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Helplines and Resources
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Covid Related Content

Govt resources:

Community Initiatives To Support

  1. SG united (only for duration of COVID 19):
  1. Main website:
  2. Telegram channel (For real-time updates): 

  1. SG Damn United Hor

  1. #HowCanIHelpSG? Excel: Categorise activities by the type of causes

  1. Specifically for former health professionals OR those practicing healthcare outside the public sector who want to help

  1. Specifically for migrant workers


COVID-19 Financial Assistance Schemes

Information for the 3 Gov Budget for 2020 (Unity, Resilience and Solidarity)

General Summary

  1. (more detailed and comprehensive than link 2)

Summary for general household (by Gov)

  1. [accurate as of 6th April] (categorize by month)
  2. (categorize by initiative, but this is more comprehensive)

Summary for Self-employed, Employers and Businesses (by Gov)

  1. (more comprehensive than link 2) [accurate as of 7th April]

Tax Guidance for businesses or individuals (by IRAS)


For the Arts industry--both organization and self-employed (by NAC)

  1. Infographic summary:
  2. Details of the Arts and Culture Resilience Package (ACRP) - Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) invested $55 million in it: 

For low-middle income (by MSF)

  1. Summary of initiatives:(must NOT receive Comcare assistance)
  2. Comcare (Long-Term Assistance): permanently unable to work and need help to support oneself:
  3. Comcare (Short-Medium Term Assistance): unable to find a job or work for a period of time and as a result, one’s household needs financial help for a temporary period:
  4. Comcare (Interim Assistance):  family going through a difficult period and require urgent and immediate assistance:
  5. Laptops for students in low-income families:

COVID-19 Continuity of Healthcare Services, Social Services, Community Care Services 


Seek help if required. You are not alone.

If you sense immediate danger, call the police at 999.

National CARE Hotline: 62026868

Mental Well-being

Care Corner Counselling Centre (for Mandarin speakers): 1800-353-5800

Fei Yue’s Online Counselling Service -
Hear4U by Care Singapore – 69782728 (Whatsapp)

Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline - 63892222

Samaritans of Singapore - 18002214444

Silver Ribbon Singapore - 63853714

TOUCHline (Counselling) - 18003772252


Child Abuse

MSF Child Protective Service – 18007770000

Big Love Child Protection Specialist Center – 64450400

Art @ Fei Yue Child Protection Specialist Center – 68199170


Family/Interpersonal Violence, Child Abuse

Pave Integrated Services for Individual and Family Protection – 65550390

 Trans Safe Center – 64499088

Project Start – 64761482

Marital and Parenting Issues

Community Psychology Hub’s Online Counselling Platform -

Alcohol/Drug/Gambling Addiction

Wecare -- 6547 5459


The Seniors Helpline (by Sage Counselling Centre): 1800-555-5555

Counselling for Older Persons (by O'Joy Care Services): 6749-0190

Hua Mei Counselling and Coaching (by Tsao Foundation): 6593-9549


For the General Public

  1. (suggested activities for the public to stay engaged and active at home)
  2. (Digital peace kit for those who are stressed out and wish to find peace)

Mental Health Content

For Alcohol/Drug Abusers

  1. (by HPB: Summary of the relevant organisations involved)
  2. (by WE CARE community services)

For Elderlies

  1. (by ZaoBao--exercise, cooking and singing activities to keep elderlies active at home)
  2. (by SilverActivities--mini online/offline activities for elderlies)