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2021-22 Volunteer screening Policy
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Volunteer Screening

Last updated: August 19, 2021

Police Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening

Ontario Volleyball (OVA) requires mandatory police screening (PRCs) and vulnerable sector screening (VSSs) checks of all individuals in leadership roles who work directly with athletes. This includes all Staff, Directors, Chairs, Coaches, Managers, Officials, Chaperones and persons who manage finances.

Ontario Volleyball requires each person to submit a PRC and VSS check upon registering with the OVA for the first time. To obtain your PRC and VSS check, appropriate documentation must be submitted through the local police. Please check local police department websites for paperwork and procedures that have to be completed.

PRCs and VSSs shall remain valid for three (3) years, provided the individual remains a member in good standing, does not let his or her membership lapse, and self-declares annually through signature of the OVA Offence Declaration.

Positive Finding of Screening

If there is a positive screening result, the OFVC Club Contact will blank out the person's name and forward the information to the OVA Executive Director.  At this time, the OVA Executive Director will forward the positive PRC/VSS to the Screening Committee for review.   The Screening Committee will make a decision based on the offence and OVA Screening policy to determine if the individual is allowed to continue in the OVA Club stream.  This decision will be then returned to the OVA Executive Director and OFVC Club Contact.  The OFVC Club Contact will present findings to the Board who will be responsible for implementing the decision of the OVA Screening Committee.