September 19-21, 2012 Syllabus                

Partnering With Beaver in Restoration Design

Instruction Team

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All Course materials will be available from the course website. You will be provided with a binder, and you can choose what materials to print and include in your binder. 


This 3-day workshop is intended for resource managers, restoration practitioners, researchers and others interested in the use of beaver for restoring rivers and/or streams. Participants will come away with a) an appreciation of beaver ecology and the complex feedbacks between beaver activity, hydrogeomorphic responses, riparian vegetation and fish ecology;  b) knowledge of past and ongoing restoration projects using beaver; c) a working understanding of considerations in restoration designs using beaver; d) an introduction of how to develop dynamic designs utilizing beaver; and e) how to manage public expectations regarding potential restoration responses involving beaver.   The workshop will include field trips to a number of active local beaver colonies, hands-on design exercises, and some interactive lectures and discussions.

All Times are Approximate & Subject to Change

Monday - Beaver Ecology & Hydrogeomorphic Feedbacks

Morning - Beaver Ecology & Hydrogeomorphic Feedbacks

Afternoon - Beaver Dam Field Trips

Tuesday - Restoration, Conservation & Regulations

Morning - Beaver Restoration, Conservation & Regulations

Late Morning/Afternoon - Conservation Examples Field Trip

Late Afternoon - Expectation Management

Wednesday - Designing & Monitoring Restoration Projects With Beaver

Morning - Bridge Creek Experimental Restoration

Late Morning-Afternoon - Restoration in the Field

Afternoon - Design & Monitoring Exercise