AR Article

     On February 21, 2018 we got to do some work with the Google AR program. Also if you wondering what does AR mean? It stands for Augmented Reality. This tool is very awesome and we are going to tell you all about what can happen with the AR and how it works.

The Google Trainer came to our classroom and he  explained what the AR was and what it does. We were the first 6th graders to try Google AR out. Then he told us to use caution because the devices are very expensive phones(Google Pixel).  

When we first got started, he handed out QR codes.   There is one phone that controls all the other phones.We pointed our phone to the code and the object appeared. We saw augmented reality -3D objects like the sun and the inside of different objects.Google AR helps people learn things they probably did not know.  That’s the cool part of it.

Here is a video of the AR and  what it does: