juniors Class Officers (Class of 2020)                Representatives

President:  Alecx Gwynn                         Samantha Pittman

Vice President:  Ethan Rawson                        Destiny Wilson

Secretary:  Skylar Varney                Chase Hood

Treasurer:  Molly Pennington                                        Jazlyn Skeen

Historian:  Jonathon Chen                                        Haleigh Bowling

            Sponsors:  Jones B., Houben, Michael, Nesselroad, Knapp, Rader, Tatalovich

Sophomores Class Officers (Class of 2021)                        Representatives

President:  Gracie Yeager                        Hannah Rhodes

Vice President:  Taylor Heath                    Natalie Williams

Secretary:  Annie Hunt                Zoe Matthews

Treasurer:  Samantha Hines                                        Skyler Deem

Historian:  Myna Spencer

Sponsor:  Anderson, Braham, Burks, Gladden, Bourgeois, Machamer

Freshman Class Officers (Class of 2022)                        Representatives


Vice President:                 




Sponsors:  Sigler, Stephens, K. Jones, Winters, Roush, Carmichael

Class Duties

Each class will have teacher sponsors that have been assigned through the AA/Homeroom program.  Class officers and sponsors work together to plan and bring before the entire class options that allow them carry out the duties of the class.  Class officers are also responsible for working with the student council to meet class and school goals.  In general class responsibilities are:

        Seniors:                Attend all practices for awards ceremonies, help with graduation

                                        Select a Motto, flower, class colors; Class Flag

                                        Senior plans/budget(breakfast, class trip, project graduation and opportunities to                                                        lead in         school and community- Ex. Holiday or Talent Show assemblies)        

        Juniors:                Prom

                                        Graduation, and  Awards Escorts

                                        Fundraising for Junior and Senior plans

        Sophomores:        Fundraising for Prom begins (provide workers at Prom to assist Junior class)

                                        Decorations for awards and graduation

                                        Assist AD in organizing Senior Nights

        Freshmen:                Graduation Reception; Dance/ Game Clean-up

                                        Plan and conduct a class fundraiser

Each class will also be responsible for participating in Homecoming events (floats and committees)


Classroom Make-Up Policy

Students absent from class have the right to complete work missed due to excused or unexcused absences, school suspension, or involvement in school-sponsored programs within a timely manner.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what he/she needs to make up.  Immediately upon their return to class (or before), the student must request from the teacher any assignment that was completed during his/her absence.

Teachers may, at their discretion, require alternate work assignments and/or evaluation procedures for absentees.  In most cases a student will be given one day for each absence to make up work.  (An exception might be made at the end of a grading period at the teacher’s discretion.)

Once a student has requested his/her assignments, it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide the assignment(s) and issue a due date.  Assignments not completed on time will be recorded as zeroes, unless the teacher agrees to an extension due to an emergency situation.

Teachers are encouraged to announce assignments, tests, projects and papers, along with due dates, in advance whenever possible.  Students must be cognizant of these curricular expectations and plan daily/weekly schedules accordingly in order to meet time-lines.

Students will NOT be given opportunities to make up work in situations where they are found guilty of cheating or plagiarism.

Students missing classes for extracurricular activities are responsible for work missed.  Assignments must be turned in when due or immediately upon return to school.

When students are absent from school they are to contact their teachers through email or Canvas to get make up work.

Academic make-up may be completed after school during the T.E.A.M. program as well as being assigned Tutoring During SMART Lunch.

To avoid misunderstanding of student responsibilities, the following scenarios are provided:

Scenario A:

Student having advanced knowledge of any exam or assignment but absent the day before the due date.

Student Responsibility

Student will be responsible for work on the due date or the day he/she returns to school.

Scenario B:

Student missing school for extracurricular or co-curricular activity.        

Student Responsibility

Student must get assignments before leaving school and be prepared for classes upon return.

Scenario C;                                        

Student has been suspended.

Student Responsibility:

Student will be responsible for obtaining missed work before or upon return from suspension.

Closed Campus                                                

Ravenswood High School maintains a closed campus policy.  No students are permitted off campus at any time during the school day.  This also includes the lunch period.  A parent or guardian may physically come to the school and sign out their son/daughter through the front office and accompany their student to lunch. All outside contact with students needs to be conducted through the front office.

Students arriving to school by bus or private vehicle must report to the school building immediately upon exiting the bus/vehicle. Failure to follow this rule will be considered skipping or loitering and will result in disciplinary action.

Closing of School

The radio and television stations will carry all school closing announcements due to inclement weather or other emergencies by 6:30 AM when possible.  When it becomes necessary to dismiss during the regular school day, an announcement will be made at once via radio and television stations and the school's automated call system.  Parents and students may also check the county website boe.jack.k12.wv.us/index.html (373-0001). Students and parents may receive an automated call in the event school is cancelled if they register by completing a form and returning it to the school.

Complaints or Concerns

If a student or parent has a concern about a school policy or an employee, the following procedure should be followed in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible:


A.  Internet Philosophy and Guidelines

The Internet is a wonderful and exciting tool for providing information to students and staff.  The content scope of the Internet is as boundless as a user’s imagination.  Consequently, all the information and resources of the Internet cannot be classified as appropriate or educational for student consumption.

Ravenswood High School has provided a filtering mechanism, recognizing that the experienced, imaginative, and creative user may be able to access non-educational sites.  Parents and guardians must be aware that the school cannot guarantee students will have access to only educational sites.

a.  after-school ALC, detention and parental conference

b.  out-of-school suspension and loss of access to school computers - parents will be notified.

B.  Unacceptable Internet Use will consist of, but not be limited to the following

NOTE: Penalties - suspension, alternative school, referral to legal authority.

Counseling Services

Ravenswood High School offers full-time counseling services.  The door is open to all students and parents.  Students may seek the services of the counselors between classes, before or after school, during SMART lunch, or with a scheduled appointment. The purpose of the counseling program is to be of assistance to students, families and teachers and to assist in making the educational process as effective as possible.  THE COUNSELORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DISCIPLINE OR ATTENDANCE.  Mrs. Updegrave will primarily service students in grades 10th and 12th and Mrs. Gerstell will primarily service students in 9th and 11th grades.

Secondary counseling services include academic counseling, personal counseling, crisis intervention, PSAT testing, career exploration, and post-graduate planning. Services also include referrals and coordination with agencies and professionals outside the school setting.  With parental permission, students may also register for counseling services offered through Westbrook.

Parents are reminded of their responsibility to make arrangements to conference with counselors annually to construct their child’s schedule for the next school year.  Individual student plans will be formulated based on the career path the student chooses to pursue.

Jackson County Schools may disclose, without written parental consent, certain categories of personally identifiable information designated as “directory information.”  Directory information is defined as information contained in an educational record of a student which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.  It includes a student’s name, address, telephone listing, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports (including photographs), weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received (including photographs), the most recent school attended, and other similar information.  Additionally, Jackson County Schools forwards education records, including electronic transcripts, to other agencies or institutions that have requested records and in which the student seeks or intend to enroll, without prior consent of the parents or eligible students.  A parent or eligible student (18 years of age or older) who does not want such information to be disclosed, should request in writing, by September 30, that such information is to be withheld.  A form for this purpose (JC-38f) is available at the school office.

Curriculum - Grades

Academic Load

The minimum load in high school will consist of eight (8) classes per day.  Exceptions may be made only by the principal.  To drop a subject, a student must have a conference with the counselor who will then advise them of the proper procedure. (See Dropping or Adding Subjects for more detail concerning important dates and deadlines).        

Adding or Dropping Subjects

Students may not drop, discontinue, or add subjects without the permission of the counseling department and/or the principal.  Schedule changes are subject to the following conditions:

Advanced Placement and AP Virtual School Classes

Advanced Placement and AP virtual school classes are considered to be weighted when determining grade point averages. Any student receiving a D, F, or I, on his/her report cards in any subject is ineligible for Honor Roll.  Students scheduled in Advanced Placement and Virtual School classes will be strongly dissuaded from withdrawing prior to the end of the semester. Only in cases of extreme academic difficulty will consideration be given. Withdrawing from an AP class subsequently eliminates the status of a weighted grade.

Virtual School class grades are determined using the WV and Jackson County Schools grading scale.

