Your Excellency the Secretary General, Mr/Madam President, Honorable Delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening

It is a great honor for the delegation of Romania to attend this conference, and participate in discussions about global challenges the world is facing today.

At the outset, the delegation of Romania would like to salute all efforts made by the United Nations to address issues that transcend national boundaries and cannot be solved by any country acting alone.

Romania has been part of the United Nations since the 14th of December, 1955, and because of its presence at various UN bodies it is entitled to be a part of the decision making process within the world organization that influences the international situation at global level. Likewise, Romania’s involvement in UN peacekeeping operations highlighted the efficiency of the Romanian army and Romania’s political availability to attend multinational military activities aimed at preserving international stability.

Our country embraces cooperation with all nations in order to protect human rights, and promote economic and social progress especially to countries emerging from conflicts. . While we are very concerned about conflict resolution and peacekeeping, we firmly believe that the international community should be engaged in a wide array of activities to improve people’s lives focusing on vulnerable groups, children, women, and elderly people.

We are responsible for the safety of the future generations, thus, a very serious issue we should consider is Nuclear disarmament. Nuclear warfare can comprise one of the greatest threats mankind is facing nowadays. It is, therefore, our obligation to avoid planetary catastrophe and huge loss of life.

The delegation of Romania has faith that this conference will be fruitful and very productive and calls upon all other nations to join hands in the coming days and provide practical solutions to be implemented in the future.

Thank you

The delegation of Romania yields the floor to the President