Call for 2 Romanian participants

ESC: [CY-406] Green Actions for a Sustainable Future, 01.11.2020-31.10.2021, Agros, Cyprus


Key info

Arrival day:


Departure day:


Project type:

European Solidarity Corps


Agros, Cyprus

Sending organisation:

Asociatia GEYC, Romania,

Hosting organisation:

Agros Enviromental Group


Youthpass, recognized at European level

Application deadline:

First come, first served, based on the relevance of the application


About the project:

“Green Actions for a Sustainable Future” is an ESC project of Filodasikos Syndesmos Agrou that will be organised in Agros between November 2020 - October 2021. The project will take part 2 volunteers from Romania and 2 from Spain.

Moving to another country means learning and adjusting the new knowledge to develop as a person and help the social and daily life development in your community. Through non formal activities our project will redefine the habits and the needs of youth in Agros underline the need to respect our environment and our health. This ESC project means to adopt a Green lifestyle in the most trendy way that is beneficial for youth as well as the environment they live in.

The volunteers will be the example for the whole community as they will create events and implement various activities about climate change and nature protection.Moreover the two youngsters from Italy will work on projects which aim to create a better life for youngsters, especially for those with fewer chances and those who are having luck of nature and exercise in their daily life. This systematic work along with all the other activities of Filodasikos Syndesmos Agrou re able to create a System of unofficial rules that will be

adopted by our citizens and change our community to a better way.

EVS volunteers will be hosted in Agros Environmental Group in Cyprus, an organisation active in local, national and international projects that are based on youth involvement through non-formal educational environmental activities. They will take active part in the nature conservation and sustainability projects. They will establish close relations and cooperation with institutions and civil society organizations who work in the field of nature protection. The context is extremely rural, as the organisation is based in the countryside between the two biggest cities in Cyprus, Limassol and Nicosia.

This activity meets the objectives of the project (especially the discovery of rural areas and environmental protection) through non formal education activities, learning by doing, peer-to-peer exchange, the organisation of international projects and the everyday life in a rural area.

The program will offer to the local youth a non formal series of methods for good life, inspired by human history. Methods and activities were adapted to modern life, to promote healthy lifestyles, environmental awareness, direct human contact, sport and finally, the good life itself.

Today, more and more often unfortunately we meet young people with serious health disorders based on poor eating habits, such as fast food, and eating food that carry chemicals and have no nutritional value. In combination with a sedentary life-without exercise that today begins even from childhood (the game has been replaced with a video game), the results are alarming! Also the usage of computers is increasing not only in job places but also in youth spare time, developed a addicted relationship.

All above creates a youth profile nowadays. Poor diet, no exercise and facebook / playstation. All these have been linked with multiple health problems, including tumors, cancer, emotional disorders and behavioral problems.

At the same time, the environmental problems of cities (smog, worsening climatic conditions)

and the looming depletion of energy reserves of fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil, fissile materials) in

conjunction with the ever increasing demand for energy, and the gradual deterioration environmental problems, has led modern society to turn both technical efficiency and the rational use of energy.

Volunteers working with young people will learn and develop ways to face these challenges that both are beneficial for themselves and the environment! Since ancient times, many cultures have developed a healthy life system that youth can follow in order to have a good life.

Target group:

 Participants should be responsible youngsters, aged between 18 – 30 years. They should have an interest in the topic and be willing to learn and be motivated to share experiences with others. They should also be able to work in English since the working language of this Project will be English. We know that the ESC experience is for the ‘lucky ones’ and our group does his best to make it productive and memorable one, so we’re looking for Motivated Volunteers, who will be working for the organisation productively. The level of English should be very good and the volunteers will have a chance to learn Greek as well.


Selection criteria:


The Tasks of the volunteer will be:

• Work in Elderly House and Kindergarten

• involvement in administrative and secretarial works of the organisation

• Making promotional materials for the organisation

• involvement in all event organisational and realization activities

• Participation in Youth activities and youth exchanges

• The volunteers should organise their own Events

• Participation in meetings of the Youth Club council

• Participation in European projects hosted in Agros and abroad

• Participation in European projects hosted

• The volunteers should organized nature campaigns and recycling activities

• Collection of material and information on the following subjects:

i. Environment of Agros: Organise walks in nature trails, create a record for local flora and

fauna, organise photo contest about Agros landscape

ii. History of Agros: List all important historical places of the village, create thematic trails

inside the village

iii. Culture of Agros: meet the cultural inheritance of the village, live and record traditional

local customs and habits

iv. Meet Cyprus: Take part in field trips organized by the Youth Club, organise visits in different places in Cyprus during free time

• Creation of a digital “travel guide” for Agros Village. Ideally, this should be in different

languages (e.g. English, Romanian Spanish, Greek)

• Print version of the travel guide (short version)

• Creation of a webpage about the ESC project and Agros environmental group.

• The volunteers should organise presentation of their country and their association.

•Common events and meetings with volunteers from other organizations in Cyprus, meetings with Erasmus students, meetings with members of the Youth Club that are outside

of Agros.

• Greek lessons.

• Find partners and involved in EU programs like LIFE and NATURE

• Free time: Swimming and use of Sports Centre.

• Lessons of First Aid, Handicraft, traditional Cyprus cuisine etc

Project timeline:



Participants will be lodged in a flat, centrally located in Agros, a beautiful village in the heart of Cyprus. The house offers 2 double rooms, bathrooms and balconies offering views to Troodos Mountain. Towels, blankets and bed linens are provided. Also the house will have wifi, TV, cuisine and saloon. The flat is equipped with all the facilities.

Financial details:

The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:

Please note that GEYC is not charging a participation fee for this project.

 What to bring, what to prepare:



Other important information:

 For more information, contact us at, subject: “[CY-406] - Questions”.


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