Update - November 15, 2018: Site:

The site of the OHSCC 2019 - Fri Apr 5 - Sat Apr 6:

Pantages Hotel

200 Victoria St, Toronto M5B 1V8

Accommodation for out-of-town teams will be shared by Pantages Hotel and

Bond Place Hotel, 65 Dundas St E., Toronto M5B 2G8

The Organising Committee is now working on updating the website to make online registration available once again,

and seeking sponsors to help with costs.

The detailed information form and the form for email registration will be posted and emailed asap.

Update - October 28, 2018:  Change of Date:

New date for OHSCC 2019: Fri Apr 5 - Sat Apr 6, 2019.

Further details asap.

Update - June 27, 2018:

OHSCC 2019 will be held Fri Apr 12 - Sat Apr 13, 2019.

Further details, including the site, will be announced asap.

The committee are still searching for a new webmaster or web committee.  If you can help, please contact us via email.

Update - June 8, 2018:

The complete results have been emailed to all participants.

We are not able to post the results on the website at this time.

For a copy of the 2018 results, please email us at


New Organising Committee:


Doug Breckman, OCT ; SATEC@W A Porter CI ;                                                      dougbreckman@gmail.com 


Emidio Iacobucci, OCT ; Cedarbrae CI ; emidio.iacobucci@tdsb.on.ca 

We are grateful to all who are working to ensure the future of the OHSCCC.

Their initial tasks include:

-- setting the date for 2019;

-- determining the site for 2019;

-- revising the format of the tournament for 2019;

-- finding a new web team or individual who will update / re-organise the site, post the results, and update as plans proceed for 2019.

Decisions for 2019 will be posted here as soon as possible.

Update - May 9, 2018:

Registration is closed.

Teachers and contacts of registered schools have received updated information by email.

Important: to contact us during check-in

                        (Thurs May 10       14:30 - 20:30 ;

  Fri May 11                      7:30 - 8:30)

Please text  647-262-2467.

Entries - We are not able to update the entries page;

                here it is:

(A few changes have been made - they do not show here.)

Totals: Schools 42

Cities 17

Champ 31

Int 78

Beg 56








A B Lucas SS


Bennett, Joshua

Greeson, Vincent

Nehdi, Kareem

Cha, Ben

Zhang, John (Weichen)


