A Message From Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw

Hello Philadelphia! It is an honor to serve as your Police Commissioner. I want you to know that I am committed to three primary goals: (1) crime prevention and reduction; (2) community engagement and inclusion; and (3) organizational excellence.

My vision for the Philadelphia Police Department is to continue to be a leader in national best practices while raising  the bar on our professionalism and accountability to the people we serve. As the nation’s 4th largest police department, it is crucial that we are introspective and strategic.


It is my belief that the crime and violence impacting our communities are not insurmountable. We can turn the tide while enhancing overall community safety with holistic, data-informed strategies that are grounded in enforcement and balanced with compassion.


In the short time that I’ve spent in Philadelphia, one thing is abundantly clear: people want to live, work and play in a safe city while being treated with dignity and respect. The Police Department will stay the course with strategies that are working, and move away from those that do not, while we strengthen our partnerships with you, critical stakeholders in this public safety mission.


We seek your support and input as we chart this course to a safer Philadelphia.