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Course Description

        ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! Welcome to the Spanish class! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you and looking forward to a successful and productive school year.

The goal of this course is to improve students’ communication skills by reading, speaking, listening and writing from authentic products of the target culture as well as gain knowledge and understanding of culture to make cultural comparison between the culture and their communities.  

Course Expectations and Assessments

               You are expected to communicate in Spanish during this course.  The class will be conducted in Spanish, not in English.

Spanish is a cumulative class.  We will use and reuse the material that is presented in class in addition of your prior knowledge.  In order to be successful, students need to master the concepts as presented to not fall behind.  You will expand your Spanish vocabulary, it is recommended that students take time every day to study and review what they learned in class.  

Students will be assessed on this 3 modes of communications:

The course focuses on the three modes of communication:


             Daily Spanish use in class, homework, quizzes, projects, essays, homework, oral, listening and comprehension assessment and unit test.  Quizzes may or may not be announced beforehand, however, test will be announced at least two days in advance.  If the student is absent the day before the test, he/she will still be expected to take the test on the announced day.  Tests will be kept in a file folder that will remain in our school. Parents may view their student’s folder by appointment.

*Remember: you will be assessed on the four modes of communication: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Course Policies 

        It is expected that students speak Spanish during class.  Survivor expressions will be providing at the beginning of the school year.  Daily attendance, homework, assessment and participation will be necessary for success. There will be times when Internet activities, projects and research are assigned.  If you don’t have Internet at home, you may use the computers in the school library.  Remember to use a flash drive to save your information.  Students are expected to bring the necessary materials to class.  Homework and projects are due at the assigned time.  Students who are not being able to behave appropriately and follow the classroom rules will receive a warning.  If the behavior persists, a call home will be made, for any other behavior consequences refer to the student handbook.  

Students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity at all times. Cheating includes but is not limited to copying another student’s work, using outside resources during a test or using an electronic or personal translator (Google) on assignments and will result on a “0” grade.

The role of the homework in the foreign language instruction is an additional practice to the material you have learned in class.  Some students needs more practice than others to remember or learn new concepts, new words or skills like conjugation of verbs.  Homework will only show in Power Grade as completed or not completed.

Is an instructional strategy where students work at home by watching a video, reading an article, taking notes or answering guide questions to help them comprehend the content and be ready to apply the knowledge in class.  It is very important that they do these activities in order to be able to do the activities the following day and be able to do the classwork that I will grade.   If the student don’t do the work at home he/she will not be able to do the application in class and will result in unsatisfactory grade for classwork or quiz grade for application.

EXTRA credit:

Extra credit for the sole purpose to increase a student’s grade is not permitted.  Extra credit inflates grades devoid of the learning process.  As a result extra credit does not promote learning and cannot be a component of Gateway’s teaching practice.

Re-Taking a Primary Assessment

Gateway Regional School District permits students to retake a primary assessments.  

Parameters for Retakes

1. Students are permitted to retake/revise primary assessments before the next upcoming primary assessment is given. I will tell the student a day to come, student needs to make their own arrangement to come to the day assigned to retake the test.

2. If a student seeks to improve his or her learning, the student must retake the assessment.  Providing extra credit is not an option.

3. When a student retakes an assessment, the highest grade earned replaces the lowest grade.

4. Teachers will not offer retakes during the instructional day.   Based on the teacher’s discretion, it can be before school, during lunch, or after school.

5. In order to be eligible for a retake, the student must complete one or all of the following (depending on the course)

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make-up any work that you have missed.  If you know that you will be missing a day of school, you should ask me ahead of time for the work we will be doing.  In the event of an unexpected absence, you can get any work you missed from the folder “while you were out” – “mientras estabas afuera” labeled by Spanish level. For each day that you are absent you have one day to make-up missed classwork or homework.  For test and quizzes you will have two days to make-up.   In the event of an extended absence, special arrangements will be made.

Projects, essays or any class work assigned has a due date.  For each day that a work is late, your grade will drop one letter grade.  Late projects will not be accepted after 5 days.  

*In the scenario that the teacher provides time during class to work on the assigned work, there is not extension to turn it and the due date will be final.  No projects will be accepted after the due date and the student will receive a “0” if is submitted late.

Required and Recommended Materials 

Required Text:

We will be using multiple resources in class; presentations, articles, audios, videos, handouts, books and authentic products from the target culture.  The student is responsible to keep all handouts inside of their binder and take notes during class.

Multimedia & technology:


        In the case that any student need extra help, I will recommend extra resources to help the students to understand like videos in English that explain the grammar, games with the vocabulary or grammar that we are studying in class and others resources in Google classroom. Most of the time when the student is lost is for different reasons as missing prior knowledge from previous level or lack of practice with the vocabulary and grammar. If the student fail in a vocabulary assessment and do not study this vocabulary, the student will have problems to understand any reading, speaking or listening activity in class. Same with the future units, Spanish is an accumulative class. Is extremely important to practice frequently at home.  If the student after tried all this resources continue having problems that are not vocabulary or verbs endings then I can provide assistance during my prep time; after school assistance will be at my discretion.

If you have any question, please always contact me to my school email. I will be a pleasure.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences