Staff Privacy Notice

This policy is applicable to all prospective and current staff, Governors volunteers, work experience candidates, subcontractors, agency / casual staff and other suppliers and consultants.

Cheadle Hulme School needs to process personal information relating to staff, volunteers, Governors, Student Teachers, work experience candidates, subcontractors, agency / casual staff and other suppliers and consultants (referred to as “staff” for the purposes of this notice).  This processing is required for employment contract purposes, to assist in the running of the School and to enable staff to be paid.

The personal data includes names, date of birth, contact details, marital status and dependants; and will often include educational/training records, employment history, eligibility to work in the UK, qualifications, professional training information and professional memberships, national insurance numbers, and remuneration and pension details. We will also ask for specific contact information which we will use in an emergency.  To support us with car park security and Travel Planning, we may also ask for car registration information.


All data held by the School is processed within the Data Protection Principles (of the Data Protection Act 1998 and as regulations change) and is treated with the utmost respect for individual rights. We will always be transparent about what information we hold and how this information will be used - with our policy and fair processing notices kept up-to-date on; previous versions can be obtained by contacting

Whilst the majority of staff personal information provided to us is necessary for selection and employment purposes (under law as a member of staff or volunteer in a School and/or under a contract), some of it is provided to us on a voluntary basis for legitimate reasons to help us achieve our mission.  We will let staff know whether they are required to provide certain information to us or if there is a choice in this.

The School takes the security of personal information seriously and takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that all personal information is kept secure, accurate and up to date.

More detail about the use of personal information in the School is included in the sections below.

How do we collect information about staff?

Personal information about staff is usually obtained at recruitment stage (such as an application form, CV, sight of proof of ID at interview) and then from pre-appointment documentation (such as taking copies of the right to work documentation, medical clearance, references and sickness records); or through supplier tendering / setting up contracts.  

It is necessary for us to collect bank details from staff to enable us to pay individuals.  To enable us to process these payments it will be necessary for the School to maintain and share this information with Bacs and the bank.


During the course of their time in School we will collect, update and maintain personal information about staff through the ordinary course of interactions and communications in the School, more information about how we will we use this information can be found below.  There may be occasions when we need to share sensitive personal information internally with line managers, HR, and other members of the Senior Leadership Team - for example, information about health and fitness to work.  The sharing of this information is essential for the School to take all reasonable steps to ensure staff safety and wellbeing.


It is each individual’s responsibility to ensure that the HR Department and/or the Finance Office are informed of any changes to personal information during the year.  We will issue annual data check sheets.

DBS Checks

To protect pupils from potential harm we are also required to obtain information about past criminal convictions through the Disclose and Barring Service (DBS); as a condition of employment for all positions which amount to regulated activity.  The DBS complies fully with a code of practice regarding the handling, use, storage, retention and disposal of certificates and certificate information.

Driving Checks

In order to ensure that the School’s insurance policy remains valid, and to comply with DVLA requirements, those who volunteer to drive on School business have a legal duty to disclose details of any motoring convictions, and details of any medical condition that might affect their ability to drive safely.  All those who volunteer to drive a School minibus are required to complete a Driver Registration Form and a copy of their driving licence.  The Finance team will carry out annual checks using an access code from the DVLA and these will be logged for the year and then either updated or deleted.  Information obtained as a result of disclosure in relation to the School’s Motor Insurance will not, however, be used for any purpose other than directly in relation to driving School vehicles.



We operate CCTV on School premises for the safety of our pupils, staff and visitors. This footage is stored for a maximum period of one calendar month before being securely destroyed and will only be stored for a longer period where we have encountered an incident which necessitates the retention of that footage for administrative or legal purposes.  



We also collect photographs of staff for the purposes of identification and security (such as the Staff Image Directory and ID badge). We may occasionally commission photographs around campus, at specific events or make site films using drones which could include images of staff; prior to the event we will always inform staff when/where these photographs will be taken, and what they will be used for so they can consider whether they are happy to be photographed.

