Chief Technology Officer SAP (Posted on Oct 21 2018)

As a Chief Technology Officer / Chief Architect for SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, you will define technology strategy and architecture across Leonardo platforms and consuming applications. Continuously injecting external state of the art and best practices, you will engage with platform and application teams to drive consistent implementation, lead the ML architecture community of practice and become a trusted advisor to senior leadership.


Research Fellow in Machine Learning (Deep Reinforcement Learning) (Posted on Nov 15 2018)

Research Fellow - Machine Learning
University of Warwick - WMG
Data Science & AI Group

We are looking for a talented Research Fellow in Machine Learning to join our Data Science & AI team.

With a PhD in machine learning (or related field), strong programming experience in Python, hands-on knowledge of deep artificial neural networks
and/or reinforcement learning, you will have a serious appetite to develop new deep reinforcement learning methodologies for robotics applications.

In collaboration with the Visualisation group at WMG, we will leverage advanced Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality to support machine learning.

In collaboration with industrial manufacturers, including Shadow Robot, we will customise the algorithms for deployment in real-world settings.


Salary:  £30,395 - £39,609 per annum
Hours:   Full Time
Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract until 31 December 2021
Closes:  29 November 2018
Job Ref: 81166-108

Apply here:

Any enquiries please contact Prof Giovanni Montana (


Medical Imaging/Machine Learning Internship (Posted on Nov 09 2018)

We sincerely  invite enthusiasts in machine learning and medical imaging to join our team to create surgical planning and image guidance for da Vinci surgeries.

Key requirements:
1.  MS or PhD student in the area of Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Radiology, or equivalent.
2. A passion for developing technology to improve human lives.
3. Understanding and hands-on experience in: Image segmentation algorithms;
Machine learning and deep learning.
4. Proficiency in the Python programming language.
5. Familiarity with machine learning packages such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.
6. Full time work for at least three months in Sunnyvale, CA.


Medical Imaging/Machine Learning Internship (Posted on Nov 09 2018)

We sincerely  invite enthusiasts in machine learning and medical imaging to join our team to create surgical planning and image guidance for da Vinci surgeries.

Key requirements:
1.  MS or PhD student in the area of Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Radiology, or equivalent.
2. A passion for developing technology to improve human lives.
3. Understanding and hands-on experience in: Image segmentation algorithms;
Machine learning and deep learning.
4. Proficiency in the Python programming language.
5. Familiarity with machine learning packages such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.
6. Full time work for at least three months in Sunnyvale, CA.


Machine Learning Engineer (Posted on Nov 08 2018)

Many of our projects are new and mostly projects that have never been worked on before.
• Modular algorithm design – develop re-usable building blocks for quantitative models, leveraging high parallel, distributed machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques
• Algorithm platform engineering – architect, build, and maintain technical platforms for our algorithmic engines to run at scale, both for online and offline needs
• Influencing business decisions – relentlessly leverage our work and encourage adoption across our business partners, to drive real business value
• Data mining – work together with data scientists to uncover deep insight hidden in our vast repository of raw data, and provide tactical guidance on how to act on findings
As part of this role, you will use your software engineering skills to help build scalable machine learning models that drive value across multiple areas of the business. You’ll work within Wayfair’s latest big data technology infrastructure to develop innovative and new machine learning engineering capabilities.


Researcher in AI (Posted on Nov 05 2018)

Cross-Compass, an AI startup company based in Tokyo, Japan, since 2015 is currently recruiting Researchers in Machine Learning (Deep Learning) for projects in Artificial Intelligence. Fluency in English is mandatory (Skills in Japanese are appreciated but not required).
Please send your resume and a motivation letter by 2018 December 15th.

[Job Description]
– Research in Artificial Intelligence
– Dissemination (publications, conferences)

– PhD in Machine Learning, Data Science, Cognitive Science, etc.
– Strong knowledge in Mathematics
– Understanding of Deep Learning theory
– Reading and writing in English (academic papers)
– Python, C++ skills
– Linux experience

– Proven track record of publications, patents and innovations
– Up to date with the literature
– Experimental methodology
– Statistical analysis
– Academic references

[Our Ideal Candidate Is]
– A team player capable of collaborative work
– Insightful and passionate about AI research
– An insatiable learner


Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Deep / Machine Learning at ORNL (Posted on Oct 04 2018)

The Imaging, Signals, and Machine Learning group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate with expertise in one or more of the following areas: machine learning, deep learning, computer vision/image processing, signal processing, and data analysis.

