Susan Moore

5th Grade Newsletter 


ELA/READING- Continuing Benchmark week two. Our main focuses are asking questions, main idea and supporting details.


Multiplication Facts Test every Friday.  Students should be studying a little every night.  Fluency in multiplication plays a huge part in the success of other math skills, such as multi-digit multiplication, division, and fractions.

For the first 9 weeks of school, students are completing “Daily Math Practice” for morning work.  There are 5 small problems each morning.  If students do not finish that morning, they should complete that day’s problems for homework.  It is due on Friday’s, and all five days should be completed at that time.    

SCIENCE-  We are starting our Ecosystem unit next week. We will be defending the position that plants obtain materials needed for growth primarily from air and water.    


Important Dates to Remember

**Conduct folders go home Friday and need to be signed and returned every  Monday!

Sept. 23- Homecoming t-shirt forms due

Sept. 26- BCEF Radiothon

Sept. 24- Coffee with McMinn

Oct. 4- SMHS Homecoming


9/1- Juan Gonzalez

9/4- Rosita Nunez

9/18- Safari Sissom

9/25- Yulissa Chacon

9/29- Riley Poole

Teacher contacts: 205-466-5844




  *** Reminders:  Newsletters will be sent out each Friday with conduct folders. Keep them at home and send back conduct folder signed on Monday.  

 We are here for you!  If you need anything, please email us and let us know. This is going to be a great year and we are so excited to have your child in our class!