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Copier lease
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Copier lease

Copier Rental Costs & Lease Prices

The price of renting a photocopier largely depends on the volume of copies required rather than the length of time the copier is needed. By calculating how many copies you need to make each month, you can determine the volume of photocopier required and the approximate rental cost of this.

The copier you select will certainly depend on the requirements of your organization, as stated earlier you can select from reduced, medium or high quantity designs depending upon how many duplicates you require to make. The rate of the individual photocopier will certainly rely on its capability and also capacities-- the higher quantity designs often tend to be able to take care of over 40,000 duplicates each month as well as typically included innovative or optional attributes such as automatic stapling, piling as well as binding.


 Color Abilities

Copies per month

Cost per month

Low Volume

Black & white

700 – 5000

$10 – $30



700 – 5000

$30 – $40

Medium Volume

Black & White

10,000 – 40,000

$40 – $70



10,000 – 40,000

$70 – $100

High Volume

Black & White

40,000 +

$100 – $250



40,000 +

$250 – $350

The table above is a rough pricing guide, for accurate prices and the latest deals you can request a quote from us today.

Below are the typical rental prices you can expect to see with each volume of the photocopier.

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Leasing Low Volume Copiers

Before you decide to lease a low volume photocopier do some calculations to work out if it will be cost-effective for you. Generally, low volume photocopiers do not cost a lot of money so it may be worth just buying one rather than leasing.

Think about how long you need the copier for and the volume of pages you copy each day in order to work out if leasing is really the most viable option for your business. A low volume copier can print about 20 prints per minute.

Leasing Medium Volume Photocopiers

Tool volume copiers have a tendency to refine concerning 40 prints per min, they are ideal for workplaces with moderate xeroxing demands. It can be difficult to make a decision whether a tool quantity or high volume device is best for your organization, a high quantity copier can copy 50-- 150 pages per min so if your business is expanding and your file flow is increasing you might want to go with a high quantity photocopier.

Consider if you need a copier over a long period of time or if it is just for short term document management as you do not want to be paying for a copier for years when you won’t be using it to its full potential for most of that time.

Copier Sales Lease Rentals

Leasing Business Copiers

A business copier is designed to handle consistently high demands in a busy office, they are usually fast producing between 30 and 90 prints per minutes, the average month would see several hundred thousand copies being produced by a high volume photocopier. Take a look at your average document output volume and decide if a high volume photocopier is suited to your needs.

Also consider if the large volumes are a short term situation or if you expect to be copying large amounts consistently, generally, longer leases are offered at the best rates and you should take into account your needs before jumping to the cheapest option.

Who Owns The Photocopier At The End Of The Lease Term

The general agreement within leasing contracts is that the leasing company will own the copier at the end of the leasing period.

This is more often the case but you can come to an agreement where you own the machine at the end if that is what you would like to do, sometimes the photocopier company will offer you a deal to buy the photocopier at the end of the lease anyway.

Advantages Of Leasing A Copier

When you lease a copier you spread out the cost over a specified contract term. The biggest advantage of leasing is that you do not have to pay a large upfront fee for the copier, it is smaller payments spread out over time making it more manageable.

When leasing a photocopier your contract generally include maintenance costs and toner refills, this helps to keep the cost of leasing cheaper than buying as when you own the machine you are responsible for all extra costs. It is also easy to choose a new lease or copier upgrade at the end of the contract without having to worry about selling or getting rid of the old copier.


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