The ISML group conducts applied computer vision research and development addressing important issues of industrial and economic competitiveness, biomedical measurement science, and national security.  This position will primarily perform research and development in tools and algorithms for image analysis to assist biologists in characterizing and understanding important cellular and sub-cellular functions. Current interests include creating algorithms which can process and analyze imagery from a wide range of microscopy sources. To this end, experience implementing and developing object detection and semantic segmentation algorithms, particularly with deep learning (in toolkits such as TensorFlow/PyTorch), is desired.  

Preferred qualifications and experience:
- Ph.D. in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering or closely related field
- Deep learning and neural networks
- Image processing and computer vision (tracking, segmentation)
- Machine learning, multi-dimensional signal processing, and analytics for n-dimensional image understanding
- Strong publication and programming background (Python, TensorFlow / PyTorch, OpenCV, MATLAB)


Post-doc position in computer vision/deep learning (Posted on Sep 25 2018)

The Montefiore Institute of the University of Liège invites applications for one postdoctoral fellowship in the field of computer vision/machine learning.
The postdoctoral fellow will focus on the scientific exploration of computer vision and machine learning techniques for the analysis of sport scenes. He will participate to the VIBBRE European project (see and develop AI algorithms for motion detection, occlusion detection, player analysis, camera calibration, etc.
The fellow will have the opportunity to work with a strong team active in the fields of computer vision and machine learning/deep learning, applied to robotics, sport event analysis, driver monitoring, exoplanet detection, etc (see for recent publications).
Note that, under the impulse of Marc Van Droogenbroeck, the Montefiore Institute was the first Belgian university to acquire a DGX-1, a super-computer devoted to deep learning.


Machine Learning Engineer- Stealth-Mode Autonomous Navigation Start-Up (Elite Team)  (Posted on Sep 14 2018)

I am currently working in partnership with a stealth-mode autonomous navigation start-up, who are looking for smart and highly motivated Machine Learning Engineers to join their team in the South Bay – to help scale their business.  

This company has built an elite team of researchers, engineers and mathematicians, working on fundamental safe algorithmic navigation, completely independent from any human input. Their current team is made up of individuals from CalTech, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, UPenn, CMU, University of Cambridge, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Facebook. The strength of the core-team mirrors the company’s standards as a whole and the work that they have already begun to develop exemplifies this further.  

The applicability of my client’s product is vast – impacting a number of different autonomous technologies, including drones, robots and autonomous vehicles. All through use of their state of the art applied mathematics, computer vision and semi supervised deep learning technology. My client has a data-set in the multi-million range and has just closed its third round of funding ($multi-millions).  

The successful candidate will be an expert in working with novel unsupervised learning algorithms at petabyte scale. You have successfully implemented and maintained steady streams of deep learning experiments and have developed/maintained petabyte scale experiment analysis infrastructure.


NLP Post-doctoral Fellow – National Institutes of Health, Rehabilitation Medicine Department (Posted on Sep 13 2018)

We are seeking a post-doctoral fellow to engage in a project using NLP or text mining to analyze medical records and programmatic documents for the nation's largest disability programs, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, administered by the Social Security Administration. This is an unprecedented opportunity to harness unstructured information from millions of documents, use this information to improve SSA's disability adjudication process, and advance the body of medical knowledge related to disability. This is a fully funded multi-year post-doctoral fellowship.
PhD in CS, computational linguistics or related field
Dissertation in NLP/text mining/machine learning
Excellent quantitative and applied research skills
Strong oral/written communication skills
Ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team setting
Demonstrated proficiency in programming with a high-level programming language
Knowledge of state-of-the-art NLP/Text Mining methods
Experience applying deep learning techniques to text data
To Apply:  email the documents to Amy Yang, Management Analyst, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Section, NIH, Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Email:  Please refer to this announcement as the “NIH-RMD SSA NLP post-doctoral fellowship_[LAST NAME]”.
Application materials:
a summary of past research experience
graduate transcript
a copy of one of your published papers
a list of at least three references


Medical Image Analysis, University of Montreal (Posted on Sep 03 2018)

We are recruiting Interns/MSc/PhD/Postdoc fellows with strong skills in computer science, deep learning and image analysis for developing open-source analysis tools applied to neuroscience. Applications include:
- Automatic segmentation/labeling for MRI and histology data
- Multivariate diagnosis/prognosis tools for spinal cord injury and neurodegenative diseases (multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc.).
- Develop new methods based on GANs, reinforcement learning, etc. for medical applications

We are located at Ecole Polytechnique on the University of Montreal campus, with direct access to world experts in deep learning.


Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Image Analysis (Posted on Aug 30 2018)

Our research group is looking for talented post-doctoral researchers to develop image analysis and machine learning algorithms to study the role of lung biomechanics in early and advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  We are particularly interested in individuals with experience in pulmonary image segmentation and registration, soft tissue biomechanics, tissue motion modeling, and disease trajectory models.


