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  1. Welcome to all in attendance: Ed welcome everyone. Meeting called to order at 6:45pm by Ed at 1925 Eye St Bakersfield CA 93301. In attendance: Jeff Hurley, Mayde Hurley, Ed Gaede, Tim Rathbone, Dan Schaffer, Kathleen Schaffer, Walter Grainger, Jason Geis, David Williams, Paul Burzych, Jackie Sullivan

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: led by Ed Gaede

  1. Moment of Silence: Led by Ed Gaede

  1. Introductions: All members introduced themselves: Name, occupation. Jason presented Walter Grainger and Paul Burzych with WWII challenge coin

  1. Update from Mayde, Jeff & David on possible drawings for the memorial:


  1. Update from Ed on contacting the City Mgr., Christian Clegg and Assistant Director of Bakersfield Parks & Recreation Dept. for approving Jastro Park as a potential site location.

  1. Clarification on Marc Sandall agreeing to no plane to be part of the memorial and Jastro park being a viable memorial location: Ed updated everyone that Marc and him discussed plane not be part of WWII memorial

  1. Presentation of a Proposed Planning and Construction Schedule by Paul Burzych. Elaboration on memorial committee focus before Preconstruction :

  1. Website needed / Need a bank to deposit donations / Treasurer for memorial :

  1. New or developing sponsors :  Paul assigned to all committee members to bring at next meeting a fundraising goal and/or potential sponsors.

  1. Questions / Suggestions / Critiques:

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