Milton Farmers Market  

2019 Vendor Application 

Please mail completed form  

no later than April 1, 2019


Date: ______________________________ 

Business Name: ___________________________________________ 

Owner/Contact name (list both if different) 

Mailing Address:  

Street number and name: ________________________________________________________________ 

City: _______________ State: _____________ Zip Code:___________ 

Physical Address (if different from Mailing Address): _________________________________________ 

Phone number: _____________________________ Best time/day to reach you: ____________________ 

Email address: __________________________  

Website: __________________________  

Facebook, Instagram, or other social media page: ___________________________________________ 

If an employee will be running your booth, please also list their names and contact information below: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

  1. Please list all of the items you would like to sell and check the appropriate categories. If you are a returning vendor, please specifically point out any new items or changes to your product mix.

Agricultural: __Produce __Eggs __Cheese __Meat __Dairy __Flowers __Maple Syrup __Honey __Fiber __Plants __Other: ___________

Specify Products & Origin: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Have you ever sold your products at a Farmers Market before? (Circle one) Yes             No
  1. Where? __________________________________________________________
  1. Do you have any other outlets for your products? (Circle one) Yes           No 
  1. If yes, please list: _______________________________________________________________
  1. Do you require your vehicle to be part of your display? (Circle one) Yes           No 
  1. Do you need your vehicle close to your stand? (Circle one) Yes   No

5. Are you Certified Organic? (Circle one) Yes           No 

  1. If yes, please list your certifier and attach proof. If not, list any other certifications and/or practices, including licensing for prepared foods: ______________________________________________________________________________
  1. Produce vendors, do you accept Farm to Family coupons? If so, what is your number?: __________________________________________________________

(*ask manager for application*)  

  1. How long have you been producing your products? __________________________________________  
  1. Would you be interested in participating in special market promotion activities? (Circle one) Yes           No 
  1. Tell us about yourself and why you would be an asset to the market. Please attach photos or other documentation to this application, which may also be used for marketing purposes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Vendors agree to take full liability for their product and set-up and hold the Milton Farmers’ Market harmless. The Milton Farmers Market strongly suggests vendors purchase liability insurance, and may give application priority to vendors with liability insurance. The Milton Farmers Market is not responsible for vendor products and all vendors should have the correct licenses and permits. If there is a question, visit and check State Regulations for Farmers Markets.  

Do you have liability insurance? (Circle one) Yes           No 

If yes, who is your carrier?  _______________________________________


Fees – please make checks payable to Milton Community Youth Coalition 

All fees must be paid in full before setup at market may begin. 


5 DAY SPECIAL: $100 

DAY VENDING FEE: $25.00     

2019 Craft Vendor Days: 6/20/19 , 7/18/19,  8/15/19 ,  9/19/19, 10/3/19  

NONPROFIT/SERVICE ORGANIZATION: Free to promote event or organization. Email or call to reserve a date.  

MILTON TOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENTS: 1 hour of help with market setup and takedown or other market tasks each month, total of at least 4 hours per season. Must coordinate in advance with market manager and present business plan in advance.


I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the above information is accurate.  

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: __________________

Please read the attached Market Guidelines and sign the Letter of Agreement found on the last page. Your application will not be considered without that signature, which implies you have read and agree with the attached market guidelines.

2019 Milton Farmers Market Guidelines 

Opening Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019

Closing Date: Thursday, October 10, 2019

Market Hours: 3:30pm – 7:00pm, Every Thursday, Rain or Shine (Fall Hours: 3:30 – Sunset)

Setup: 2:30-3:30  

Location: Milton Hannaford Plaza, Route 7 S, Milton, VT


  1. All vendors must fill out a Market Application and be approved prior to selling.
  1. All items to be sold at the Market must be listed on the vendor application.
  1. Prepared foods and baked goods should be made using fresh Vermont ingredients.
  1. All vendors are required to report gross sales (i.e. sales before taxes, if applicable) to the Manager on a weekly basis for market growth analysis. All sales reports are confidential.
  1. Vendors must notify the Market Manager in advance of an absence, no later than 5pm on the Tuesday before the market date of the anticipated absence.
  1. Repeated absences or no-shows will result in Steering Committee review with the option to remove the vendor from markets without refund.
  1. Vendors must arrive in time to be set up and ready to vend when the market opens, and must not leave before close-of-market, unless by prior agreement with the Manager. Vendors who are not set up and ready to sell by the published start of the market or who leave before the published end may be given warnings by the Manager and/or Steering Committee as per the “violation of the rules” listed below.
  1. The Market encourages participation of vendors in all applicable coupon programs to their items sold, including, but not limited to EBT/SNAP and the Farm to Family programs.