Barondale PS


Chen, Derek

Chen, Alina


Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes SS


Fisher, Matthew

Liao, Josh

Vyn, James


Cedarbrae CI


Bavananthan, Kapilan

Hall, Jade

Jeyakumar, Yathushan

3 paid

Central SS


Iansavitchous, James

Corscadden, Nathan

Dreuw, Boyuan


Chaminade College School


Mazza, Dante

Vu, Henry

Amoah, Albert

D’Ambrosio, Daniel

Jara, Jose

Nguyen, Andrew

Nguyen, Tim

Nguyen, Tyler

Palima, Jeric

Rodrigues, Abel

Tewodros, Simon

Howell, Zachry

Koo, Peter

Morano, Matthew

Ngo, Irwin


Clairlea PS


Lam, Eric


Crestwood Preparatory College


Stroganov, Victor

Anand, Arjun

Huang, David

Muresan, Robert

Qiang, Carl

Solomon, Jay


Collège Appleby College



Li, Michael

Zhang, Bill

Akinei, Remzi

Fallahy, Daniel

Jackson, Jacob

Khan, Abdul

Tlabar, Bora

7 paid

FACE School


Hall, Arturo


Fenelon Falls SS

Fenelon Falls

Steen, Tristan

Boustead, Shauna

Dixon, Darci

Howe, Shreeya

Sunihara, Noah


Florence Meares PS


Chakkoli, Anirud

1 paid

Glenforest SS



Datta, Rohan


Golf Road JPS


Jeyakumar, Bhavatharshan

Jeyakumar, Mathusha


Lindsay CVI


Sides, James

Stastny, Michael

Clarke, Paige

Millson, Connor

Webster, Tyler


Marc Garneau CI


Lee, Conner

Paraschiv, George

Patel, Dhrumil

3 paid

Markville SS


Li, Jewel

1 paid

Northern SS


Ma, Yue Ran

Tran, Dennis

2 paid

Parkdale CI


Zhang, Bill

1 paid

Port Credit SS




1 Kabilar, Kesavar

2 Gajelli, Aryan

3 Sun, David

1 Chandrasekaran, Surya

2 Nguyen. Thinh

3 Petrov, Nicola

4 Sil, Souvik

7 paid

Rick Hansen SS




1 Dhanoa, Jeeven

2 Huong, Danny

3 Ly, Eric

4 Shahid, Hamzah

5 Anandappa, Mariano

6 Dey, Jai   

6 paid

St Benedict CSS


Lin, Yu-Liang

Thurston, Daniel


St Charles College



 Lemieux, Gabrielle

1 Osowamick, Mandaago

2 Taylor, Tyson

3 Barreira, Brandon

4 Legault, Bailey

5 Skara, Frane

6 Nault, Austin

7 Hawes, Austen


SATEC @ W A Porter CI


Hoq, Ettihad

Ahuja, Anish

Harichandrabose, Vicknan

Hong, Roy

Zawad, Nafes

Mohamed, Abdilahi



St Mary’s CHS

Owen Sound

DeVries, Calvin

O’Rourke, Meghan

Hewitson, Tyler

Muzzell, Joshua


St Michael’s College School


Dong, Yiwei

Feoktistov, Oleksandr

2 paid

Senator O’Connor College School


Ischac, Ardash

LeBlanc, Miguel

2 paid

Silver Stream PS

Richmond Hill

Li, Adam


Sts Peter & Paul CS


Greco, Justin

1 paid

St Robert CHS


Fong, Richard


Sir Frederick Banting SS


1 Hack, Justin





Sir John A Macdonald PS


De Leon, Raf

De Leon, Rut (RJ)


Sir Wilfred Laurier PS


Ning, Eric


Seneca Hill PS


Zhao, Jeffrey


Turner Fenton SS


Narasimhan, Siddarth

Shrestha, Hardik

Xu, Justin

Qin, Haokun

Wang, Max

Duggal, Saransh

Mahto, Anish


University of Toronto Schools


Guo, Hazel

Xiao, Edward

Mah, Bryan

Mo, Aidan

Na, Caleb

Yu, Ryan

Cocklin, Aidan

7 paid

Victoria Park CI


Liang, Hairan

Zhao, Davy

Cai, Kitty

Chen, Tory

Wang, Andy (YuKing)

Wang, Yikang

Zhang, Taylor

Zeng, Daniel

8 paid

Vincent Massey SS


Gaisinsky, Adam

Lee, Stefano

Tao, Ellen

Zhang, Henry

Zhang, Mark (Zhehai)

Zhou, Lily

Zhu, Jeffrey (Xin-Yu)

Cui, Kevin

Gaur, Shivan

Krishnamohan, Vithushan

Mathews, Joshua

Zaid, Shahmeer

Zhou, You

Elahresh, Feeda

Nasri, Noor

Tu, Kelvin

16 paid

West Humber CI



1 paid

Westmount SS


Chen, Richard

Lau, Ethan

Rashid, Kaden

Sharma, Abhay

Abdullah, Muhammad

Aziz, Taha

El-Kadi, Adam

Darley, Phillip

Gupta, Aadar

9 paid

York Mills CI


Chartrand, Aiden

1 paid

Zion Heights MS


Zhao, Jonathan

Song, Charlie

Wang, Michael

Sotnikov, Alexander

Wu, Jonathan

Zheng, Alan


3. Expected totals:  Email messages from schools in    

                                     Windsor, London, Owen Sound, Lindsay,

     Peterborough, Barrie, Brampton,

     Hamilton, Markham, and Toronto                      

   lead to an expected total of at least 140 players.

   The hall capacity is 180.

    The deadline for email registration is Thurs Apr 12.

     Email your school registration to


Tournament conflicts:

OHSCC May 11-12, 2018 ; Ontario Youth CC May 12-13, 2018.

Entries are arriving, and so far many schools and players are choosing OHSCC.

Please remember: OHSCC and OYCC are both qualifiers for the

Canadian Youth CC (July 1-5, 2018, in Québec City).

All players scoring 50% or more (Championship 2½ + / 5 ; Int and Beg 3 + / 6) will qualify for CYCC.

We shall soon post entries on the Entries page.

Please get ready and send your school’s entries by email as soon as possible after March Break!

Registration for OHSCC 2018 is OPEN.  

Deadline: Thursday, April 12, 2018.

However, we are unable to open online registration yet.

A notice will be posted as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, here are the detailed registration forms: English  |  français

Part 1  – Please complete once for school details and cost summary ;

Part 2  – Please copy and paste as needed ;

               complete one form for each player / adult needing accommodation


Please send by email to: high.school.chess@gmail.com

You will receive a response within 1 day confirming receipt and answering any questions.



Cost Summary:

Entry Fee:             $60 / player ;  reduced to $50 / player for schools with 3+ players

Transportation (London / Brantford) :    $30 / passenger

Accommodation: $45 / person (bed & breakfast) incl tax

For details, please see the detailed information forms (links below).


Many thanks to our sponsors for their support.


Shenglin Financial (http://www.shenglin.com/)

Our Premier Sponsor is assisting us with all major tournament costs (rent for the tournament hall, etc). With SHENGLIN’s help, the entry fees –> Prize Fund


Regency Chess Company (http://www.regencychess.ca/)


Thanks to the assistance of SHENGLIN  and REGENCY, and based on 180 players (hall capacity), the prize fund will be $ 10 000 –  returned in medallions and gift certificates for chess books and equipment

OHSCC Planning: 11 – 12 May 2018

Information flyer:        English  |  français   

Poster and restaurant map:        English  |  français 

Qualifier tournaments*

* Note: All Ontario students (grades 1 through 12) qualify for the OHSCC.
The prizes for these tournaments include entry fee for OHSCC.


Registration* forms and online registration for OHSCC will be available shortly.

Online registration is preferred.

Teachers may use the paper form to collect information from students.        

