Sunday Morning

Sunday School (Bible Studies for Life)

 9:00 a.m.

Our Babies and Ones classes are determined by and promotion based upon developmental milestones such as crawling, walking, etc. The teachers make promotion recommendations as each child develops. Our Twos through Kindergarten classes are promoted in August and are placed by birth dates using the Bossier Parish School System recommendations.

Preschoolers learn Bible truths through the eight concept areas of God, Jesus, Bible, natural world, self, others, family and church.

Much of what a preschooler does is called “play” by adults, but play is the child’s work, and to us it is serious business.

 Our purpose is to help each preschooler to:

Each Sunday morning our teachers get many hugs from loving preschoolers. These teachers know that:

KinderChurch -10:00 A.M.

During worship at Bellaire Main Campus on Sunday Mornings your preschooler will have a snack, and watch a video lesson which include songs and a bible story that goes along with a craft and game the children participate in.

Wednesday Evening

6:30 P.M. -  7:45 P.M.

TEAM KID is a rewarding program that will walk your child through the Bible cover to cover. TEAM KID is more than just another church program – your child will have tons of fun during game time where they will learn how to be an encourager and how to work as a team. They also will be challenge with one main bible truth throughout the entire evening. TEAM KID offers something special for every child.

Puggles * Babbies—2’s
Team Kid Preschool* 3 & 4yr old