Rookie Packet

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Competitive Seasons
  3. Field Location
  4. Social Events
  5. Preparedness – What to Bring!
  6. Additional Rugby Resources
  7. Expectations
  8. Communication & Follow up


Thank you for your interest in the Baltimore Flamingos Rugby Football Club. Whether you’re interested in joining us on the pitch or supporting us in our efforts to make Baltimore a better place you’ll find additional information in this packet. We want to introduce you to the game of rugby, the team, and give you a better of idea of who and what we are.

Mission Statement

Baltimore Flamingos RFC is an inclusive athletic organization dedicated to promoting participation, knowledge, and skill in the sport of rugby football. We create a diverse environment that is open and welcoming to all people. The organization’s focus on the underserved populations that include gay, bisexual and transgendered communities, does not exclude participation by any individual who supports the mission of the organization.

The organization seeks to serve the LGBTQ Community by offering an inclusive, organized, athletic environment in which to play rugby.

Baltimore Flamingos RFC is a charitable and educational organization, in support of this, the organization shall conduct educational and practical events that further the participation in the sport of rugby football.

Leadership Team - Spring/Fall 2019

President: Michael McCarthy

Vice-President: Connor Mathena

Treasurer: Aaron Lewis

Secretary: Jake Child

Director-at-large: Anthony Sfrisi

Forward Captain: Benji Charlick

Backs Captain: JR Wong

Social Secretary: Tyler Stevens

Match Secretary: Justin Harp

IGR Rep: Johnny Edwards

Competitive Season & Match info

Spring 2019 practice season:

Our practices are held every Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30pm-8:30pm. We encourage you to attend any and all. If you’re unable to attend the entire time, or just want to get a feel for it, please come out.

Stay tuned to social media for updates & changes to the schedule and location.


Bingham Cup is a large international tournament that takes place every two years during the summer. We strive to send a team. The location varies and much of our activity is in preparation to attend Bingham. The next Bingham Cup is in Ottawa from August 8 - 17, 2020.

The 2019 International Gay Rugby North American Championship East is a qualifier for Bingham Cup. The Capital City Rugby Cup, hosted by the Columbus Coyotes Rugby Football Club and Columbus Kodiaks, will take place May 24-27 with two full days of competitive rugby and several events throughout the City of Columbus.

We will be participating in regional, national and international tournaments as we can throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to travel and get to know other rugby players from all over.

Field Location

Practice Fields, with potential to change. Stay tuned to social media and calendar updates.

CC Jackson Turf: 4910 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215

Carroll Park: 800 Bayard St, Baltimore, MD 21223

Social Events

The most important aspect of Rugby that doesn’t occur on the pitch is the socializing and camaraderie. We hold social events that are fundraisers, recruiting campaigns, and just hanging out. We also get together for volunteer events to help other LGBTQ organizations in and around Baltimore.

Drink-ups occur after practices. We usually practice until 8:30 and then patronize one of our sponsor bars.

Third-Half occurs after games. The hosting team will invite the visiting team back to their bar and celebrate brotherhood, rugby, and each other.

We also do jello shot night fundraisers and drag show fundraisers.

The best way to stay informed of where we are is to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our events.

Our Bar Sponsors


Charm City Meadworks

Preparedness – What to Bring

Rugby is great in that it requires only a small amount of personal equipment. Make sure the items you have are durable.

We encourage you to come out and see what it is about before making a large investment in any of this gear. It’s best if you come out and enjoy yourself (even in sneakers!) and start loving the game before you invest in equipment/gear.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have during practice.

Gear Needs

We have a partnership with Steamroller Rugby Supply. Call or stop in and see Jeff and he can help get you set up with any of your equipment needs with a team discount. Additionally, you may purchase Flamingo items directly on their web store.

Steamroller Rugby Supply
Address: 1300 Enterprise Ct #104, Bel Air, MD 21014
Phone: (443) 553-7070


A requirement to play rugby is to purchase CIPP (Club & Individual Protection Policy). This is an annual amount (~$80) paid directly to USARugby when you register on their website  This protects you and the team should any rugby related accidents occur.

We ask if you’re attending practices regularly that you go ahead and complete your CIPP. It is a requirement and it's one of the earliest things you can do to prove you’re committing to the team.

Additional Rugby Resources

The Basics
Youtube: Rugby for Beginners -


Professional Tournaments
Super Rugby (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa):

Premiership (England):

Pro 12 (Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Wales):

Top 14 (France):

Six Nations (England, Ireland, Wales, Soctland, Italy, France):

Rugby Championship (New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Argentina):

Rugby World Cup:



Youtube: Rugby for Beginners 

Governing Body (USA)

International Gay Rugby


The Flamingos are a large & diverse team. We have individuals of all walks of life, professions, and commitments. While we are flexible, we want to share a few expectations so you can be successful on the team:

            Communicate about your attendance for both practices & games. If you can’t make it, let us know. There are no penalties off the field. Knowing allows us to prepare for success.

            Schedule is put out in advance for everyone’s benefit. The season is outlined on our Slack, Google Calendar, and Facebook pages. If you can’t find it, please ask. Once the schedule is out, put it on your personal calendar and try to avoid scheduling conflicts for game day Saturdays. If you have a commitment you can’t miss, that’s fine, just communicate that.

            Camaraderie & helping out. We rely on many volunteers to keep this train full steam ahead. You can offer rides, help clean up after practices/games. Plan socials & make jello shots for fundraising. If you have ideas and want to make something happen, partner with a board member or bring it up. Likely your idea is a good one and we’ll run with it. The helping out goes both ways, don’t hesitate to ask if you need a ride or assistance with anything.

            Dues are the financial bedrock that we depend on to ensure we are financially stable and able to be forward thinking. You must pay your dues early each season/year. Don’t forget, dues don’t include the CIPP (Club & Individual Protection Policy) which is roughly $80 paid directly to USA Rugby. This provides you with insurance protection if you’re injured (or injure someone else) related to your involvement in Rugby. See our policies and procedures document for dues policy.

            Attend & promote social events. Coming out to build camaraderie with your rugby brothers happens on and off the pitch. Coming out for social events (or scheduling them yourself!) will make you feel more connected. We also use social events to recruit & fundraise. Even if you can’t attend the social event, sharing it and inviting people is very important. Sharing your team helps us grow.

            Positive attitude is the most important attribute to bring to practices & games. We compete and we compete to win. As a new team we have a lot of growing & learning to do. On the pitch, you can compete ferociously and then share a drink with them after. It’s the spirit of brotherhood & inclusivity that drives why we get out there and do it. Stay positive.

            Being involved doesn’t necessarily mean being on the pitch to play. If you love the team and want to be involved but can’t play, there is definitely ways you can participate and be involved with our success. Message a board member with your ideas and we’ll find the perfect opportunity with you.

Communication & Follow Up

The Flamingos are looking forward to your participation at any level with our team. We’re positive that we will love getting to know you. We hope you’re interested and will not hesitate to come to practices and get to know the guys. The best way to get in touch is to contact us via Facebook, but below are all the resources you can use to interact with us:


Website:  - get info, pay dues, buy merchandise


Instagram: @baltimoreflamingos

Twitter: @bmoreflamingos

Slack: Slack is an app that you can download and register with the team by reaching out to our director at large. It’s used for public and private event planning & private interactions. We encourage you to download and use it.