Chromebook Protection Plan


The student and parent may be held financially responsible for the replacement and/or repair of a device, if damage/loss is deemed by Pajaro Valley Unified School District to be the fault of the student. Purchasing a protection plan for your student’s Chromebook is highly recommended. Any insured Chromebook that is damaged unintentionally* will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost if a protection plan is purchased. Chromebooks that are lost or stolen are also covered through the protection plan when a police report has been filed. Note that if a student must receive a second Chromebook, this new device will have to be insured again for another $25. After the second instance of using the Chromebook insurance in a year, the student will no longer be eligible for district insurance for the rest of the year. Lost chargers are not covered under the protection plan. Students will be fined $35 for lost chargers and $25 for lost cases. Parents who choose not to purchase a protection plan understand that by not doing so, they are fully responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the Chromebook (up to $267) if it is damaged, lost or stolen.

Chromebooks that are intentionally damaged will not be covered, even if the student has purchased the protection plan. *

Parent/Student Contract 2018-2019

  1. I will follow the policies outlined in the Chromebook Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy while at school as well as outside of the school day.
  2. I will bring my charged Chromebook in its case to school every day.
  3. I will use my Chromebook in ways that are appropriate and educational, and meet Pajaro Valley Unified School District’s Expectations.
  4. I agree to return the District Chromebook, case, and power cord in good working condition when requested by my teacher or district staff.
  5. I will not take pictures, video and or audio recordings of any student or staff member at any time in the locker rooms or restrooms.
  6. I will not take pictures, video and or audio recording of any student or staff member at any time without their permission.
  7. I will keep food and beverage away from my Chromebook, since it may damage the device.
  8. I will be safe online, never giving out personal information. I will not share my password with anyone besides my teachers and parents.
  9. I understand that my Chromebook is subject to inspection at any time without notices and remains the property of PVUSD.
  10. If I see inappropriate material that makes me feel uncomfortable or is not respectful, I will tell my teacher or administrator right away.
  11. I will be responsible for all damages or loss caused by neglect or abuse.

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