Advanced Placement Testing Policy

College Classes

Students enrolled in college classes at WVU-P are to be aware that this constitutes part of their schedule at Ravenswood High School.  Failure to attend classes at Ravenswood High School on the days when the student is in attendance at WVU-P will not be tolerated without an approved excuse from the high school administration.

All students will be scheduled annually into eight classes.  Advanced students choosing to attend WVU-P may do so upon approval from the school and shall be excused from the yearly class scheduling requirement provided a college admissions course receipt be given to a school counselor.  NOTE: Should, after a period of time, a student decide to drop a college class(s) he/she will be scheduled into a parallel class taught by the high school and the student shall be responsible for making up all missed work and/or assignments in an agreed upon period of time.

Credit Recovery Courses (PLATO)

Students may register for a PLATO (credit recovery course) once the failing grade for the class has been transcripted at the end of the semester.  However, an exception may be made for a student who has failed the class, is currently enrolled in the class again, and is still failing. The opportunity to take a PLATO class may be denied to students who have been truant for 10 or more days in the class(es) they are trying to recover credit.  Teacher approval is required for students to enroll in PLATO as a class during the school year.

A credit recovery program will be optional for qualifying students.  The program is an immediate re-teaching effort for students unsuccessful in obtaining semester credit in core classes each semester: i.e. English 9, 10, 11, and 12; Physical Science 9; Biology; World History; Contemporary Studies; Health and Civics.

The basic premise of the CR program is that credit options following the completion of each semester are: 1) dependent upon mastery of content, not just time spent in class, and 2) extend only to students who have made a conscientious effort to pass one of the aforementioned classes, but were unable to master all the necessary CSO’s.  NOTE: Factors, such as but not limited to, responsible student classroom attitude (evidenced by the timely completion of all assignments), lack of discipline referrals, and faithful attendance records will be considered in determining a student’s eligibility. The credit recovery program will be computer based using PLATO.

Dual Credit and Interactive College Classes

WVU-P classes or those college courses taught via distance learning or interactive classroom are NOT weighted when determining a student’s G.P.A.  All approved college courses are recognized as dual credit on a student’s transcript.

With permission and assistance from WVU-P, Marshall University and WV State University and Jackson County Schools, select Ravenswood High staff will be teaching dual credit classes to qualifying students during school hours each semester.  Students will pay the college tuition (at a signficantly reduced cost) if they plan to receive college credit for designated courses.

Canvas Learning  Management System

Canvas  is an on-line learning management system that allows students and parent’s access to class information, grades, and attendance.  Students and parents are provided a personal access code (free of charge) to allow them to set up an individual account. Parents and students are encouraged to have their own individual accounts for easy access and to use this source as a means of keeping up with classes.  Account codes can be obtained from the counselors.  Also, please contact the teacher if you have concerns or need assistance regarding class or grade information.  

                The Senior Newsletter is posted to Canvas monthly.

Other programs to help assist students with curricular needs are:

Grading and Credit System

Grades will be given on a nine-week basis.  Grades will be entered into the computer and reflected on report cards by letter grades according to the following scale (which also includes virtual school grades)

90 - 100  = A                                

80 -   89  = B                                

70 -   79  = C                                

60 -   69  = D                                             

 0 -    59  = F                        



According to the policy of the Jackson County School system, high school grades will be calculated on a cumulative basis.  This means that grades do not “start over” at the beginning of a new nine weeks but continue to accrue throughout the semester.  The nine weeks grade is merely a ‘snapshot’ of the student’s current grade at the time.  Whatever the student’s grade is at the end of the 2nd  and 4th  nine weeks is the grade they have going into the final exam for the 1st and 2nd semesters respectively.

CREDITS REQUIRED TO GRADUATE for CLASSES of 2019-22: 28 credits or more

CREDITS REQUIRED FOR CLASS STATUS (Promotion to the next grade is based on number     9th  grade---- 0-5.5 credits                                                                           of credits earned only)

        10th grade—Need 6 credits minimum

      11th  grade---Need 13 credits minimum

     12th  grade-- Need 20 credits minimum





*MATH (2 OF 3 UNITS ALGEBRA I AND ABOVE) * All seniors must take a math course their senior year


SCIENCE (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science)


SOCIAL STUDIES (World Studies to1900, US TO 1900, Contemporary Studies, Civics)














Pathway Graduation Requirements:

Professional (4) Career Major Units:

 2 (same) Foreign Language, 1 Unit in Concentration, 4th Unit in Science

Skilled (4) Career Major Units:

4  Units in Concentration


Honor Roll

To be considered for the Honor Roll, a student must be enrolled in at least four credit classes.  Weighted grades are not used in computing honor rolls. Students who obtain a “D” or “F” on their report card are not eligible for the Honor Roll. The following scale is used for determining Honor Roll students:

4.0 and Above -        “A” Honor Roll

3.5 to 3.99 -        “B and Better” Honor Roll

3.0 to 3.49 -        “B” Honor Roll        

Honors Reception

Seniors achieving a cumulative overall GPA of 3.5 or higher will be invited to attend an honors reception with their parents or guardians in May.

Honor Graduation

Commencement recognition levels for honors, high honors, and highest honors shall be noted in the graduation program with asterisks adjacent each deserving graduate’s name.  An eight semester cumulative grade point average of each graduate will determine those recognized for their academic achievements.  Parents, along with qualifying graduates shall receive acknowledgments in special school-selected activities.  Recognition levels are:  

Cum Laude                3.5 to 3.69 GPA

Magna Cum Laude                3.7 to 3.89 GPA

Summa Cum Laude                3.90 and higher GPA

Policy for Valedictorian and Salutatorian:  JCS Policy 5421.01

Effective beginning with the 9th grade class of 2014-15 for the purpose of determining the valedictorian

and salutatorian at both high schools, only credits earned from the time the student enters the 9th grade

and beyond will be used in calculating the grade point average. The West Virginia Education Information

System (WVEIS) auto-calculates all credits earned from both middle and high school courses. Any high

school credit bearing class earned at the middle school level will not be used in calculating final grade

point averages. In order to ensure accurate grade point averages, the Director of Secondary Education

will complete final hand calculations. In the event of a tie for valedictorian and/or salutatorian, the student

with the highest composite ACT score will be declared the valedictorian and/or salutatorian.

Practice for Commencement

In order for commencement ceremonies to flow smoothly, practices are necessary and will be conducted prior to graduation.  Attendance at these practices and formal awards assembly is mandatory for graduating seniors.  Failure to attend any of these practices or activities may forfeit the opportunity to participate (march) at graduation events.  In the event of extenuating circumstances, prior approval from the principal must be obtained in order to be excused.

Dance/Prom Regulations

All school dances must be approved by the school administration at least two weeks in advance of the event.  All school dances must have approved chaperones.  The group sponsoring the dance must make arrangements to have a law enforcement officer present to aid at the door and check the grounds periodically.  Administrators, chaperones, and the PRO reserve the right to excuse, with cause, students from participation at a school dance.  Students below the high school level WILL NOT be permitted to attend high school dances, nor will persons age 22 and over be permitted to attend (All guests must have administrative approval to attend).  Also, students on social probation or having excessive unexcused absences (10 or more) will not be permitted to attend dances.

Students leaving a school dance will not be permitted to re-enter, even if they are willing to pay a second admission.  Students are not permitted to loiter around the outside of the building during a dance.  Alcohol, tobacco, or any controlled substances will not be permitted at school dances.

Unless otherwise designated, the dress for dances will be the same as for attending classes.  

The Prom is for Ravenswood High School juniors, seniors, and their approved guests.  The cost is $20 each for juniors and seniors and $30 for out of school guests.  The approval for these guests is done by an administrative committee.  All guests must be registered in advance, pay the guest fee ($30), and be approved by faculty advisors and administration at least two (2) weeks in advance of the prom date.  The administration reserves the right to review and change this policy at anytime within the school year.  Attendance at school functions, including prom, is a privilege, not a right.  The administration reserves the right to exclude students having poor academic performance, discipline issues or lack of faithful school attendance. 


Ravenswood High Responsibility

The teachers, counselors, administrators, students, parents, and members of the Jackson County central office staff share the responsibility for administering the Code of Conduct.        


All students and employees in West Virginia public schools shall behave in a manner that promotes a school environment that is nurturing, orderly, safe, and conducive to learning and personal-social behavior.

