General Body Meeting


9:00PM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Admin Meetings
  2. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. APSC Contingency Request
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Airport Shuttle Committee
  2. New Member Attendance Policy
  3. Website Bios
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Ice Machines in College Houses
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Sign-up for the Dining Plan through Housing
  1. Social Justice
  2. Student Life
  3. External Seats
  1. SCC Moratorium Update
  1. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Admin Meetings:
  1. This past Friday (9/29), Cabinet met with ISSS (International Student and Scholar Services) to discuss issues like international student community spaces, transparency regarding work visa requirements, international student housing and meals during university break, and extending International Student Orientation. This Tuesday, they are bringing in law firms for pro bono legal consultations and services for students who are affected by the updated immigration ban.  
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  1. This Tuesday (10/3), Cabinet will be meeting with President Amy Gutmann to discuss goals of the 45th session of the UA such as facilitating a campus climate that prioritizes mental wellness, reducing the costs of attending Penn, ensuring the Penn is a safe and inclusive environment for all of its students, improving academic resources, and meeting space needs.

Vice-President’s Report

  1. UA Steering
  1. This past Tuesday, UA Steering discussed different aspects of Penn that cause students stress or make life more stressful. Each of the 4 discussion groups wrote their ideas down, which I will put on an excel sheet and turn them into projects. We also voted to change the attendance policy from being allowed to miss 50% of meetings to 33% of meetings.
  2. The next UA Steering will be on October 10 and our guest will be Provost Pritchett.

UA Report

  1. Associate Members
  1. I conducted Associate Member interviews this weekend. This year we had more applicants than recorded in the last five years. I will be notifying AMs of their status today and placing them on committees based on their interests and project ideas. They will begin going to committee meetings after Fall Break.
  1. Educational Moment of the Week
  1. Who are the members of UA Exec and Cabinet?
  2. What are some of the responsibilities of both of these groups?
  3. How are members of Exec selected? Cabinet?
  1. Member of the Week
  1. This week’s member of the week is…

Treasurer’s Report

APSC Contingency Request

Authored by the UA Budget Committee

Group Name: APSC

Event Description: APSC will be hosting Austin Night with David Choi. "David Choi is a well-known Asian-American artist who has a large presence in the API community. He currently has 3 released albums and has consistently made appearances on popular channels such as WongFu Productions and Ryan Higa. Acoustic Night with David Choi is an event that will bring students of the API and other communities at Penn together with music. The purpose of this event is to spread a positive message regarding Asian Americans in media. In addition to encouraging students to pursue their dreams and aspirations, David will speak about his own experiences, obstacles and hardships that he experienced."

Total Requested: $1760

Budget Committee Recommendation: $1760

Budget Committee Reasoning: The expenses being requested are in line with current Budget Committee Guidelines. This will bring the Contingency fund from $15,020 to $13,260.

Financial Overview:

Secretary’s Report

  1. Airport Shuttles Committee
  1. For Thanksgiving break, we will continue to provide Airport Shuttles for students who need to get to the airport. Penn Transit will be covering the cost of the service, so we will not have to worry about that. Coordinating and planning this requires the help of a few people so if you are interested in this, please let me know. We are currently looking to take about 2-3 people. Some of the responsibilities will be communicating with Penn Transit, advertising, and getting members to sign up for their shifts.
  1. New Member Attendance Policy
  1. Freshmen
  1. Cannot miss 35% of GBM
  1. Cannot miss more than 3 meetings
  1. Cannot miss 25% of Committee Meetings
  1. Cannot miss more than 2 committee meetings
  1. Website Bios
  1. I have not received all of the bios. These are the names I still need: Delaney Kaufman, Kevin Myers, Jude Dartey, Maher Abdel Samad, Sravya Alla, Kevin Zhou
  2. Send the Bio to by Monday, October 2nd at Midnight

Academic Initiatives

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Project Updates

Ice Machines in College Houses

Authored by: Ben May

I contacted college house administrators to explore the possibility of installing ice machines that do not require a food-swipe. This would be beneficial to student-athletes who have no easily accessible source of ice for treating injuries and would increase the quality of life for the average student. The Executive Director of College Houses and Academic Services, Mr. Redman, responded to my original email citing potential problems coming from cost, hygiene, and unknown Philadelphia code issues regarding ice machines. He forwarded the message to Residential Services who are in charge of such installations; hopefully, with 50% of the population in College Houses not being required to be on a board plan and the aforementioned issue with student athletes’ wellness, we will be able to prove that the benefits of ice machine installations would outweigh any potential costs.

