About Us

We are a technology company that provides an on-demand service of personal assistants to solve any kind of task.

Kadabra was founded in 2019 in Cairo. The company is part of Kabnoury Ventures, with offices in Cairo, Dubai and Buenos Aires. With our chat-based technology, our team of human assistants works on the most complicated tasks, whether it is business-related or personal. We make busy people's lives easier, providing anything you want on-demand without hassle.

Vision & Mission

We give people their time back by helping them with their routine tasks.

We see the opportunity of helping people by completing their daily activities and solving their problems. We make their lives a little bit easier and give them their time back, so that they use it in what they really want.

Values, Attributes & Benefits




  • We are Customer-centered

  • We do it Right.

  • We are Trustworthy.

  • We Innovate

  • We value Ideas over hierarchy

  • Efficient

  • Fast

  • Reliable

  • Easy

  • Private

  • Save time

  • Ask Anything

  • Instant

  • 24/7