All students shall:


ALC is assigned by the administration as an alternative to out of school suspensions.  Students in disciplinary programs must arrive promptly, bring materials for study, and maintain high standards of conduct. They must be on time (late arrivals will not be permitted to attend ALC), must be quiet, academically focused, and follow all rules, or the time will not be counted.  Rules will vary depending on the student’s assigned placement.  Bus transportation will not be provided for those students assigned to after-school programs. Parents will be notified of their child’s offense and the disciplinary decision rendered by the administration. Students and parents should have 24 hours to arrange transportation needs for an assignee to report to detention or ALC.  

ALC will be conducted in the library Tuesday - Friday.  Failure to report for ALC will result in additional hours for each offense with a suspension from school as a final measure.   ALC time assigned can only be served during the regular after school designated hours.  Macbooks, cellphones, and earbuds will not be allowed during ALC.  The only items permitted during ALC will be AR books, and/or notes for a class.  Disruptive behavior and/or talking of ANY nature during ALC will result in further disciplinary action.

Student work obligations are NOT an acceptable excuse to miss ALC without prior approval.  Student’s who must miss ALC due to a medical appointment must have prior approval through the administration and submit a medical note for excuse upon return.

Disciplinary Actions

Violent or dangerous offenses will accelerate disciplinary action.

Due Process Procedures

Prior to administration of the discipline, the student will have the opportunity to present his/her version of the occurrence.  Prior to a student being expelled from school, the student will be provided the opportunity for a hearing before the board of education.

Disciplinary Procedures

A conference will be held with the student at the appropriate level of minor offenses.  Parents should be contacted by the teacher if the problem is classroom related.  Referral to the administration will be made by the teacher when classroom problems cannot be corrected by the teacher’s efforts. 

A conference will be held with the student and administration.

For offenses requiring suspension, parents will be notified of any disciplinary action taken following the conferences. All re-entry to class conferences require the presence of administration, parent, and student.

Students who have committed illegal offenses relating to drug and alcohol use will be referred to law enforcement/magistrate court and counselors for follow-up counseling according to local school board policy.

Noon Detention...

A learning environment will be provided during the lunch time daily in a classroom setting for students who are offenders to rules violations.  With the emphasis on deterring repeated classroom infractions, assignments to noon detention shall be made as a disciplinary option to school/class suspension


A very structured learning environment will be provided between 3:30 and 5:30 pm daily (Tuesday through Friday) in a classroom setting for students committing offenses which are more serious in nature, repeat offenders, and/or major offenses.  It is imperative that assigned students remain academically focused and adhere to the strict rules governing the ALC program. This teacher-monitored non-interruptive learning center is the last option for students prior to class exclusion and/or suspension out of school.  

Suspension (OSS)...

Suspension from school for a specified number of days (up to ten days for any offense) means the student may not attend class OR ANY OTHER school function, ride a school   bus, or enter school grounds, or any property owned by the Jackson County Board of Education, except for a pre-arranged conference with a school administrator.  Parents are advised that it is the suspended students responsibility to obtain all missed assignments upon their return.  Collecting missed assignments is not the responsibility of staff.

 Under state law, prior to a suspended student being permitted to return to the classroom, it is necessary for a conference to be held with the parent/guardian, student, and the school administration. NOTE: OSS students are on social probation until all assigned days have been completed.

Exclusion from Class...

A student will be removed from a class when his/her behavior becomes such that the class cannot function in their presence.  It should be the last measure after all other attempts to change the improper behavior have failed.  The removal from class will result in an “F” for the semester for that class.  Attempts will be made to assign excluded students into core classes from their schedule for re-teaching purposes.

Social Probation...

Social probation is a result of inappropriate conduct on school property, at a Jackson County School activity, or a violation of the school’s attendance policy.  Students placed on social probation are prohibited from being on school premises or at school events after school hours. Students in or OSS are on social probation until their time is served. The duration of the probation will be established by the school administrator and is not to exceed one (1) school term in length.  Violators will be escorted from the premises and trespassing charges may be filed.  Social probation is usually a result of misbehavior at an extra-curricular event. Should this occur, the violator will be removed from the event immediately and may be remanded into the custody of the parent or legal authorities.

Alternative School...

An alternative setting and program of studies will be provided for approved students on a site to be determined by the Jackson County Board of Education.  Jackson County Schools will no longer tolerate disruptions from students whose behavior have a prolonged negative impact on teachers and learners.  Should intervention strategies be unsuccessful, identified students will be referred to a county review team by the school based assistance team for an alternative education placement.


Exclusion from the regular school program by the board of education for a specified period of time does not exceed twelve months.

Ravenswood High School

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

**This is NOT an all-inclusive list and is subject to updates pending county and state policies**

ND = Noon Detention ALC = Alternative Learning Center / After School Detention OSS = Out of School Suspension






Academic Misconduct Cheating

“Zero” on assignment

Parent notified by teacher

4 Days ALC parent-teacher-student conference

“F” semester grade removal from class

2 days of OSS Parent-teacher-student conference



Alcohol possession

or use

5-10 days OSS

Parent and law enforcement notified Assessment by substance abuse counselor recommended.

10 days OSS

Parent and law enforcement notified Assessment by substance abuse professional required for re-admittance Expulsion recommended

10 days OSS

Request made for expulsion from school

10 days OSS

Request made for expulsion from school

Assault/Battery on a school employee

10 days OSS

Expulsion recommended  

10 days OSS

Expulsion recommended  

10 days OSS

Expulsion recommended

10 days OSS

Expulsion recommended

Being in

off-limits area

4 Days ND

4 Days ALC

Parent Conference

3 Days OSS

Parent Conference

5 Days OSS

Parent Conference






Bomb threat

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified

Recommended for expulsion

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified

Recommended for expulsion

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified

Recommended for expulsion

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified

Recommended for expulsion



After student conference any or all of following: Parent notified; referred to counselor for conflict resolution

ALC or OSS at administrative discretion.

Conference with student and parent

ALC or OSS at administrative discretion.

Conference with student and parent

ALC or OSS at administrative discretion.

OSS Re-entry conference required

Alternative School Placement may be recommended

Rude or disrespectful behavior towards others

Conference with student

ND or ALC at administrative discretion.  

Conference with student and parent

ALC or OSS at administrative discretion

See bullying or harassment.  

(first offense)

See bullying or harassment.  

(second offense)

Cell Phones, pagers, cameras, video games, etc. on student possession (must be turned off and left in locker or backpack)

Item confiscated

Student picks up device at the end of the day

4 days ND

*failure to immediately turn item over to staff will result in additional 1-3 days ALC or OSS.

Item confiscated

Student picks up device at the end of the day

4 days ALC

*failure to immediately turn item over to staff will result in additional 1-3 days ALC or OSS.  

Item confiscated

Student picks up device at the end of the day

1 day OSS

*failure to immediately turn item over to staff will result in additional 1-5 days of OSS.  Student may not have phone on school property during the school day.


Use of cell phone, cameras, video, etc. by student to take picture or audio during school activity and post to internet (or otherwise ‘share’) w/o teacher or administration permission.

1-5 days OSS; parent notified

3-10 days OSS; parent notified

Student may not have on school property.