Completion Reports

Signup for the Dining Plan through Housing

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Following a meeting with Barbara-Lea Kruger (Director of Communications and External Relations for Penn Business Services) and Pamela Lampitt (Director of Business and Hospitality Services for Penn Dining), it was concluded that Penn Dining will make it more clear that dining plans are binding in the signup form next year.

Social Justice

Student Life

External Seats

SCC Moratorium Update

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

On Thursday I met with David Leach (Senior Associate AD, Campus Recreation), Sarah Shouvlin (Assistant Director of Club Sports), Angel Prinos (Deputy Director of Athletics), Michael Krone (SAC), and Michelle Dolce (Senior Associate AD, Finance/Internal Operations) to discuss provisionally lifting the SCC moratorium. The moratorium will be temporarily lifted under a strict review process for new clubs given the financial, administrative, and facilities demands sports clubs place on Penn Athletics. Long-term funding models for sports clubs were also discussed.


General Body Meeting


9:00PM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  1. Jordan: Newest members of comm team are Sahithya and Kevin.
  2. James: I am from the DP. I wasn’t here last week to take questions. I am appreciative of the work you guys do. I am here for a resource for the future. If anyone has questions let me know
  3. Michelle: Thank you. We’ve had a bunch of discussions about this in the past. We appreciate you for coming here and taking questions
  4. Max: I am meeting with Director of Financial Aid. I will be handling outside scholarships as a big project this year. If you are on financial aid, then outside scholarships are only applicable to the student contribution
  5. Elena: This has been a project that has been discussed before. Are there other institutions where outside scholarships go straight to the students
  6. Max: I will ask the director
  7. Michael: I have the privilege to announce committee members. Committee meetings start this week. Attendance starts right now. Everyone got first or second choice committee
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Admin Meetings
  1. Michelle: Cabinet met with ISSS to discuss international commons space. Perry World House has opened up a room for a few hours to determine demand. We also discussed work visa requirements. They are working on improving their centralized resources. AIS currently provides food for students over winter break. We are trying to increase that. ISO starts before NSO and we commended them for extending that to 48 hours. This Tuesday they are bringing in law firms for students affected by the updated immigration ban. They only told this to students being affected
  2. Samara: Will the trial space thing be a make or break thing?
  3. Michelle: I’m not sure if this will be a make or break thing, but we will continue to push for it
  4. Kanishka: What is the status for the party situation?
  5. Natasha: Can we tell Dhruv that AIS trial spaces
  6. Michelle: Yea Dhruv
  7. Maher: How are  they publicizing this space?
  8. Michelle: They have put it in their listservs. Maybe the UA can publicize
  9. Jude: Are international students not eligible for work study?
  10. Sola: No
  11. Jude: Can they get visa if under the limit
  12. Sola: In terms of work study, international students are not eligible for financial aid. The work visa is for international students and internships. The visas would increase the transparency process
  13. Sam: If you receive work study grant, a percentage of your pay is coming from is from university and other is from US government.
  14. George: What would the community space look like?
  15. Michelle: I am not sure, but they are in the process. This is not the end goal, but rather a medium ground until we can find a dedicated space. The way I think about it would be something like Arch cultural centers
  16. Michelle: Cabinet will be meeting with VPUL after Fall Break. We will be talking at UA Steering with Provost Pritchett. I had a meeting in the past with the administrators. Some articles have been incorrect, while others were not updated correctly. The new implementation of policies has caused a lot of issues, and the UA is working as an intermediary between students and the admins. The main goal of admins is to clear up questions. These past few weekends, they have split up the police and event observers. They hear us and they take ownership to their faults.
  1. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. Michelle: Cabinet will be meeting with Amy Gutmann on Tuesday to discuss campaign platform. Our priority in this meeting will be talking about DACA resources.