Administrative/Technical Assistant, Acadia Institute for Data Analytics (3 year term contract) (Posted on Aug 25 2018)

Acadia seeks an Administrative/ Technical Assistant to fill a 3-year term contract in the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics (AIDA) to work with AIDA staff in creating new start-up companies and existing businesses to maximize their potential to create world-class offerings based on data analytics methods and applied research in machine learning. The Assistant will facilitate the management of the AIDA office and associated communications, meetings, events, web presence, project files, and accounting and finance. S/he will also provide technical assistance to the Director and staff in the areas of outreach and training, pre-project activities, editing of funding requests and project reports, and data analytics project efforts such as data preparation, machine learning and model evaluation.


Data Scientist, Acadia Institute for Data Analytics (3 year term contract) (Posted on Aug 25 2018)

Acadia seeks a Data Scientist to fill a 3- year term contract in the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics (AIDA) to play a lead role in working with new start-up companies and existing businesses to maximize their potential to create world-class offerings based on data analytics methods and applied research in machine learning. The Data Scientist will undertake pre-project work to determine the nature of a data analytics opportunity, develop a project proposal, apply for project and event funding, plan and manage all aspects of the project, supervise research and technical assistants, and work with ADIA staff on the promotion, outreach and training of data analytics in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.


Postdoc Position at MIT in Machine Learning for Medicine (Posted on Aug 21 2018)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lab for Computational Physiology at Institute for Medical Engineering & Science (IMES) has an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral Associate in Machine Learning for Medicine. We are seeking a highly-motivated individual to join a multidisciplinary research team to develop machine learning techniques for medicine and treatment decision support.  The ideal candidate will have demonstrated an outstanding capability for independent research and a solid publication record in top-tier machine learning, AI conferences. Candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, or a related field.  In addition to a curriculum vitae, applicants should submit a short statement of research interest to Li-wei Lehman,


Research Associate (Posted on Aug 08 2018)

The Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXARTS) at the University of Washington is seeking a full-time Post-doctoral Research Associate, with expertise in video analytics, AI and data science. This is a full-time, 12-month (one-year) appointment that may be extended upon successful performance, up to a maximum term of three years.

The successful candidate will, under the supervision of Professor James Coupe, work on the research, development and implementation of a number of innovative data-driven digital art projects. Applicants should have strong proficiency in C++, multi-threaded programming, OpenGL, OpenCV and 2D and 3D geometry.


AMSTERDAM AI Engineer Deep Learning Cardiovascular with full EU visa possibilities (Posted on Jul 31 2018)

• You have a Master’s or a doctorate degree in Computer Science, Medical and Biomedical imaging;
• You are an AI detection engineer with a solid software engineering knowledge also (“code for Python/Tensorflow, ITK, and understanding of DICOM protocol”)
• You want to contribute to a sustainable organisation, with a meaningful medical product that has impact on life (cardiovascular, neuro and related arenas);
• You are preferably from one of the best institutes: UvA or Radboud UMC/Donders, ETH Zurich, University College London, Pierre & Marie Curie; Cambridge Addenbrookes/Wolfson, Universitat Politecna de Catalunya, Imperial College,  Istanbul Technical University, Fraunhofer MEVIS etc;
• Experience in Computer Vision projects: Detection, Segmentation, and Classification;
• Understand image processing (e.g. filtering, registration, distortion corrections)
• Understand the medical imaging and DICOM standards;
• Able to develop, test, maintain and finetune software & performance;
• Fluent in English;
• You are strong on your professional responsibilities.

• Location: Netherlands. Duration: fulltime.
• Full EU work visa possibility for non EU candidates.
• Option: participation in substantial co-ownership scheme
• Contact Name: Casper Hoppe Email: or use the online application form on :


Post-doctoral machine learning / deep learning scientist at IBM Research Lab in Zürich  (Posted on Jul 26 2018)

We are now looking for a Post-doctoral machine learning / deep learning scientist to join our team and contribute to the design of such solutions. The candidate will have the opportunity to work in a unique corporate environment, acquire experience in several fields, publish in major international journals, learn how to patent his/her best new ideas, as well as deal with clients and real business cases. Moreover, the core results of this work will be part of the IBM Public Cloud offering and will thus impact society. Core activities include:
Design, develop and implement proofs-of-concept and prototypes to be ported to the IBM Public Cloud and IBM Power offerings; Develop, optimize, standardize and implement data science and machine-learning solutions at scale in data pipelines and distributed systems; Engineer at scale using service-oriented architecture, containerized applications and functions as a service, especially in cloud service environments.
The ideal applicant should
   - Have a strong background in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or related fields, with an outstanding university track record
 -   Have excellent Python programming skills (3–4 yearss of experience minimum); Have 2–3 years of experience with machine learning and/or deep learning
   Have experience with deep-learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Pytorch or Caffee
  - Be passionate about problem-solving, be self-motivated and have good communication skills.


