Edgewood Middle School

eLearning Day Information

Warsaw Community Schools will implement eLearning Days to make up for lost school days due to inclement weather. Teachers will be available to answer questions throughout the day. To access your student’s lessons and activities, please click on his/her teacher’s name below. Please contact your child’s teacher throughout the day for any questions regarding lessons and activities.

eLearning Due Dates

Edgewood Middle School eLearning Lesson Plans and Activities


Mr.  Linn

Mr. Fleming

Mr. Wise

Mrs. Sederholm


Samantha Clark

Tanya Kempton

Sam Wysong

Luke Batdorff

Joe Brenneman

Language Arts

Brook DeBoest

David Cook

Veronica Helser

Alexis Nelson

Laurie Thompson

Kami Toumey

Whitney Beer

Social Studies

Tim Devlin

Dylan Ringler

Elizabeth Fisher

Andrew Halferty


Bryan Brumbaugh

Kaitlyn Ditton

Janelle Rhoades

Angela Dieleman

Tammy Adamiec

Caitlin Kreft

Edith Rohrer

Ginger Tseng

Abbi Richcreek

Brittany Hoover

Dan Beam

Heather Brannock

Sarah Lipscomb

Zach Netzley

Joe Peloza

Breanna Breske

Special Education

Tommy Dean

Monica Price

Nicole Landon

Dave Fulkerson

Lisa Sponseller

Sara Merkler

Joni Moore

Sena Kaufman


Susan Eberhardt