* Deadline for registration is Thursday April 12, 2018.

Survey results:

May 11-12 is the choice of 57% of 23 responding schools.

CFC-rating (no FIDE) is the choice of 78%.

2-day format is also the choice of 78%.

While the date ratio is not as large, it is decisive.

The Ontario High School Chess Championship

                     will be held

Friday May 11 - Saturday May 12, 2018


                     Tartu College
             310 Bloor Street West,
                   Toronto, Ontario
                        M5S 1W4
The championship was held at Tartu in 2001.

In 2018, we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the OHSCC

which was first held May 10 - 11 1968 at the Central YMCA, Toronto.

Details and registration will be available soon.

Results for the 2017 Championship are posted

Planning for 2018:

Dates: Friday May 11 - Saturday May 12.

A committee of teachers and parents is considering the possibility of moving the Championship back to May: Friday May 11 - Saturday May 12.

The major question is whether students - especially Grade 12 - in IB or AP courses may attend.

Also under consideration is the possibility of expanding to three days, whether Thursday through Saturday, or Friday through Sunday.

For more information, or to join the discussion, please email: high.school.chess@gmail.com

The committee hopes to finalise plans for 2018 as soon as possible - before the end of this school year. The decision will be posted here.

Registrations are on going -- link and details just below.

Here is the poster with updated restaurant list on the back: English Français

Please register as soon as possible.

The deadline is Friday, March 10, 2017.

Late registration (Sat March 11 through Mon Apr 3 at late fee) - accommodation not guaranteed.

No registrations can be accepted after April 3, 2017.

Online registration is now open for OHSCC 2017!

Click the link here to register for the tournament.

We suggest that teachers use the registration form (English French) to collect school and player / accompanying adult information so as to have all needed data ready for entry.

Payment for entry fees, transportation if selected, accommodation if selected, and parking if selected can be made online with PayPal, or you may send your cheque to our treasurer at the address given at the bottom of the validation page once the form has been submitted.

When you complete your school's registration, your school and players are added to the Entries page (http://ohscc.on.ca/entries.php). Check back often to see which other schools and players have registered.

After you have registered, the teacher / coach / or parent who registered the school can return to review the registration or add more players or adults for the school (http://ohscc.on.ca/return.php).

We look forward to seeing you at the 50th Ontario High School Chess Championship!

GTA Qualifier Tournament for OHSCC 2017 - Saturday, December 10, 2016.

Please contact us if you'd like to run a qualifier in your region!

The 50th Ontario High School Chess Championship will be held Friday, April 7 - Saturday, April 8, 2017

Here are the details for the Tournament and planning information:

2017 Information Forms English French

2017 Registration Forms English French

2017 Travel Information English French

2017 Reception Invitation English French

2017 Poster and Restaurant list English French

Fund raising campaign continues.


September 14th, 2016

We hope to raise funds to cover all tournament expenses:

We need to purchase equipment.

We need to pay honoraria to expert arbiters.

We'd like to hold a reception to honour this year's teachers and parents, and to honour Champions from the last 49 years!

We'd like to help teachers and parents bring students from all over Ontario

Prize Fund

The entry fee is $50 / player. This is paid by the player's student council. The record attendance from 1972 is 245 players. If we reach our goal of beating this record, the entry fees will total over $12 000. We want this to go back to the players in a record prize fund!

There are expenses to be covered. Please consider donating, click on the Donate button or the image to the right for more information on our campaign.


June 12th, 2016

Results for 2016 are now posted.

Please plan to attend on April 21-22, 2017 as we celebrate the 50th Ontario High School Chess Championship.

Please check back soon for further details.

February 10th, 2016

Online registrations and payments(via paypal or cheque) available now.

Review your order or add more players for your school.


Tournament Information Forms in English or French

Please use the forms below to collect player information:

Mail in registrations in English or French

January 14th, 2016


This is just a friendly reminder that the next tournament for students will be the SATEC GRADES 1 TO 12 CHALLENGE CHESS TOURNAMENT Saturday February 27, 2016.

The form is attached. It's time to consider whether you can play. We hope that you can, and that you will register asap. The first entry has already been received, for the Beginner section.

While our Challenge is not itself a CYCC Qualifier,  the prizes are entries to the ONTARIO HIGH SCHOOL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP.

The OHSCC is itself a CYCC Qualifier.

Please note as well:

The entry fee is the same - $25.

But if 3 or more students from the same school entry, the fee is reduced to $20 each.

If we have at least 3 teams in a section, the top team will be awarded 3 OHSCC entries.

If at least 3 schools have 1 or more players in all 3 sections,

the top Combined Team will also be awarded 3 OHSCC entries.

Pizza and juice or water will be on sale for lunch at 12 noon.

SATEC Challenge Tournament 20160227

Dec 12th, 2015

Register now for the Friday, April 1st TSSCL Team Chess Championship

Information is now also available for the 2016 Ontario High School Chess Championship on the Registration page.

Accomodation information


May 2015:

The 49th Ontario High School Chess Championship will be held on

Friday April 22 - Saturday April 23 2016

Results posted for the 2015 Chess Championships. They be viewed under results.