Postdoctoral researcher (Posted on Jul 11 2018)

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join our efforts in developing deep learning methods for early diagnosis of breast cancer during screening mammography. We intend to work both on methods improving the accuracy as well as explaining the prediction in a human-interpretable form.

The candidate will be based primarily at the NYU School of Medicine (Prof. Krzysztof J. Geras, Prof. Linda Moy and Prof. S. Gene Kim) and will work in close collaboration with the NYU Center for Data Science (Prof. Kyunghyun Cho).


Machine Learning Engineer (Posted on Jul 11 2018)

We’re looking for a Data Scientist to work directly with our CEO and lead all data-related efforts at Loomly. This will include designing, implementing and scaling a patent pending machine learning engine from scratch, and providing data-driven, business insights to both the marketing and the engineering team.


Postdoctoral Researcher (University of Vermont) (Posted on Jul 03 2018)

A fully funded, two-year postdoc with competitive salary is available in Prof. Nick Cheney’s lab in the Computer Science Department at the University of Vermont – and in close collaboration with the Prof. Jeff Clune of the EvolvingAI Lab at the University of Wyoming and Uber AI Labs.

This research will be in the area of meta-learning for general artificial intelligence – applied to a variety of problems, especially those in deep reinforcement learning. Responsibilities include helping to design bio-inspired algorithms that enable agents to learn a variety of new tasks without losing the ability to perform previous ones (i.e. avoiding “catastrophic forgetting”) and testing these method on simulated and/or physical robots.

Experience in deep learning and/or reinforcement learning is desired. But applicants with strong research backgrounds in relevant fields (e.g. statistics, math, computer science), strong programming and communication skills, and a demonstrated desire to learn more about machine learning and neural networks will also be considered. The position is available immediately, with some flexibility on start date.


 lecturer and researcher at ISEN (France-Brest) (Posted on Jun 29 2018)

Your mission is :
- as lecturer,  to teach in french machine-learning, computer science, image processing.
- as rechercher, to push the envelope in Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) for Internet of things (Iot).


Machine Learning AI Scientist (Posted on Jun 26 2018)

UtopiaCompression Corporation, based in Los Angeles, CA is a High-Tech Company and is currently seeking a Machine Learning AI Scientist to support a diverse range of programs including: SONAR image detection/classification, collaborative UAV navigation, scene understanding, situated & collaborative agent theories, taxonomy classification, medical diagnostics & training.  

•PhD/Post-Doc in computer science or electrical engineering with a focus on ML & AI
•Deep and diverse knowledge of AI concepts and ML regimes, including: deep learning, active learning, reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, decision tree learning, etc.
•Strong programming skills in Python, TensorFlow, and Keras, at least basic experience in C/C++
•Strong fundamentals in mathematics, statistics, probability theory, algorithms
•Experience with big data algorithms and systems
•Experience with computer vision
•Experience with developing agents with cognitive and affective/emotional capabilities
•Prior experience in executing R&D projects and software design and development
•Publications in conferences and journals
•Prior experience in writing research grants
•Experience with algorithm parallelization, GPUs, and/or embedded systems development is a plus


professor (Posted on Jun 25 2018)

Research Associate /Senior Research Associate positions for an ERC-funded project entitled “Generalisation in Mind and Machine”


CEO (Posted on Jun 20 2018)

Senior Data Scientist


Chief Data Strategist (Posted on Jun 19 2018)

Goldspot Discoveries Inc. ( is a technology and analytics company that is developing and refining machine-learning technology capable of significantly improving mineral exploration targeting.  The approach mitigates investment risk and increases the efficiency of exploration in data-rich environments.  Past accolades include placing 2nd in the Integra Gold Rush Challenge, and a top five finalist in the Disrupt Mining Challenge.  In addition, we are working with several multi-billion dollar companies well known in the mining sector.

We are a cross functional team with skillsets spanning geology, structural engineering, and finance.  The Machine Learning R&D Specialist will compliment the existing team by bringing their expertise and experience in data science and machine learning to our interesting data challenges.  You will:
•        Develop solutions for real-world, large scale problems
•        Work with large amounts of data, including (but not limited to) raw geoscience data, raw geophysics data, satellite imagery, and financial investment data
•        Research and test machine learning algorithms to solve various data challenges
•        Draft reports, create proposals, and give presentations on research and results
•        Collaborate with a high performing, collaborative, and diverse team
•        Bring their enthusiasm for innovation, exploration, and intellectual curiosity to the table