Second Life Office Hours

Step 1: Option 1 - Go to to join for free.

   Option 2 - Use the location link in the PATINS Training Calendar description to join for free.

Step 2: Option 1 - If you use, click the “Join Free” button. (The background on this page is a rotating slideshow, so the image may be different than the one pictured below but the “Join Free” button should remain the same.)

screenshot of Second Life account creation page

 Option 2 - If you use the location link from the PATINS Training Calendar, click “Join Now, It’s

 Free” button.

Step 3: Choose an Avatar. You can view different types of Avatars by choosing “New Avatars,” “Classic,” or “Vampires” near the top of the screen. Pictured below are the Classic Avatars that are available to choose.

Step 4: Select your Avatar by using the arrows under the Avatars and the clicking “Choose this Avatar” when you’ve picked your Avatar.

Step 5: You will need to create a username and check its availability. This will also be the name of your Avatar, so you may want to make it something other than your real first and/or last name for identity safety purposes. You can change the name of your Avatar later (while keeping your username) if you wish.

Step 6: Once you’ve found an available username, you can click “Next Step.”

Step 7: Fill in your information to create your account. You may want to de-select the checkbox for receiving emails. You will also need to select that you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then click “Create Account.”

Step 8: Select the Free account.

Step 9: Download & Install Second Life. Make sure to follow any prompts from your computer to finish the download.

Step 10: Open the Second Life Viewer and login with your new credentials at the top of the screen.

Step 11: After logging in, you may be prompted to agree to the Terms of Use & Service again. Please check this box and then the “Continue” button will become clickable. Click “Continue.”


Step 12: You now have entered Second Life. Here are a couple of options:

Option 1 - If you are not already on the PATINS Island, and would like to go straight there, you can paste the following link into the URL box indicated with the arrow below.

Option 2 - You can explore an island for new users by pasting the following link into the same URL box to get acquainted with Second Life before coming to the PATINS Island.


After arriving at the PATINS Second Life Island, you may walk around by using the arrows on your

keypad. In the screenshot above, the staff offices are located to the left. All offices are located on the

main level with the exception of the ICAM and Jena Fahlbush’s offices. These offices are located

upstairs and can be found by walking up the stairs in the center of the room as seen below.