Essential Question(s)

Estimated Length

Grade Level(s)


Project Description

Describe what students will be exploring/doing in this project. What is the background of the problem students will tackle?

Products and Deliverables

Describe what physical products the students will be making and presenting.


  Why do you think the students will find this project meaningful, personal, and  important to them?

Real World Connections

How will the students connect their learning and products to the surrounding local and global community?

Project Launch

What engaging experience will you provide to the students to introduce the project and essential question?

Critique, Drafting, and Revision

How will students and teachers use various strategies to assess work samples to find areas of improvement? How will students create multiple drafts towards authentic products?


How will students exhibit their work? Who will be their audience?

Assessment and Reflection

How will teachers and students assess their work throughout the entire process (final product and all)? How will students and teachers reflection throughout the process?