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BIM Crowdsourced Basic Income Installations Details
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BIM Crowdsourced Basic Income Installations Details


“Basic Income Trees”

“Basic Income Experience Walls”

Why to choose this type of event: 

Size of event:

Logistics / What you need:

Promotions: If you are planning other actions as well as the mural, you can gather at the sight of one of your art installations. If you have many planned, you could provide a map view so your parade or community could do a tour of them.

If you are planning on doing an Art Installation please keep Income Movement informed - we would like to highlight and promote your achievements and try to find ways to support at least some of the costs.

* If you are low on trees in an industrial area or something, you could get creative with materials and make a UBI sign like this ART sign made with old cloths and/or cloth, pvc pipe, and some pillow stuffing. Fix it to a fence, and have people post their notes hanging on the fence.