10 days OSS recommended to alternative school

10 days OSS recommended to alternative school






Defacing school property

ALC or OSS Restitution/Clean-up required

Parent conference required

Legal authorities


Further action at Administrator                 discretion

5-10 ALC or OSS Restitution/Clean-up required

Legal authorities notified

Parent conference required  

5-10 OSS Restitution/Clean-up required

Legal authorities notified

Parent conference required

Recommended for expulsion and/or alternative school  

Expulsion Restitution/Clean-up required

Legal authorities notified

Parent conference required    


Disrespecting a teacher in a willful manner


5 Days ND or ALC

Parent notified by teacher

1 Day of OSS

Parent notified by teacher

1-10 OSS

Parent notified by teacher

Referral to alternative school

5-10 OSS Referral to alternative school  

Destruction of school property during or after school hours

ALC or OSS at administrator                 discretion

1 – 10 days OSS

1 – 10 days OSS

1 – 10 days OSS

Failure to follow classroom rules

Noon Detention or ALC at administrator discretion

Parent notified

4 days ALC

Parent notified        

1-3  OSS

3-5 OSS

Failure to serve noon detention

+2 days ND  

1-3 ALC  

Parent notified

1-3  OSS

Parent notified

3-5 OSS

Parent notified

Failure to serve noon tutor sessions

2 days ND

4 days ND

Parent notified

6 days ND

Parent notified

8 days ND

Parent notified

Falsely setting off fire alarm

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified/recommended for expulsion

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified/recommended for expulsion    

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified/recommended for expulsion    

10 days OSS

Law enforcement agencies and Fire Marshall’s Office notified/recommended for expulsion    


Minimum 5 days OSS

Parental conference Possible charges filed with law enforcement

10 OSS and recommendation to alternative school

Charges filed with law enforcement

10 OSS and recommendation to alternative school Charges filed with law enforcement

10 OSS and recommendation to alternative school Charges filed with law enforcement


6 days ALC

Parental conference

1-3 OSS

Parental conference

1-5 OSS

Parental conference

Recommendation for expulsion and/or alternative school

1-5 OSS

Parental conference

Recommendation for expulsion and/or alternative school


4 Days ALC or OSS

Parental conference

3-5 OSS

Parental conference

5-10 OSS

Parental conference

5-10 OSS

Parental conference

Habitual violation of school rules or policies

1-3 OSS

Parental conference

1-5 OSS

Parental conference

5-10 OSS

Parental conference

Recommendation for alternative school

5-10 OSS

Parental conference

Recommendation for alternative school






Inappropriate behavior During school sponsored activity

Removed from event ALC or OSS at administrator discretion Social probation at administrators discretion for any occurrence

Removed from event ALC or OSS at administrator discretion Social probation at administrators discretion for any occurrence

Removed from event ALC or OSS at administrator discretion Social probation at administrators discretion for any occurrence

Removed from event ALC or OSS at administrator discretion Social probation at administrators discretion for any occurrence

Inappropriate display of affection

3 days  ND

Parent notification

4 days  ALC

Parent notified

1-3  OSS

Parent notified

2-3  OSS

Parent notified

Inappropriate dress - hats, caps, toboggans, headwear, hoods, purses, bags or  non-prescription glasses etc. in any building

1-3 days ND

Parent notified by teacher

Item confiscated if needed and returned at end of day.

Change of clothes required.

1-3 days ALC      

Parent notification

Change of clothes required.

1-3 days OSS

Parent notification

See habitual violation of school rules or policies fourth offense.

Off campus (Skipping)

3 days ALC

Parent notified

6 days ALC

Parent notified

8 days of ALC

Conference held with parent                          

10 days ALC/ Conference held with parent

Class Truancy

Skipping (on campus)

5 days ND

Parental notified

3 daysALC  

Parent conference  

6 days ALC  

Parent conference    

8 days ALC

Parent conference

Physical battery of a peer/disruptive behavior (pushing, tripping, etc.)

ALC/OSS at the administration’s discretion        

ALC/OSS at the administration’s discretion

OSS at the administration’s discretion

Risk assessment requested        

OSS/Risk assessment requested/ Recommendation for expulsion and/or alternative school

Possession and/or use of fireworks

5-10 OSS

Re-entry conference required Referral to WV State Fire Marshall      

10 OSS/Re-entry conference required Referral to WV State Fire Marshall  

10 OSS/Re-entry conference required Referral to WV State Fire Marshall    

Recommendation for alternative school

10 OSS/Re-entry conference required Referral to WV State Fire Marshall/Possible expulsion

Possession and/or use of dangerous weapons

Immediate 10 Days OSS

Recommendation for expulsion for 12 calendar months/Law enforcement notification

Immediate 10 OSS

Recommendation for expulsion for 12 calendar months/Law enforcement notification

Immediate 10 OSS

Recommendation for expulsion for 12 calendar  months/ Law enforcement notification    

Immediate 10 OSS

Recommendation for expulsion for 12 calendar months/ Law enforcement notification

Possession/use or delivery of non-prescription drugs or medication

1-3 days OSS

Recommendation for expulsion

3-5 days OSS

Recommendation for expulsion

5-7 days OSS, Recommendation for expulsion

10 days OSS, Recommendation for expulsion

Possession/use or delivery of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, (imitation controlled substances and paraphernalia included)

10 days OSS

Law enforcement notified

Meet with school counselor

Assessment by substance abuse counselor

10 days OSS

Law enforcement notified

Immediate assignment to alternative school

10 days OSS

Law enforcement notified

Immediate assignment to alternative school

Request made for expulsion from school

10 days OSS

Law enforcement notified

Immediate assignment to alternative school

Request made for expulsion from school






Profane language (Not directed at a teacher or other student)

5 days ND

3 days ALC

3-5 days OSS

5-10 days OSS

Profane language (Verbal assault of a school employee)

1-3 days OSS

3-10 days OSS

5-10 days OSS

Possible Risk assessment

5-10 days OSS

Recommendation for expulsion

Profane language (Directed toward another student)

ALC or OSS at the administratior discretion        

ALC or OSS at the administratior discretion  

ALC or OSS at the administratior discretion  

ALC or OSS at the administratior discretion    

Selling, buying or distribution of a narcotic drug/drug paraphernalia and/or imitations

10 days OSS Recommendation for expulsion

Law enforcement agencies notified

10 days OSS Recommendation for expulsion

Law enforcement agencies notified

10 OSS Recommendation for expulsion

Law enforcement agencies notified

10 OSS Recommendation for expulsion

Law enforcement agencies notified

Social probation violation

Escorted from premises

Parent conference

Law enforcement agencies notified

Possible OSS extension

Escorted from premises

Parent conference

Law enforcement agencies notified

Possible OSS extension

Escorted from premises

Parent conference

Law enforcement agencies notified

Possible OSS extension

Escorted from premises

Parent conference

Law enforcement agencies notified

Possible OSS extension

Theft or possession of stolen property

ALC or OSS at administrator discretion

Parent conference

Law enforcement notified

Return property or make restitution


Parent conference

Law enforcement notified

Return property or make restitution

3-5 OSS

Parent conference

Law enforcement notified

Return property or make restitution

5-10 OSS

Parent conference

Law enforcement notified

Return property or make restitution

Throwing food in cafeteria or activity area

Disrespect of cafeteria area

ND, ALC or OSS at administrator discretion

Parent notified

Cafeteria duty

ALC or OSS at administrator discretion

Parent notified

Cafeteria duty

1-3 days OSS

Parent notified

5-10 days OSS

Parent notified

Tobacco possession/use (including matches/lighters)

4 days ALC

Parent notified

Referral to tobacco cessation services/treatment

(2 days if matches or lighter only)

Citation Issued

Parent notified

10 days of ALC

Required to enroll in tobacco cessation program prior to return

Citation Issued

Parent notified

3-5 days of OSS

Required to enroll in tobacco cessation program prior to return

Citation Issued

Parent notified

5-10 days of OSS

Required to enroll in tobacco cessation program prior to return  

Consequence Definitions

  1. OSS – Out-of-School Suspension – While a student is suspended in this manner they will remain at home under the direction of their parent or guardian.  It is recommended that the student remain in the home with loss of privileges during school hours.  Students are not permitted on any Jackson County School property during a suspension.  Absences resulting from an out-of-school suspension are unexcused.  The student may make up missed work.  The number of days suspended will determine the number of days the student will have to make up work.  If the student does not make up the work in the allotted time, the work will become a zero (0).
  2. ND- Noon Detention – during the scheduled lunch period each day.  
  3. ALC – Alternative Learning Center – 3:30-5:30 – Tuesday – Friday
  4. Parent Conference – communication between the parent(s) and staff(teachers, counselor, and/or school administrator)
  5. Controlled substance – a federally regulated substance listed in Exhibit A and/or Schedules I through V-Section 202 of the Controlled Substance Act (21 U.S. C. 812) and WV Code 60A-2-201, et seq., that may impair one’s mental faculties and/or physical performance, OR any other mood altering or behavior changing substance which is not listed on the aforementioned schedules, but has the potential for abuse.
  6. SAT – School Assistance Team – SAT will review student’s continued disruptive behavior, develop an intervention plan, and may recommend alternative school placement to the principal.
  7. Alternative School – an alternative learning center operated by the county. Students/parents must provide transportation.  Students attending alternative school are not permitted on Jackson County School property (including Ravenswood High School) at any time other that the hours listed above.  Students in alternative school are not permitted to be participants in extra-curricular activities or attend extra-curricular activities.
  8. Truancy – (as defined by Jackson County Schools Policy JB) – unauthorized or unlawful absence from school.  This includes absences from any class or activity during the school day for which the student is scheduled. Students are turned in to the county for truancy when they have accumulated 10 unexcused absences and to the DMV for revocation of driver’s license at 15 unexcused absences.
  9. Social Probation – denies a student the privilege of participating (spectator or active participant) in ANY school-sponsored activity that occurs beyond the hours of regular instructional day.
  10. School/ Community Service – Duties assigned to be performed after school under the direction of a staff member.  These may include but are not limited to washing chalkboards, emptying trash containers, picking up litter, or weeding flowerbeds.
  11. Anti-Social behavior — any action which causes a disruption in the school setting.