  1. The Milton Farmers Market Manager will make decisions regarding Milton Farmers Market Vendor Applications. The decision is final. A period of one year must lapse before a vendor may reapply to the Market.
  1. Applications are accepted on the basis of seniority, vendor’s proximity to the Market, and number of other vendors supplying a particular product.
  1. Preference will be given to local farmers and to products that promote human and ecological health.
  1. If a mid-season opening occurs, all vendors on the waiting list will be considered to fill the opening.
  1. The Manager reserves the right to limit the number of vendors of a particular product based on the existing supply of that product to the Market.  
  1. If a vendor wishes to bring additional items not listed on their Vendor Application, the vendor must get prior approval to do so from the Market Manager.
  1. Screening: Prospective vendors & any employees who will be present at the market will be subject to background checks at MCYC’s expense, including a National Sex Offender Registry check, State criminal history, and Child abuse registry.  Whether or not a candidate is still eligible for participation in the Steering Committee and market in light of a violation will be determined by a vote of the MCYC Board of Directors.





ASSIGNMENTS: Space assignments will be first come, first served.  

VEHICLES: Vendors may use their vehicles as part of their display, if space and location permits. Vendors are responsible for protecting the grass in their space and removing or placing debris in trash receptacles.

VENDOR SET UP: Vendors may start setting up no earlier than one hour before the Market. Vendors are requested to arrive early enough to allow their display to be complete by the published start of the Market. In the interest of safety, moving vehicles may not be permitted during Market hours.  

VENDOR BREAKDOWN: All vendors must be off the premises no later than 7:30pm, unless scheduled Market activities extend the Market hours. Vendors must stay until the end of the Market, unless the Manager has approved an exception. Vendors are responsible for leaving their spaces clean and clear of trash or debris.  

DISPLAYS: The Milton Farmers Market requires that vendors provide signage displaying farm name and a canopy/umbrella. Canopies must be staked and weighted the moment they go up, no exceptions. Each canopy must have a minimum of 10 lbs of weight secured to each leg of the canopy at all times. You are responsible for any damage done to others, their set-up and your set-up. All booth displays and structures must be safe and well secured, and are subject to the approval of the manager.

ATTENDANCE: Vendors must contact the Manager by 5 pm on Tuesday at the latest if they are not planning to attend the Market on Thursday. If a scheduled vendor fails to attend without prior notification, they may be given warnings and subsequent consequences as listed in “violation of the rules” below. Violation consequences include a $25.00 fine after the first written warning. As much notice as possible about anticipated absences is appreciated. Repeated absences or no-shows will result in Steering Committee review with the option to remove the vendor from markets without refund. Day vendors who do not notify the Manager by 5pm on Tuesday will still be required to pay their $20 day fee.  

WEATHER: The Milton Farmers Market occurs Rain or Shine. Any market cancellations due to thunderstorms or other dangerous weather will be decided during the market, but vendors may opt out of a market if thunder or dangerously high winds are in the forecast during market operation times. If thunder and lightning occur during the market, all vendors must return to their vehicles until all danger is past.  

PETS: Vendors are prohibited from bringing their pets to the Milton Farmers’ Market.  



MEMBERSHIP: The seasonal membership fee is $125.00 per season. The one day fee is $25.00. Vendors who wish to commit to 5 days may pay $100.

Benefits of membership include:  


NONPROFIT/SERVICE ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP FEE:  A service organization in this case is defined as a group or 501.c.3 with a service to offer the community at the market. A nonprofit or service organization may table at the market once a year at no charge. If space allows they may table more than once with approval from manager.  

*We only accept for profit businesses to table for one day at the market who are market sponsors and who will be providing a significant service/draw to the market. Non-vendors may not fundraise at the market.*


STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: 1 hour of help with market setup and takedown or other market tasks each month, equaling total of at least 4 hours per season. Students must coordinate with market manager and pre-schedule their service hours. Booths and products must be student directed, and students will make a short presentation about their products to the Steering Committee as well as attend a brief reporting workshop held by the Manager.  


REPORTING SALES: All vendors are required to report gross sales (i.e. sales before taxes, if applicable) on a weekly basis for market assessment and improvement purposes. These figures must be given to the Manager at the close of every Market and are entirely for self-evaluation purposes. All numbers submitted for the Vendor Sales Sheet are confidential.  


SURVEY PARTICIPATION: All vendors are required to participate in mid-term and final surveys about the market. This is essential for market improvement and evaluation.