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  1. Jay: Hey everyone. This past Tuesday we held UA Steering. We voted on changing attendance policy form 50-33%. We voted by acclamation and the attendance is now 33%. For steering we broke up in groups of four and had people take notes about causes of stress and potential ways to solve them. I will present projects to UA Steering as well as UA members
  2. Maria: That was my first time at Steering and it was very interesting.
  3. Natasha: I want freshmen to go to this place to hear voices of student leaders on campus
  4. Ben: What are repercussions for missing more than 33%. If they do go over they are taken off the listserv
  5. Jay: The next UA Steering will be the Tuesday after Fall break with Provost Pritchett and and Rob Nelson
  1. UA Report
  1. Associate Members
  1. Michael: We got a lot of interest. I am trying not to take too many but we do want everyone to have the opportunity.
  2. Santosh: How many applicants?
  3. Micheal: 33 applied
  4. Samara: Are you taking into account those who just want to work on a project
  5. Michael: We want them to be solid members. We either want people to work on a strong project, or be on the UA
  6. Elena: How many AMs did we have last year?
  7. Michael: I do not know
  8. Elena: How are you going to keep them involved?
  9. Michael: All new AMs will not go on retreat. We will have the opt in lineage thing. I will work with past AMs to improve AM requirement. AMs must go to at least GBM each semester
  10. Elena: Would you be willing to release list of applicants
  11. Michael: I am trying to keep it as close to application and interview as possible
  12. Natasha: For those that are rejected. Could you put them in contact with someone on committee?
  13. Michael: I will offer them a lot of feedbacks.
  14. Max: You are notifying them today?
  15. Michael: No
  16. Samara: What percentage of people are you planning on rejecting?
  17. Michael: Hopefully not more than 50%
  18. Samara: We shouldn’t reject only 2 people
  19. Arjun: Are you considering project ideas as a factor in accepting people
  20. Michael: No
  21. Max: Will you deliberate with exec?
  22. Michael: Yes
  23. Michelle: We will be following our own club recruitment guideline
  1. Educational Moment of Week
  1. Michael: List members of exec?
  2. Michael: List members of cabinet?
  3. Michael: List responsibilities of these groups?
  1. Ben: UA exec facilitates meetings
  2. Maher: Meeting with administrators
  1. Michael: If you ever have a project idea bring it upfront to cabinet to bring to administrators
  2. Michael: Comm director is best way to facilitate information to other sources
  3. Jordan: I am always willing to go with you to a meeting with a DP reporter
  4. Kev: Is there any official page online that has official UA or university policies.
  5. Michelle: The UA resolutions are official policies.
  6. Jordan: Emails are a clear place to get information from the university/
  7. Michael: How are exec and cabinet s/elected?
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Michael: The member of the week is Nile
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. APSC Contingency Request
  1. Sophia is representing APSC
  2. Sam: APSC is asking for 1760
  3. Sophia: Hi I am Sophia I am representing APSC. We are hosting an event in two weeks in which we will bring a youtuber. The event will be open to all Penn Students. We are collaborating with other groups as well.
  4. Michelle: Are you charging admission fee
  5. Sophia: We are hoping not to. We are bringing the youtuber on campus.
  6. Julianne: How much funding from other sources
  7. Sam: The chart shows how much money they have received.
  8. Kanishka: Does APSC have money to devote to it
  9. Sophia: We do have a fund, but it is for our constituent groups
  10. Samara: How much money was left at the end of the year with contingency?
  11. Michelle: We had $5000 left over last year. We should not look into the savings of fund, but rather a case by case basis
  12. Ben: If we did have surplus, does it affect amount next year
  13. Sam: No
  14. Maher: If you did not receive funding how much would you charge?
  15. Sophia: 8 to 9 dollars
  16. Jay: How will you advertise?
  17. Sophia: We have a facebook event, and we will put up posters
  18. Sravya: Is this only Penn students?
  19. Sophia: Yes
  20. Sam: We only fund for Penn events on campus
  21. Kanishka: Does our recommendation process take into account the amount or reason?
  22. Sam: We take into account the amount they are asking for and the event itself. We want to not consider as much based upon our total amount of money