Subject to any reasonable objections raised, photographs may also be taken and used on internal displays or in internal communications, as well as on the School's website/social media and other digital or print materials.  We may also make videos or film recordings to support educational/assessment aims (for example recording class experiments, speeches and rehearsals) as well as school to school conferences and other co-curricular activities.

How will we use staff information?

All personal employment information provided is stored on the School’s Single Central Register of Appointments, paper files held in the HR Department as well as the main administration systems, and will be used for purposes directly related to the running of the School.

Personal information may be used for the following:

to assist in the running of the School (e.g. names are published in Staff Handbooks);

for recruitment, HR, payroll and School administration purposes;

to ensure compliance with our School Rules, Codes of Conduct, Handbooks and procedures and to take any necessary disciplinary actions;

for sharing between colleagues who legitimately need the information to carry out their duties for School (e.g. the Medical Team to provide emergency care);

the registration with IT and other computing services and systems.  We may monitor staff computing via audit logs to ensure adherence to the Acceptable Use Policy or for statistical purposes;

the notification of School events;

to further the School’s charitable aims, including fundraising activities by phone, email or postal mail (except where individuals have expressed a preference not to be included);

the promotion of careers information for current pupils and/or alumni;

to issue requests to complete relevant staff engagement or educational surveys or questionnaires;

or historical research and audit purposes.

For the legitimate interests of running a School we may share some of personal data with third parties, external consultants and agencies or statutory/governing bodies (such as the Independent Schools Inspectorate, our local authority, the Department for Education, Charities Commission, Pension Trust, HMRC).  Depending on the scale and complexity of the data sharing, a Data Sharing/Processing Agreement may be put in place - more information about this process can be found in our Data Sharing Statement.  When individual payment arrangements are made through payroll (such as childcare vouchers or student loan repayments), we will also have to share some of personal data with these third parties.  Personal information will not be transferred to any countries outside of the European Economic Area without adequate security (e.g. Privacy Shield).

On occasion, we may need to share information with the police or our legal advisers; and we have to share some information with our insurance company, for example, where there is a serious incident at the School.

Information sharing is vital to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils and staff.  The School may have to share certain information without consent if there is a clear and legitimate reason to do so to safeguard the vital interests of an individual.


During their time in the School, we will routinely communicate with staff in person, by phone (work and/or home), email and postal mail to home addresses, except where they have expressed a preference not to be contacted in a specific way (for example, staff can make use of a “CHS-Community” email distribution list to ask favours, sell unwanted items, promote charity events but can be removed from this list at any time).  If anyone does not want to be contacted in any a particular way they are advised to contact

We will not use personal information to make automated decisions.


How long will we keep staff information?

We are required to keep personal information (name, dates of employment, role etc.) on a Single Central Register of Appointments for 85 years after staff have left, but all other records (including salary records) will be kept for a minimum of 6 years after staff have left.  There are some exceptions to this which can been found in the Records Retention Procedure & Schedule.


Whilst we will hold staff personal information on our database for as long as is necessary, depending on their relationship with the School, CHS staff are “Waconians” by definition and when they leave we may also seek to maintain contact with them to engage with a Staff Alumni – for the benefit of maintaining a sense of community.  We may also invite staff back to School events.  Staff have the right to object to their personal information from being used in this way, and in such cases, personal information will be securely erased from Cheadle Hulme School databases.

If an application for a vacancy is unsuccessful, all documentation relating to the application will be confidentially destroyed after six months.


What are individual rights when it comes to personal information?

We respect individual rights to access, rectify, erase, restrict, object and move personal information.

If anyone is concerned about the use of their information, they are welcome to contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Anyone can ask to see a copy of the information that we hold about them, and to help us recognise a formal request and manage our response, we ask that requests are submitted through an online form.

Individuals also have the right to object to processing of personal data that is likely to cause, or is causing, damage or distress.  The School would welcome any opportunity to maximising the quality of the personal information held, and would like to encourage individuals to raise any issue or complaint they have directly with the School.  If anyone feels the need to make a complaint about the use of their personal information by Cheadle Hulme School, they must contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of processing your information please email