Students are expected to come to school in attire that does not disrupt a positive learning environment.  Furthermore, students are encouraged to be as clean and neat in appearance as possible. Clothing should fit in an appropriate manner. Students should refrain from extremes of dress or appearance, which are disruptive to class or school or might endanger the safety of the individual or others.    


  1. Headgear, non-prescription sunglasses, pajamas (ex. flannel pants, curlers, blankets) etc…are not to be worn in the building during school hours.
  2. Clothing and/or accessories that have references to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, obscene or questionable language or depicting lewd, gruesome or violent material is not permitted.
  3. Mini-skirts and short shorts are not permitted.  Shorts or skirts cannot be shorter than 3 inches above the knee.  Pants, shorts, and skirts will be worn at the waistline.  
  4. Halter tops (no exposed shoulders/backs), spaghetti straps, and racer backs are not permitted.
  5. Muscle shirts (where sleeve hangs below armpits) or shirts with cut out sleeves are not permitted.
  6. Shirts must be at least three inches at the shoulder.  
  7. Clothing that exposes undergarments, cleavage, or midriffs are not permissible.  
  8. Jewelry that consists of spiked choker necklaces or bracelets, long chains, etc. are prohibited.  Body piercings that pose safety risks are not permitted.
  9. Sheer clothing or clothing with holes in inappropriate areas are not allowed.  No holes in shorts, pants, or skirts 3 inches above knee that expose skin. Stretch pants, yoga pants, or spandex that are transparent or expose undergarments are not to be worn.
  10. Dress of a questionable nature that may not fall within these guidelines will be referred to the administration for a decision.

While it may be appropriate for a swim team to wear swimsuits at practice and meets, it is inappropriate for school day attire. The same reasoning applies to other activities and events.  Coaches and sponsors are responsible for the clothing regulations regarding their groups in practice and performance (see WVASC guidelines for some of these).

Dress Code Violations will result in the following:

If student refuses to abide by these rules, the student will be asked to change clothes from an assortment at the school office or something they have in their locker.  If they refuse to change a parent/gaurdian will be contacted and asked to pick up their child at school immediately.  Failure to abide by the dress code constitutes insubordination.

1st Offense:        Student must change/correct violation; 1-3 days of noon detention (teachers may assign ND & notify parent).

2nd Offense:        Student must change/correct violation; 3 Days of ALC (parent conference)

3rd Offense:        1-3 days OSS      

4th Offense and Beyond - Suspension

The administration reserves the right to make the final determination on whether the student’s clothing is appropriate for school.  Students arguing with the administration about their clothing will be considered to be insubordinate (Insubordination is 1-5 days OSS).  It is advisable to have a change of clothing available in the event of an accident or misjudgment with attire.  

Students that are involved in events representing RHS are expected to adhere by school rules and the dress code. Inappropriate pictures in the newspaper, school yearbook, or other events associated with representing Ravenswood High School will result in disciplinary action.

The pursuit of excellence is holding oneself to higher standards.


Students will need to complete the top portion of the Student Verification of Enrollment form as is stated on the form (in ink or typed; full name; etc..Do not “white out” mistakes).  Students then:

Drug Testing Policy

The drug policy for Jackson County is designed to randomly test secondary students having membership in interscholastic extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, student drivers having school parking privileges, or students electing to be included in the random selection process with parents/guardians consent.  In cases of positive test results participants and their parent/guardian will be immediately contacted and a private conference convened.  

Abridged Policy Guidelines: (First Offense) - violators must consent to drug counseling from a qualified drug treatment or counseling entity within five days of the infraction notification.  (Second Offense) - violators shall be suspended from participation in all extra and co-curricular programs for fourteen days and required to successfully complete four hours of substance abuse education.  NOTE: Second offense violators shall be randomly tested monthly for the remainder of the school year.  (Third Offense) - violators will cease participation and be suspended from all school sponsored activities for one calendar year.

This policy sets restrictions for student drivers and parking vehicles on school property.  Provisions include but are not limited to: (First Offense) - suspension of driving privileges until drug counseling from a qualified drug treatment program or counseling entity can be confirmed, and, (Second Offense) - revocation of driving and parking privileges at school for a minimum of ninety school days.

Emergency and Fire Drills

Fire drills, as required by law, will be conducted as needed.  Such practice is important and should be approached seriously.  It is essential that when the first signal is given, everyone obeys orders promptly and clears the building by the prescribed route as quickly as possible.  The signal for a fire drill is an intermittent fire horn.  The teachers in each classroom will give the students specific instructions.  Fire drill instructions will be posted in each room. Teachers will account for the students and stay with them.  In an emergency lock-down situation, staff and students are to remain locked in classrooms. Other emergency drills such as Lockdown, Evacuation or Shelter in Place will be conducted intermittently to help prepare in the event of an actual emergency.

Fan Behavior

Students and parents are reminded that they represent the school when they are fans at an athletic or school event.  We urge them to set an example for all around them by being enthusiastic while at the same time showing respect for those of the opposing team and their fans.

Unsportsmanlike/disrespectful conduct at a Ravenswood High/Jackson County Schools sponsored event will not be tolerated and shall be addressed in a manner which removes the offending individual(s) from the premises.  Disciplinary measures for students, such as, but not limited to, suspension, social probation, and/or referral to alternative school, shall be implemented.  Adults participating in such transgressions will be immediately removed from the event, attend a conference with school personnel (to be scheduled at a later date), and abide by the decisions derived at the meeting.  Failure to comply with decisions of school officials will be subject to prosecution and access denied to school sponsored activities for a duration of time to be determined by administrators.

Sportsmanship has become a major concern of the WVSSAC.  Guidelines have been established which each member school is expected to uphold.  These standards are applicable to students, parents, and the general public.  For more information, check the WVSSAC website at www.wvssac.org.

Field Trips

Academic performance, faithful attendance, and responsible student behavior traits will be factors influencing staff as to whether permission will be granted for students to participate in a field trip experience.  Students exhibiting a good work ethic, exemplary behaviors, and excellent attendance record shall be rewarded with consent from staff to participate in approved school sponsored excursions.  NOTE: Students failing to meet any of these pre-determined conditions will NOT be approved as a field trip participant.  Further, school sponsored field trips are not to be confused with the extra/co-curricular trips funded by the B.O.E.

Food, Candy, and Drink in Non-Cafeteria Settings

Food, candy, and drink are not permitted for consumption during instructional time. This policy may be amended for special educational projects that have been scheduled by the teacher through the principal’s office.  

Hall Courtesy

Change class quietly and be considerate of other students.  Keep halls open to traffic -- at all times walk to the right.  Do not block traffic by sitting or standing on the stairs, sitting in the hallways or standing around door facings.  Students are not permitted block doorways.

Hall Passes

The purpose of our school is education and the most important part of education goes on in the classroom; thus all students must have approval from a teacher or be with a teacher whenever they are out of the room during class time.  All students are required to sign out of class using the classroom sign out sheet provided paper or electronic.   Students who are frequently in the halls during class time or are not following proper procedures to be out of class may have this privilege revoked and/or disciplinary consequences.

ID Cards                                        

Each student is issued a photo identification card.  The purpose of this card is to provide a student with a positive identification as a student at Ravenswood High School.  All students should use their ID card for checking out materials in the library and charging meals in the cafeteria.  


