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Grading Suggestions
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Grading Suggestions

How do instructors grade Conversifi sessions?

Three common approaches:

  1. Participation -- Credit is given for completing the required sessions on the required dates
  2. Video -- The instructor uses recordings of student calls for oral assessment
  3. Analysis -- Many instructors ask students to journal after each session or submit a reflection paper at the end of their semester to process their Conversifi experience

Most of our instructors use at least two of these approaches, if not all three.

How is Conversifi weighted relative to other student activities?

Every school is different, but 20 - 25% of the total course grade is typical. 

What tools are available on Conversifi to help with assessment?

The Instructor Dashboard offers you custom data about your students’ sessions -- including call dates, duration, topics and feedback from their partners. (We don’t recommend using the student feedback as a grade though -- keep in mind it’s just a peer assessment from another student.)

To access, just login to Conversifi with your professional email address. The system should recognize you as an instructor and send you to the right page automatically. If it takes you to a student page, look for the Instructors link in the menu to get to your Dashboard.

Our video recordings are also a good tool for evaluation. By default, these are the property of the learner, but it’s easy for them to share the video with you by pasting a link into your LMS.

Some instructors have students choose and hand in their best video at the end of the semester. Others require the first and last video of the term to gauge improvement.