“Request for Public Comment”

Monday, 8:45 am, Pittsburg, CA

On March 7, 2019, Chief U.S. District Judge, Karon Owen Bowdre, for the Northern District of Alabama Southern Division in Rogers v. Elizabeth McElroy, et al. found that Birmingham Attorney Elizabeth McElroy is NOT a “County Administrator” and that “no such “POSITION” exists under Alabama state law”.  

Elizabeth (Beth) McElroy is a law partner of Baxley, Dillard, McKnight, James & McElroy in Birmingham. Her law firm’s publicly posted bio clearly states in black & white on its face, “Beth McElroy is a partner in the firm and serves as the ‘County Administrator for Jefferson County’ ”.

Furthermore, Associate Justice James Allen "Jim" Main on the Alabama Supreme Court, described Beth McElroy in Samuel Rodgers v. Elizabeth McElroy, 153 So.3d 814 (2014) as “a ‘county administrator for Jefferson County’...”


Beth McElroy and her firm were unavailable for comment this morning. Plaintiff was contacted, she said that before Judge Bowde’s ruling. She formally noticed the District Court to review Rodgers v. McElroy in the Alabama Supreme Court. Plaintiff said that she has appealed, and asked the federal appellate division to set aside Judge Browde’s order dismissing her case based on Fraud on the Court, and that the case be referred over to the U.S. Justice Department for investigation of crimes and corruption in Federal District Court in Birmingham.