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We’re searching for entry-level gardeners to serve as Urban Gardeners. To apply for this position, email with a resume or fill out the form at the bottom of this page on our website.

Urban Gardener

Spotts Garden Service cultivates people’s most intimate green spaces, their gardens. As a team, we shape custom gardens into interactive, functional, healthy, and beautiful places for the people who live in them. Urban gardeners are a fundamental part of that team.

This urban gardener position is designed to introduce novice gardeners to professional gardening in order to develop team leaders for Spotts Garden Service. As an urban gardener, you will work exclusively outside, weeding, mulching, pruning, and planting.

At Spotts Garden Service, we value innovation and continuing education. By working directly with both native and exotic plants, you will expand your ability to identify and manage garden plants of all kinds. In addition, we encourage you to pursue conferences, certifications, or courses that benefit you and Spotts Garden Service.


The Urban gardener:


Urban gardeners:

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