Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

July 23, 2011 at 11:00 AM at Sailing Club

Board Members present were: David McLamb, Mike Butts, Valerie Georgevitch,

                                   Rudy Tatum, Butch Blanchard        


Yeoman Report:  Minutes of the June 25, 2011 Board Meeting were approved.


Purser Report:  Bank balance is $26,282.90 with 76 paid memberships.  Payments for shares of stock from new members Wimbish, Singletary, and Newcomb were received.  Board approved the repurchase of one share from Ron and Deb Tyman.  They both had been active supporters of the Club working as RC committee for many years and in social activity support.

 Events:  The regatta policy was discussed in regards to sponsoring, “hosting”, and contracting the Club site for class and outside regattas.  Discussed was establishing a fee schedule that might include the use of barge and driver, or the use of regatta materials, and the use of facility and buildings. The policy will be a work in process to apply to the 2012 year.        


        Events:                August 20        Club Races and Social

                                August 27        Isotopes and Lightnings

Hosted Events:  Board discussed the possibility of a limit to the number of times a member may host a party in a given year.  The discussion is part of an ongoing revision of the Events policy for the year 2012 involving fees, use of supplies and utility costs, repetitive use, and other issues.


Site and Equipment:  Board approved the complete replacement of the lift pump and tank by Alan Blackwell for an amount not to exceed $5,000 inclusive of all items.  The replacement need was in response to City determination of the tank location being too close to the canal and not meeting the new specifications.  We are to receive credit for the replacement pump just installed.

Board is to inspect the racing marks (buoys) to see what repair or replacement is required.

Moorings:  Several members of the board have met with State Park personnel to review the apparent incursion of a row of campground moorings into “our space”.  There were apparently four moorings approved, some of which were installed, then moved further into waters in front of our Club and into our line of moorings.  The board discussed appropriate response and planned to set up another meeting to determine specifically what rules apply.

Web Site Publishing.  (http://ussailing.net/waccamaw) Guy Staat is the Club webmaster at gstaat@gmail.com.

Next Meeting:   August 20 at 11:00 AM at Club.     (27th?)

Respectfully submitted,

Butch Blanchard, Yeoman