18:30 - 19:00

  • Meet & Greet with Refreshments

19:00 - 19:10

  • Welcome and Introductions
    Taylor Rhyne, Eng. Product Manager, Apple
    Pablo N. Mendes, Researcher, Apple & Dev. Community Co-Chair, DBpedia

19:10 - 21:00

Invited talks (1h 50min)

  • DBpedia Developer Community Update
    Tommaso Soru, DBpedia GSoC Mentor and PhD student at University of Leipzig
  • How we are creating the DBpedia NLP Department
    Filipe Mesquita, Machine Learning Engineer, Diffbot
  • It's all Greek to me: Omnilingual ontology development
    Dan Gruhl, Principal Research Scientist, IBM Research
  • Wikidata and structured data initiatives at Wikimedia: Current trends and priorities
    Dario Taraborelli, Director, Head of Research, Wikimedia Foundation
  • The state of the Wikidata Query Service (WDQS)
    Stas Malyshev, Senior Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Mobile Semantic Search
    Ricardo Baeza-Yates, CTO, NTENT
  • DBpedia from the Fringe
    Peter F. Patel-Schneider,‎ Senior Principal Research Scientist, ‎Nuance Communications
    David Martin, Senior Research Scientist, Nuance Communications
  • DBpedia Association
    Sebastian Hellmann, Executive Director, DBpedia Association
    Magnus Knuth, Dev Committee Co-Chair, DBpedia Association
  • What Can AlphaGo Teach Us About Data Cleaning?
    Sanjay Krishnan, PhD Student, U.C. Berkeley
  • Knowledge Graphs from Small Data
    Bill Andersen, Director of Knowledge Engineering, Volley.com
  • Stardog Knowledge Graph Platform: Going Beyond the Database
    Michael Grove, VP of Engineering, Co-founder, Stardog Union

21:00 - 22:00

  • Closing Comments
    Pablo N. Mendes
  • Networking and Refreshments