Bloom Enterprise Service

Bloom Enterprise is a paid service offered by SIL LEAD which adds some additional features and services that are important to international organizations. By subscribing to this service, international projects can meet some of their unique needs while also supporting the development and user support of Bloom, which helps everybody.

Currently, this service includes custom branding, analytics, comprehension questions (Bloom Reader), and Bloom Reader bookshelves, and bookshelves.

Custom Branding

With a Custom Branding pack, Bloom automatically displays your logo in one or more locations in printed & electronic books. You can also preset the Copyright and License of each book. Here are some examples showing the different places projects have chosen to place their logos:

Title Page

Credits Page

Back Cover

Comprehension Questions on Bloom Reader

Comprehension Questions enhance the reading experience while also providing data to your M&E program. Any copy of Bloom can create these questions, and any copy of the Bloom Reader app can display them. But only books that have been created from a Bloom Enterprise project will have this feature enabled.


Bookshelves on

Bookshelves on BloomLibrary make it easy for people to find all the books you have contributed. They also can feature a logo, a short blurb about the project or organization, and a link for more information.

Bookshelves on Bloom Reader

Bookshelves allow you to group books in a way that helps users identify the books created by your project.

When users share all their books with each other, bookshelves go along for the ride.

Monitoring & Evaluation Dashboard

As part of your Monitoring & Evaluation program, Bloom Enterprise supplies a custom-built dashboard. Using this, you can gather various measure of electronic book use. Where a country’s internet addresses indicate location, this will contain a map showing where books are read. Here is an example we did for a project in Papua New Guinea:

How to Subscribe

To discuss how the Enterprise service can help with your project, please contact SIL LEAD.