1. A brain break is an activity that helps the brain in cooling off after work and is just some time for your class to have some fun in between blocks . After this speech I want most of you to say to your teacher “May our class have a brain break please”. I think a brain break helps the children in having a more can do attitude in learning but if you don’t feel like it helps that’s okay but by the end of the speech I hope you change your mind.
  1.  I think children need a break because their brains need a little time out and take a breather the brains of the children need a breather because of the work not saying that the work is bad it just takes the energy out of you. I think that they deserve the break because the work is so tiring . There are a lot of types of break like game breaks,free time and short teacher hosted games because the work is taking all the energy out of the students
  1. I think the work is semi tiresome because it is a lot of work but not so much that your brain switches off from all the work.  If you're a teacher there are a lot things that are good about having a brain break in your class like it helps boost blood flow,helps send oxygen to the brain and Helps kids retain information and the amount of physical exercise they get by doing a brain break is big.

  1.  I think a brain break is a reward because it is just time to do some activities with your class or whatever you think would  be  a good  brain break.  They should be getting a brain break because they have been working and deserve a couple minutes outside.  

  1. I think The children would feel tired without a brain break because they have been working non stop and if you want your children in your class  to like school this will help . A brain break clears your mind from the stress you had before and and helps you stay focused
  1. I think they should have their brain breaks in the middle of the day because the previous work stress is flushed away by the activities you do in your brain break and then you go inside your classroom and continue your work.

  1. And that is why I think we should have a brain break.  And I hope the teachers in your class will let your class have a brain break or at least some time to cool off after you have done your work. So if you’re a teacher you should definitely have a brain break in your classroom.