Michael Hughes

Weekly Serving of Good News

Good news is a powerful motivator for action, and there is lots of good news about climate-change mitigation, adaptation/resilience, and justice. Here are a few recent examples, refreshed weekly on Saturdays.

Sat 20 Jul

OSU to receive $5.5M for marine energy research

How Specialty Recyclers Are Reducing Waste

It's Going to Get Way Easier to Recycle Batteries

Sam Altman-Backed Startup Aims To Store Carbon Dioxide In Rocks, Shrinking Decades-Long Timeline To

'Single-Digit Months'

Ustawi Afrika Is Empowering Rural Women through Sustainable Agriculture

Solar power becoming standard even in UK’s soggy summer

Largest solar-plus-storage project in U.S. now operational in Nevada

Agrivoltaic solar arrays will win the rural solar war

Residential solar is growing in Texas amid worries about reliable power during events like Hurricane Beryl

How incredibly simple tech can supercharge the race to net zero

Good news for 100% clean energy. Geothermal has finally arrived

Geothermal power could be 'massively impactful for global decarbonisation' as US plant gets a boost

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