The school is not responsible for hospital or doctor bills contracted due to accidents that happen on the school premises.  However, students are given an opportunity to enroll in one of several accident benefit plans which cover accidents at school and school-sponsored activities.  We encourage parents to subscribe to school insurance as a supplement to their primary insurance.  The additional coverage will help defray medical expenses should personal injury at school or home interrupt your child’s normal school routines.

Library Media Center

        Information regarding Book Selection and Checkouts:

Students may check out books before and after school as well as during their English classes or during other classes in which they may be doing research.

Students may use the online catalog (Destiny) on any of the library computers to locate specific books.                  The online catalog can also be accessed from your home computer at:                                 https://jackwv.follettdestiny.com. Use your student ID number for your User Name and rvhs as the         password.  (The online catalog is also accessible from the school library web page, “The Information         Place.”)

Every student should make the library a cornerstone of his/her education.


Each individual student is assigned a locker in school.  Students may not change locker assignments.  Unauthorized locker sharing negates any claims which students may extend for lost, stolen, or damaged items.  Lock combinations should be kept confidential at all times.  The school will not assume liability for items missing from lockers.  Lockers that do not work properly must be reported to the assistant principal’s office.

All lockers, desks, or other storage areas made available for students use on school premises, including lockers located in hallways, physical education, athletic dressing areas, art and music classrooms, are the property of the school.  Lockers and desks are made available for student use in storing school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school, but are not to be used to store items which cause, or can reasonably seem to cause, an interference with school purposes or an educational function, or which are forbidden by state law or school rules.        

The student’s use of the locker or desk does not diminish the school’s ownership or control of the locker or desk, or the right of the principal or his designee of the school to control the use of the student’s storage area in accordance to the rules described.  The school retains the right to inspect the locker or desk and its contents to insure use in accordance with its intended purpose, and to eliminate fire or other hazards, maintain sanitary conditions, attempt to locate lost or stolen items and to prevent storage of prohibited or dangerous materials such as weapons, illegal drugs, or alcohol.  The school assumes NO responsibility for lost or stolen items.  While a concerted effort will be made to recover them, the school does not assume responsibility for these items.

Students are not permitted to mark on or attach any items to the inside or outside of lockers except by magnetic device. Students are expected to maintain a neat and orderly locker and doors of the locker must close flush with the frame.  Kicking the bottom of locker doors is prohibited.  Students will be charged for damage to lockers or can be fined for inappropriate use of locker. Lockers are the property and responsibility of the Jackson County Schools.  LOCKERS CAN BE SEARCHED.  The Jackson County Board of Education reserves the right to search any and all lockers at any time, without the student’s knowledge and/or presence. Damage to any student locker will result in a fine determined by the administration.

Lost and Found

Found items should be turned in to the front office.  Students who lose personal items or textbooks should check with the office.  Possible thefts should be reported to the assistant principal.  Unclaimed lost and found items will be disposed of at the discretion of the administration.                

School Meals

The students and teachers may purchase their breakfasts and lunches in the school cafeteria. A wide variety of food is offered enabling one to always choose a well-balanced meal.  The prices are kept at a minimum. Meal bills will be issued once per month to students.  Food or drink is to be consumed in the cafeteria on trays.  Bag lunchesss may be eaten in the gym or picnic area during lunch providing area is kept clean.  Students will also be allowed to take bags lunches in approved areas in the school.                 

Meal prices for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:

Breakfast                                                Lunch

Student reduced                $0.30                        Student reduced                $0.40        

Student paid                        $0.45                        Student Paid                        $0.85

Adult                                $2.50                        Adult                        $3.00

Student 2nd breakfast of day        $2.50                        Student 2nd Lunch of day                        $3.00

                  Extra Milk                        $0.25        

(Note: Students who qualify for reduced lunch will be eligible to receive free breakfast)

Lunch - Lunch Bills

Meals served in the cafeteria will be recorded by use of an ID card.  Students will have their ID cards scanned by the computer operator when going through the lunch line.  Students that do not have their ID cards must go to the end of the line.  Students are encouraged to eat school lunch or to bring a packed lunch from home.  In the rare event that a parent would like to take their child out to lunch, they must sign them out in the front office.  Meals brought in from outside sources are to be dropped off at the main office in a timely manner so the student can eat during the one hour lunch perod provided.  

All students will be billed the first of each month for prior month meal charges.  All lunch bills are due by the 10th of the month.  Meal bills are to be paid in the front office before first period or immediately after school.  If not paid by the 10th of the month, meal bills are considered past due. Parents/guardians will be notified of past due charges if not paid by end of the month.  After two notifications of past due amounts (or an amount of $25 or more), the school has the right to deny further charges by student.  Students with delinquent meal bills will be permitted to purchase cash meals.  Students or parents are to notify the principal if for some reason it is not possible to pay meal bills.

All students who qualify for FREE or REDUCED meals must complete a new application for FREE or REDUCED meals each school year.  Students qualified for FREE or REDUCED meals at the close of the school year will be temporarily placed on FREE or REDUCED through the month of September.  All students will be placed on PAID status as of October 1, unless an approved application is on file at that time.Students will be permitted to eat lunch in the school cafeteria, picnic area and gym (bag lunch), providing these areas are kept free of litter.

During the lunch period, students eating lunch are to go to the cafeteria.  After finishing lunch, each student must return his/her tray to the dishwasher window.  Lunch bags, cartons, and other throwaways are to be placed in the trash receptacle provided in the cafeteria.  All students are responsible for keeping Ravenswood High School free of litter.

After eating, students may go outside the building to the area adjacent the band room, between the cafeteria and main buildings, or to the physical education building.  Students are not permitted in front of the main building or anywhere along the side facing South Ritchie Street.  Unless they are waiting on the vo-tech bus.  ONLY Seniors will be able to use the lobby furniture during lunch.   


In accordance with WV State Board Policy 2422.8 MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION, and Jackson County Schools FILE:JGCD Administration of Medications, the following procedures have been established for administering medications to students while at school.

  1. the name of the medication
  2. the dosage, time and route it is to be given
  3. the intended effect of the medication
  4. the duration of time it is to be taken
  5. the signature of the physician/licensed prescriber
  6. the signature of the parent or guardian

Please assist the school in ensuring your child’s health and safety.  If non-prescription medication is to be dispensed at school, please have the physician complete and sign the Parent/Guardian Authorization to Dispense Non-Prescription Medication form and return it to your child’s school.  A JC-72 Authorization for Administration of Medication is required for each prescription medication.

In the event of a medication emergency, the directions for emergency provided on the student’s emergency card are to be followed and the school nurse is to be notified as soon as possible. ALL students need to have an updated emergency card on file in the front office. This should be turned in at the beginning of the year and updated as changes occur.

National Honor Society


Membership to the Ravenswood High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is open to qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors who demonstrate outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

To be scholastically eligible for membership consideration, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.  Candidates who are eligible scholastically will be given the opportunity to complete a Student Activity Information Form to give evidence of their character, leadership, and service.  The Student Activity Information Form, along with other verifiable information about each candidate, will be evaluated by a five-member faculty council which will consider the candidate on the basis of leadership, character, and service.  

  1. Leadership skills will be screened in terms of classroom leadership and school and community leadership, with emphasis on the holding of an office in a school or community group.
  2. Character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, ethics, and cooperation with both students and faculty.
  3. Service will be screened in terms of involvement with community projects.

The selection of members shall be by a majority vote of the faculty council.  Candidates selected to membership to the chapter shall be notified during the school’s induction ceremony.  

A National Honor Society member who transfers from another school and brings a letter from the former principal or chapter advisor to the local advisor shall be accepted automatically as a member in the Ravenswood Chapter.


Members of the National Honor Society may be dismissed if they do not maintain the high standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and service that were used as the basis for their selection.

Members who fall below the selection standards shall be warned in writing by the chapter advisor and given one semester to correct the deficiency.  Members are allowed one warning during their membership.  Failure to correct a deficiency in the specified time will lead to the faculty council’s consideration of the member’s dismissal from the society.

In case of a flagrant violation of school or civil laws, a warning is not necessarily required.  The faculty council will meet to consider dismissal.  A faculty council vote for dismissal of a member will be taken only after a thorough investigation of the case.  If the council determines that the facts warrant consideration of dismissal, the member will be notified in writing of the violation and the possibility of dismissal.  The member will then be allowed to appear before the faculty council to explain the situation.