• The Milton Farmers’ Market is a non-smoking market.  

• Use or possession of alcohol & illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.

• Vendors are not allowed to bring pets to the Market.  

• The Manager may ask a vendor to leave the Market if rules are violated.  

Violations of the rules will be dealt with in the following manner:  

First violation: In person by the Market Manager. A written warning may be issued at this time, and the Steering Committee will be notified.

Second violation: A written warning will be issued from the Manager and Steering Committee as to the violation of the vendor.

Third violation: A written warning and one week suspension.

Fourth violation: Suspension from the Market for the entire season. (If a violation is determined to be severe, a vendor may be suspended at any time.) Vendor will lose seniority standing for the following year.  

Page BreakBecause the Milton Farmers Market is a program of the MCYC, a youth coalition working with vulnerable populations, we must run background checks on all vendors and vendor employees. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!




It is the policy of the MFM not to tolerate any sexual, physical, psychological or verbal harassment of our members or customers.  

Members committing any of the following acts will be subject to an investigation by the MFM Steering Committee and disciplinary action if warranted, up to and including termination.  



Application Information Release: 


I hereby authorize The Milton Farmers Market and the Milton Community Youth Coalition to check some or all of the following: my records on the national sex offender registry, the Vermont child abuse and neglect registry, and the Vermont criminal conviction search. I hereby consent to the release of such records, documents, and information to The Milton Farmers Market and the Milton Community Youth Coalition and to The Milton Farmers Market and the Milton Community Youth Coalition’s designated representatives. I release and agree to defend and hold harmless from liability any person or organization that provides information.

I agree and acknowledge that this information may be disclosed by The Milton Farmers Market and Milton Community Youth Coalition officials to persons involved in the implementation of The Milton Farmers Market activities and programs. I hereby release and agree to defend and indemnify The Milton Farmers Market and Milton Community Youth Coalition, its directors, officers, partners, employees, affiliates, agents, successors, and its designated representative from any and all claims that may result from the use, release and disclosure of such information. 




I have read and understood the terms outlined above, and agree to them. □

I agree to inform The Milton Farmers Market if any of the information on this application changes or if I’m convicted of a crime (misdemeanor or felony) during the time that I am involved with The Milton Farmers Market. □

I am 18 years of age or older.   □ Yes   □ No


First & Last Name: ______________________________________ 

Date of Birth: ______________________________________ 


Signature: ______________________________________ Date:  ________________________ 



I have read and agree to the UPDATED 2019 Milton Farmers Market Guidelines. These Guidelines are hereby attached to and incorporated into this agreement. I agree to abide by these Guidelines, and to otherwise cooperate with the Market management, including but not limited to payment of all of the required fees. I agree to sell at the Milton Farmers Market only those items I have listed on the attached application. I acknowledge that the management reserves the right to restrict the type of product(s) I am allowed to sell at the markets. I agree that any new and/or additional products must be pre-approved by Milton Farmers Market prior to sale. I acknowledge those products must be of my own production or produced at the location described on my application. I accept full responsibility for all my activities in the market (and for those assisting me) throughout the term of this season's market (June - October, 2019). I acknowledge the authority of the Market Manager and the Farmers Market Steering Committee to settle any disputes regarding product legitimacy, procedural and vendor conduct violations subject to appeal under the procedures set forth in the Market rules. I agree to allow the Market Manager and/or representatives of the Market to inspect the premises where the products offered for sale are produced at any time. Failure to allow an inspection will constitute a violation of Market rules. I understand that Milton Farmers Market does not carry any insurance policies to cover individual participants and that I am strongly encouraged to carry such insurance and to name Milton Farmers Market as co-insured.  

Reimbursement to MCYC: Applicant hereby agrees to reimburse Milton Community Youth Coalition (MCYC) for any expense of providing labor, equipment, or facilities for cleanup, restoration, or repair the premises may require due to any use or activity carried on by me, or those authorized to act on my behalf under my permit.  

Indemnification and Hold-Harmless Agreement: The undersigned, for himself and, if different, for the person or organization on behalf of whom this application is submitted, hereby covenants to indemnify the MCYC and its employees, agents and assigns, and to hold them harmless, from any liability and/or for any contractual or quasi-contractual obligations to third parties in connection with the activity, event use or occurrence. I certify that the information contained in this application is true and accurate.  

Name of Business: ____________________________________________________  

Signature: _______________________________ Date: _______________________  

Printed Name: ________________________________________________________


PLEASE NOTE: All checks should be made out to MCYC