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Rule for TRI 2016
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TRI Rules 2016

Texas Robotics Invitational 2016 will be using the FRC Stronghold 2016 rules except where noted below.

1. Game Rule Updates

G21 A ROBOT contacting carpet in the opponent’s SECRET PASSAGE may not contact opposing ROBOTS who are in contact with the carpet in the SECRET PASSAGE, regardless of who initiates the contact.

G38 Clarification Driving over or getting stuck on a boulder while holding another bolder will not be a violation of G38

2. Defenses

TRI will be running a static set of defenses for every match. The defenses will be positioned as below and will not change except for cases of damage to more than 2 out of the 3 defenses we have of each type.

  1. Low Bar     2. Cheval De Frise    3. Rockwall   4. Ramparts    5. Moat

This will mean there will not be a Portcullis, Sally Port, or Drawbridge in most matches. This also means there will not be alliance selection of defenses. Our goal is to provide teams more matches and by removing the defense selection we reduce the load on our volunteers, while allowing teams more playing time. If we damage 2 of the same defense in a way that they are not repairable for a given match. That defense will be swapped with the Sally Port on both sides until we can repair two of those defense to put them back on the field. If we break even more defenses or the Sally Ports become broken we will put in the Drawbridges next.

3. Tower Starting Strength

10 for all matches


4. Alliance Selection

TRI will be adopting the standard championship subdivision level alliance selection process. Including the 4 robots per alliance rules as outlined in section 5.61 of the Stronghold game manual.

There will not be any randomization or locking of the alliance captains as we have done in the past. We should have a big enough and deep enough field of teams to allow for exciting and interesting elimination matches without the addition of further rule changes. Please note that we will only be advancing 32 teams to the elimination rounds, it is likely we will have more than 32 teams at the event. We want to give every team the most playing time possible but it isn’t feasible to include more than 32 teams into the tournament rounds.

5. Playoffs

For each level of the playoff tournament each of the 4 robots on an alliance must play either in the 1st or 2nd match of that alliance’s matches.

Three robots on the field for match #1, the fourth must substitute for one of them in match #2. This is to ensure the most participation amongst competing teams.

6. Playoff Tie Breakers

In the case where a playoff MATCH ends with the score of each ALLIANCE being equal the match will be replayed. The tiebreaker scoring detailed in 5.4.4 will not be in effect at TRI.

7. Video Review

Given that the technology allows (video system doesn’t go down, etc) TRI will be instituting a video review process for the elimination rounds of the bracket.

We don’t plan on having this happen ever but we want to provide the best event possible to teams and video review of other situations may allow us to do this.