If a member is dismissed, written notice of the decision will be sent to the member, his/her parents, and the principal.  The member must then surrender the National Honor Society emblem and membership card to the chapter advisor.

Members who are dismissed or who resign may never again become a NHS member.        


Students are responsible for paying for any and ALL obligations.  These may include, but are not limited to bills for meals, library books, textbooks, class equipment, uniforms, or charges for items received.

Failure to pay obligations can result in students not being eligible to receive additional items.  In the event of an extenuating circumstance, please see an administrator to assist you in developing a solution to take care of the obligation.

Parent Responsibilities and Involvement

Parents are encouraged to become involved in various aspects of school improvement. In addition to the boosters groups, there will be opportunities for work in the PAC (Parent Advisory Council) and the Local School Improvement Councils (LSIC).  Contact the principal if you are interested in working in this capacity. Parents are asked to respect the educational process and business conducted daily in the school.  Should a conference with school personnel be the intent of parents, an appointment can be arranged by contacting the school at 273-9301 between 7:45am and 3:45pm daily.

Points for Pride

The Points for Pride program is designed to promote and reward students for various contributions to their class.  Class points are accumulated for various items such as school attendance, extra activities and the fewest discipline referrals.  The class (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) with the greatest amount of points at the end of the mid-nine weeks is rewarded with a special activity.

Police Questioning/Apprehension

School authorities are frequently conferencing with law enforcement agencies, social services, child protection agencies, and others in their pursuit of alleged crimes, child abuse cases, child welfare cases, and other investigative procedures that often involve children in school.  School personnel will legally comply with requests regarding student information from these agencies.

Prevention Resource Officer

The Prevention Resource Officer (PRO) is assigned by the Ravenswood Police Department to Jackson County Schools for employment at Ravenswood High.  The rationale for this position is in assigning trained law enforcement personnel into RvHS enables the performance of a variety of functions.  These functions include, but are not limited to crime prevention, staff development, monitoring and conferencing.  Some problems that may be addressed by the PRO are delinquency, truancy, substance abuse, bullying and violence.

The Prevention Resource Office is located in the front office area.  Students requesting a conference with the PRO must sign the Student Request Log outside the PRO’s office.  The PRO will make every effort to conference with students needing assistance.  Conference times will be established by the PRO.  Students are not to miss class time or sit and wait to talk with the PRO in the counseling office.

Parents are advised that on an as-needed-basis the PRO may be asked to become an active participant in investigating school rules violations or other legal concerns.


Problem Solving

In order for students to be successful in dealing with various types of problems that they may encounter, it is most helpful to be aware of the options available to them.  Students are encouraged to talk with the person(s) with whom they have the problem.  If that did not resolve the issue, then seek additional help through another trusted individual.

Also, be aware of the resources (people or programs) available for dealing with problems at home, school, or with individuals.

SAT Referral

A SAT (Student Assistance Team) is comprised of student, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators. The purpose of a SAT is to address individual student needs including, but not limited to, academics, attendance, behavioral, and social concerns.  Parents are advised that they, as well as classroom teacher, may request a SAT meeting for their child. Ravenswood High School requires students to attend their SAT meetings.

School Interest Groups

We are fortunate to have many members of the community directly and indirectly involved in supporting this school.  If you are interested in becoming a member of one of these groups, please contact the school.  Organized support groups are as follows:

Athletic Boosters (Football, Soccer, Basketball)                   Choral Boosters                        Partners in Education        Parent Advisory Council                School Improvement Council

Band Boosters                  Parent Volunteers                        Young Farmers

School Visitors

The school policy is to accept ONLY those visitors who have legitimate business at our school.  Guests and visitors must report to the front of the main building and may have their driver’s license scanned to gain entrance to the lobby.  All visitors must obtain a Visitor’s Pass from the front office if requesting entrance past the main lobby (photo ID required).  Sign in and out at the computer in the lobby.

The visitor’s ID will be returned when the visit is completed and the school pass is returned to the front office.  Student guests are not permitted to visit during the school day unless approved by the administration.

Security Cameras and Surveillance

Security cameras have been installed throughout the main campus complex in strategic locations as a means of increasing school safety and security to staff, students, parents, and/or visitors, and the property therein, whether public or private.  The surveillance of school activities and events will be monitored, as will the normal daily operations, by trained law enforcement and school personnel.

Semester Tests

Semester tests are encouraged to help prepare students for the rigors of career and college. However, the administration may approve waivers that may be based on attendance, class or test achievement or other factors.  Teachers will include their exemptions from semester tests in their class syllabus.

Senior Immunizations

All students entering school as a senior (or when they become eligible for senior status) will be REQUIRED to provide proof of immunizations for Tdap and the Meningococcal vaccine.  Students will not be permitted to attend school until these requirements have been met. Each student must show 1 dose of the Tdap vaccine (protects against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) and a booster dose of the Meningococcal vaccine if the first dose was given before the 16th birthday (if after the 16th birthday, a booster is not required).  Submit documentation to the school nurse.


Sexual Harassment        

Ravenswood High School policy prohibits sexual harassment from occurring among its employees and/or students and will make efforts to prevent it from happening by advising its employees of its prohibition in handbooks and conversations.  Sexual harassment is defined as deliberate, repeated, and unsolicited physical actions, gestures, or verbal or written comments of a sexual nature, when such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with a student’s academic performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning environment.  Examples include, but are not limited to, leering, pinching, grabbing, suggestive comments or jokes, gestures, or pressure to engage in any sexual activity.  Sexual harassment charges may be investigated by the prosecuting attorney.        

Sign In/Sign Out

Signing in and out of school will be handled in the office by the administration or their designee.  Students who sign in twenty (20) minutes after a class begins will receive an absence rather than a tardy from class.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain an admit slip from the appropriate person in the main office.  ABSOLUTELY no student will be allowed to sign out of school without a parent or legal guardian completing a pre-sign out form, submitting a verifiable note, or physically coming to the main office to check their child out of school.  Only parents or guardians are permitted to sign students out of school. Those adults listed on the students Emergency Card will be permitted to assume temporary care of a student in the event of an emergency only.  Students (regardless of age) are not permitted to sign themselves out of school.

A pre-sign out option is available for parents/guardians provided they sign a prepared form in the front office in advance of the absence.  Please do not sign your child out any sooner than one (1) week in advance if possible. Parents wishing to exercise this option must see the front office secretary for further information. Parents are not permitted to pre-sign out their child for consecutive days without permission from the administration.  Students may not be pre-signed out to leave the campus for lunch.

Student Messages (Emergencies Only)

Students and parents are asked to cooperate to minimize requests for messages to students during the school day.  Delivering messages to students interrupts class and the work of the office personnel. Students will not be excused from class to make or receive telephone calls.   The office telephones are business telephones and are not to be used by students except in the case of an emergency.

Summer School

Jackson County Schools offers a summer school program to allow students to make up or earn additional credits on a semester or full year basis.  The sessions usually alternate between Ravenswood and Ripley High Schools and begin in mid-June to the end of July.  Summer school is free to Jackson county students.


Tardies will be given on a class-by-class basis.  A tardy occurs when a student arrives at an assigned area after the tardy bell rings or arriving for class without appropriate materials. The student will go to the lobby and record their tardy on the computer system.  When the student has reached 3 tardies in a nine weeks period, the student will receive Noon Detention.  The following is a breakdown of the penalties for tardies:

3rd  tardy                 2 days of noon detention

6th  tardy                3 days of noon detention

8th  tardy                1 day of ALC

       9 plus tardies                      length determined by the administrator

Parental contact concerning assigning discipline to their son’s/daughter’s tardies will be via a school form or a telephone contact. Developing and maintaining the importance of students being on time for classes or work is a school priority.


The T.E.A.M. (Tutorial-Enrichment-Assistance-Make Up) Program at Ravenswood High School is a free opportunity for students who need academic assistance.  The library is open from 3:30 to 5:00pm, Tuesday through Friday, staffed with two teachers from various subject areas to assist students with make-up work, tests or computer access.  Students who are suspended from school will be assigned T.E.A.M. time.  Students who are assigned to T.E.A.M. due to suspension are required to serve consecutive days until all assignments are completed.  Students are reminded of established due dates for completing each T.E.A.M. assignment.  Failure to adhere to this allotted time line set by staff could result in a zero (0) grade for that assignment.  All students are encouraged to take advantage of the help available through the T.E.A.M. program.