  23. Michelle: During the budget we adjust contingency
  24. Natasha: I think this event is very important. It assists Asian Americans in the community. The two hundred people it reaches is very broad
  25. Michelle: APSC is a very big umbrella group and the accessibility for these students is very important.
  26. Kyle: I trust the budget committee recommendation
  27. Ariela: I think this sounds like a very cool way to engage people
  28. Motion Passes
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Airport Shuttle Committee
  1. Brian: The UA puts on Airport Shuttle during Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break. It is cheaper than all the other transportation out there. I am looking for a few people to help out putting this together. Its a great way to get involved.
  2. Kevin- When are the shifts?
  1. Everyone on the UA has to take a shift
  1. Michelle- The Airport Shuttles is one of the public ways that we serve the student body.
  2. Kevin- Can we get permanent sign?
  1. Yes
  1. Jordan- I did it last year and I would recommend joining it
  2. Simon- Being a part of this committee teaches you a lot about working with admins as well
  3. Samara- It is the cheapest way to get to the airport
  4. Michelle- Let’s try to break last years record
  5. Will- WHen are they?
  1. Brian- It is two days before thanksgiving. It runs every hour. Part of your attendance is doing your shift.
  1. New Member Attendance Policy
  1. Brian- You can't miss more than 35% of GBMs so that is 3 meetings. For committee Meetings you can’t miss more than 2 meetings. It resets every semester.
  1. Website Bios
  1. Those that haven’t given me the bios are listed there. Please send that to me as soon as possible.
  2. Maher- Can I send it to you tomorrow?
  1. Yes that is fine
  1. Ben- When are the pictures?
  1. I am going to talk to Jason about having it the week after we come back.
  1. Julianne- We could take it during retreat
  2. George- Will they be formal?
  1.  Business Casual or whatever you want
  1. Nile- Can we please take a picture outside with a dog?
  2. Brian: Maybe?
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Ice Machines in College Houses
  1. Ben: I contacted college house administrators to get ice machines for college houses. The director responded regarding costs, and health issues. We are hoping to outweigh the costs with benefits of ice machine.
  2. Natasha: What is board plan?
  3. Ben: Meal plan
  4. George: How many athletes have you talked to.
  5. Ben: I have talked to about a dozen
  6. Sravya: What are the code issues?
  7. Ben: He does not know the issues, but he said there might be costs
  8. Brian: Next steps?
  9. Ben: I will look into code issues and wait on email
  10. George: How much do ice machines cost?
  11. Ben: I am not sure
  12. Max: Ice machines are gross in restaurants
  13. Will: Ice machines in highs school are gross
  14. Sahithya: Get lever ice machines
  15. Elena: Would this be targeted toward all college houses?
  16. Ben: All college houses
  17. Elena: If this does not work out, in High Rises we had ice trays. Maybe you can get ice trays
  18. Ben: For student athletes they need a lot of ice
  19. Michele: Years ago they did trial ice places.
  20. Maria: I sit on RSAB and they might say that students can already make ice
  21. Goerge: Have you considered putting ice machines in pottruck. It might benefit athletes?
  22. Kev: Have you estimated the cost?
  23. Ben: No I want to speak with residential services to see the cost
  24. Will: Do athletes already ice machines?
  25. Ben: I do not know. It sounded like they did not have access unless from dining hall
  26. Santosh: I think having in pottruck and fox would be a good idea.
  27. Samara: It is important to have them in residential buildings to assist student injuries
  28. Sahithya: Us NARPS (Non-Athletic Regular Persons) need ice as well.
  29. Nick: If cost is  an issue look into other locations
  30. James: Ice is in Fox and Pottruck already
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Sign-up for the Dining Plan through Housing
  1. Kyle: Sign ups will be present on the housing form. There will be more noticeable that it is binding agreement
  2. Sahithya: Does this mean once you are in you cannot get out?
  3. Kyle: Yes
  1. Social Justice
  2. Student Life
  3. External Seats
  1. SCC Moratorium Update
  1. Kyle: We have lifted the SCC moratorium.
  2. Elena: What is moratorium?
  3. Kyle: They have not been accepting new groups on SCC due to budget problems. Sports clubs are costing unviersity high sums of money
  1. Communications