Textbooks/Instructional Supplies

Textbooks and instructional supplies are furnished by the Jackson County Board of Education to students at no charge for their use.  Students will sign out numbered textbooks and be responsible for the care of textbooks and supplies.  The book will be checked in at the end of the year (or semester) and any damage beyond the normal wear will be assessed.  If a book is lost, the student will need to pay for it (based on the number of years it has been used), before another book is issued.  The assessed amount is as follows:

1st year -- 100% of cost                2nd year -- 90% of cost        3rd year -- 80% of cost

4th year  -- 70% of cost                5th year and each year thereafter -- 60% of cost

Website - rhs.jack.k12.wv.us

Ravenswood High School maintains a website and it is updated regularly by students in the computer skills classes.  Pertinent information concerning RvHS may be found at this site.  We suggest parents and students visit the site periodically.  Information available, but not limited to, staff profiles, sports, links, scholarships, campus life, newsletters, and the RvHS Student Handbook.


Students wishing to withdraw from school must follow proper procedures before permission will be granted from the administration.  Students must obtain a withdrawal/transfer form from the guidance office.  Students that intend on dropping out of school will need to begin meet with the graduation coach to be advised of available options.  ALL OBLIGATIONS, INCLUDING TEXTBOOKS, LUNCH BILLS, AND FINES, MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO THE WITHDRAWAL/TRANSFER PROCESS. 


Ravenswood High School will provide a safe, orderly school atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  School officials will establish rules, regulations, and systematic procedures to insure high expectations in student behavior.  The school will provide an educational program that permits intellectual growth and ample opportunity for students to learn expected behavior patterns.  Students will learn that their actions must not infringe upon the rights of other students and/or school personnel.  Students will also learn to function in a school environment that is structured to preserve individual dignity and personal worth.         

Ravenswood High School Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures are reviewed and issued in handbook form to students annually.  Orientation sessions by the administration and follow-up discussions by staff are provided to check for understanding.  In addition, handbooks are available on line to parents to enlighten them of our expectations, policies, and procedures.  Be advised, the discipline and Safe Schools Policy is an abbreviation of the entire policy, which is available upon request.



FIRST DAY FOR:                                Teachers: Monday, August 13, 2018        

Students: Thursday, August 16, 2018                        


September 3 - Labor Day                        

November 12 - Veteran’s Day

Thanksgiving Break-Nov 19-23, 2018           

Christmas Break- Dec 24-Jan 1, 2019        

January 21 - Martin Luther King Holiday

Spring Break - March 25-29, 2019        

May 7 - Election Day

May 27 - Memorial Day                        


CE/Faculty Senate Days                        

October 11 (No students)                        

December 21        (Early Dismissal)                             February 13 (Early Dismissal)                                      

May 31 (Early Dismissal)                                                        

Early Dismissal Days (Dismissed at 12:15)                                                                 

Grading Dates:

1st Nine Weeks -

Mid-Term Issued: Sept. 15  End: Oct. 17

Report Cards: Oct. 24

2nd Nine Weeks -

Mid Term Issued: Nov. 17 End: Dec. 21

End of First Semester - Dec. 21

Report Cards - Jan. 05

3rd Nine Weeks -

Mid Term Issued: Feb. 6  End: March 13

Report Cards - March 20

4th Nine Weeks -

Mid Term Issued - April 25  End: June 01

(Days may be added up to June 30 pending make-up for inclement weather)

Other Important Dates:                

August 14 -   Freshmen Orientation                   Homecoming Weekend - Sept. 21-22, 2019 

Oct. 29 - Nov. 2 - Spirit Week

November 2 - Hatchet Game

Winter Sports Begin - November 2018        

Spring Sports Begin - February 2019

ACT Test Dates:

PSAT Exam: October 16, 2018


AP Exams (May 6-17, 2019)

Monday, May 6  

US Government & Politics

Wednesday, May 8

English Literature & Composition

European History

Thursday, May 9



Friday, May 10

US History

Computer Science

Monday, May 13


Tuesday, May 14

Art History

Wednesday, May 15

English Language & Composition

Thursday, May 16

World History

Senior Dates (Information also distributed at the beginning of the school year)                        

Required Events (Formal Awards, Graduation and Practices)

                    FORMAL AWARDS- Friday, May 18, 2018 (Seniors last day after awards ceremony)


        GRADUATION - Friday May 24, 2019 Flinn Field - 6:00pm

Project Graduation - May 24, 2019

        ALUMNI BANQUET - May 25, 2019 (Graduating seniors invited at no cost)

        Senior Practices - May 16 (Formal Awards) May 23 & 24 (for all ceremonies)

        Senior Honor Reception (GPA of 3.5 and above) - May 21, 2019

        Senior Grades and Obligations Due May 16, 2019

        Senior Parent Meeting with Seniors and Parents - September 12, 2018


        Be Respectful

        Be Responsible

        Be Productive

Student Checklist to Assist in Beginning School

____1. Prepare for the first weeks by having a positive attitude and making concentrated efforts to learn         rules, be familiar with opportunities and take an active role in school.

____2. Take responsibility for your actions, for your learning and for helping to maintain a great school.

____3. Take home Form Folder and get all signatures and paperwork signed.  Then, return the school

____4. Organize your locker, school-work (notebooks, etc..), student handbook and other items (this         will help you save time and energy for other things you would like to do). Use your student         handbook to record information that will be of benefit (assignment due dates, activities, etc..)

____5. Invest the time upfront to read class syllabi, learn expectations and start the year keeping up         with classes and making school a priority.

____6. Make efforts to be friendly to others and make friends.  Communicate with others. Treat others         as you would like to be treated.

____7. Make efforts to discipline yourself to form good personal and work habits (21 days to form)

                Set your own goals and work to achieve them.

____8. Be at school on time.  When absent from school, bring in a note for excuse within 3 days of the absence.

____9. Start Strong by doing ALL class assignments and staying caught up with school work

___10. Get involved and have a GREAT time!



Student Checklist to Assist in Beginning a New School Year

____1. Obtain schedules needed for classes, activities, events,etc.. and organize time (calendars)

____2. Obtain materials needed for classes and participation in other activities (locker, Macbooks, notebooks,pens/pencils, etc..)

____3. Review/learn and follow school rules.  Use the handbook or staff guidance to find information as    various needs arise (Ex. where to submit notes upon return to school from an absence;  what to do if you get sick; how short is too short for adherence to the dress code, etc…)

____4. Participate (in class and other activities.  Listen, respond, take notes, practice, help others,etc..)

____5. Notes deadlines and meet them (for homework, tests, etc..)

____6. Study (the primary role of the student is to increase learning and skills)

____7. When you need or want help---ASK for it or seek a trusted person to guide in proper direction

____8. When you have a concern or problem--share with appropriate persons to help rectify the situation. (General rule-see the person you have the concern with first.)

____9. Be respectful (manners and treatment of others); responsible (return borrowed items;pay obligations; practice self-dsicpline) and productive (be a contributor to making things better at home, school and in your community)

___10. Practice the skills of being a GOOD DECISION MAKER

Student Checklist to Assist in Ending School Year

____1. All work is turned in for every class.

____2. Return books, library books, uniforms, other items used or borrowed

____3.Pay Obligations (lunch bills, fines, etc..)

____4.Clean out locker (return items, dispose of unwanted items, wipe down)

____5.Go over returned class work; Organize materials you need to keep; Check Grades for accuracy

        Finish strong by staying disciplined and meeting (or exceeding expectations)

Self Assessment:  Did you meet your goals this year?

In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA.

Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication for program information (e.g. Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.), should contact the Agency (State or local) where they applied for benefits. Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. Additionally, program information may be made available in languages other than English.

To file a program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, (AD-3027) found online at:            http://www.ascr.usda.gov/complaint_filing_cust.html, and at any USDA office, or write a letter addressed to USDA and provide in the letter all of the information requested in the form. To request a copy of the complaint form, call (866) 632-9992. Submit your completed form or letter to USDA by: (1) MAIL: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights , 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410;

(2) FAX: (202) 690-7442; or (3) EMAIL: program.intake@usda.gov.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.