DATE: 22 January 2018


PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Lourens de Lange, Elias Kaweme, Hardus van Deventer, Jackie van Deventer, Asaph Jeka, Carol Lindeque, Frieda van Niekerk, Cornelia Mol, Hazel from Soshanguve ******does anyone have Hazel's last name?************ and Charlotte von Stade

                            Meeting joined via Facebook: Anand Chakravarthi from Kingdom Global India, Lelanie Gouws and Heidi Cronjé (George office)


AGENDA:           1.        INTRODUCTION

                            2.            DATABASE

3.            STRATEGY



6.            OTHER MATTERS



1.             INTRODUCTION

The meeting is opened in prayer by Hugo.


1.1           We need to procure the following items:

1.1.1        100 more Info graphics, but with the correct logo;

1.1.2        Kingdom Global cell phone covers

1.1.3        Desk folder or Table roller

1.1.4        Database programmer - Cornelia will get in touch with such a person.[1]


2.             DATABASE


With regard to the Database, Debbie suggested Space Med who runs a very secure system. We would like them to develop our database but we should also speak to Cornelia’s contact, Abrie. It is about getting the best technology can offer, so we have the best for the Kingdom of God. Hopefully we will meet up with an app developer this week, but Space Med could do the database part.

Hugo asks who is going to drive database and says that Lourens seems the most logical choice.


Cornelia says that every name on every Whatsapp group needs to be on that list. We need to train every KG TEAM and every KG Community to have a person who does the updating of the database. Once the app is running the database will be updated automatically.


Hardus says that Cornelia could perhaps use the list that Hugo mailed to him to start working on the database. Cornelia will be given access to Hugo’s Facebook account because he is the single person who is on all those groups.


The important thing is that we must have a system in place. Often systems are seen as something negative and rigid. We though, view a system as a body.  A body can do so many different things. The healthiest body can move the best. If the system is not well, the movement will not be good. The correct system is not rigid but is able to follow God everywhere the Spirit leads. If we fail to have a system in place, opportunities will be lost – and opportunities = souls. Every soul on earth is important to God.


The system does not disregard individuals. There is a place at the magistrates' court where abused women go to lay a charge. They have to fill out forms and there is no one to assist them doing so. Also they need to make photocopies and the photocopy machine. This is a chance to minister to these women.


Lourens says it is Important to have the database in a secure location, also the database must be flexible. Someone in a remote area must be able to access the database. We also need to know what kind of ministries would be needed in specific areas. For instance if we know that a community is struggling with water, we want to connect them with a ministry that drills for water.


3.             STRATEGY


Hugo says that what we want to do in terms of systems is to be able to measure the 7 pillars of the Kingdom Global strategy:

1) Define the Community

2) Cover in Prayer

3) Find the Key Person

4) Build the Core Group

5) Multiplication

6) Establish the Kingdom Community

7) Target new communities

 The more we can measure these 7 stages, the better. What we see with church planting is that often the first 4 stages are ignored and causes many ministries to be aborted. So we want to focus on measuring these first 4 stages and these figures have to be reported to Elias who reports it again to Hugo.


Elias will temporarily move to Pretoria where he will man the base and be in the office permanently together with Hardus except when he needs to go out and minister. Elias will handle the admin for Kingdom Global and Infinite Grace. He also heads up KG Johannesburg. He is the key person for our future apostolic plant in Sandton City, as we have here at Menlyn Main. Elias needs to process the information he receives about the first four phases and present it.

Part of our plan is a stadium for every tribe in SA. We will start with Menlyn and then Sandton Convention Centre and move further from there.


3.1           Phase 1: Define the Community:

We should increase the tempo of opening up Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

Hardus should move to the next level of mentor and train people to open up groups[2]. Hardus must both train and monitor. Processes need to be monitored so we can see where we can do it better. In terms of the George office, they need to be trained.  It will be discussed with Lourens whether we are going to use videos as training material. Things must be done correctly.  There are crucial things such as the setting on Facebook that anyone can post in a group, but every post has to be approved by admin before it is published. Hardus must spend time to write training instructions for Facebook and Whatsapp groups.[3] When someone opens a group, they need to give feedback to Hardus.

One must never assume that people know what to do, but must monitor all the time. We need to be very thorough in what we do. When Hardus hands over a function, it must be executed at the same quality as when he did it.  This also applies to Cornelia when she hands over integration to someone else. Hardus can use the Excel spreadsheets to train Asaph.


Elias says it will help Cornelia a lot if any person who comes in, just enters their name, community, etc. and when they push Enter and the information is linked automatically to a specific area.


On Fridays we must consolidate all information. It will give us time to digest it and make sense of it on Mondays in the meeting.  All information needs to be submitted to Elias by 12:00 on Fridays so he can process it Friday afternoon. Elias can then communicate the information to Hugo over the weekend.


Figures and facts are never to embarrass someone. It is just to understand what is happening and what we should do.  Figures are important to God. There are many examples in the Bible where exact figures are quoted when people were counted.

Lourens says that as time goes by, we will fine tune the information that needs to come in.


Hardus asks from which base he can work to avoid duplicate Facebook groups.  Asaph says it is best to use the Final Master List.  Lourens says that figures for South Africa are fairly up to date.  When searching for groups to see if a group has already been created, there is a good chance that Facebook doesn't show up the name you search for. We need to put in a customised address on Facebook when we do the search.  When we generate the custom address for the KC and Facebook does not accept it, it means that the KC name exists already.  Do not add a letter or number to you name to make facebook accept it.


Elias has to think about what information we need.[4]  For Gauteng we have about 90% of the information already. If you look for information and don’t find it, write it down *********** where? in the Master List? *****************. In most other provinces, there is no information, so if you don't find it, you may supply it.

Lourens must confer his knowledge to Cornelia. [5]


Lourens asked Asaph to send him a list of any community names that he wants to open Facebook groups for.  The customised address part is the most important thing to stop duplicates. Asaph and Lourens need to sort this out by Wednesday.[6]


What need to be measured is

1) total amount of groups – Elias needs this information and report back to Hugo.

2) Total number of activated Facebook and Whatsapp groups – a group is activated when someone outside of KG joins the group. Within month we want 1000 Whatsapp groups.

3) There must be coordination between Facebook and Whatsapp groups. If there is a Whatsapp group, there should be Facebook group. If there is activated Facebook group, there should be Whatsapp group. Elias must coordinate this and report if any Whatsapp or Facebook groups should be opened.[7]


We need these statistics and information on every level that has been defined: Country, Provincial, etc.


Cornelia asks what about the Whatsapp group when someone joins Facebook. Hugo says we should invite them to join the Whatsapp group then. Cornelia says that by adding people you don’t know on a Whatsapp group, one might find that they might misuse it for advertising for instance. Hugo says that if someone misuses the group, you remove the person immediately and then talk to them and explain the rules of the group. Afterwards he can be added to the group again.


The welcome message needs to have link to the Whatsapp group. In Whatsapp we need every now and then to put in link to Facebook group. Elias needs to put a footnote in the image to tell people to click on it. Hugo says that Elias and Hardus must coordinate this between each other.[8]


Hugo says that we can also start to look at the tempo that groups/people are added. With these statistics you would be able to see when persecution comes into an area; etc. We need to have the measurables at our fingertips.


Lourens says that they will set up parameters which will be the responsibility of the key people to attend to. Automatic notifications will be sent out when a parameter is reached. Each parameter will be able to be set up individually. For example: if a specific word comes up too often, it will be flagged and the key person is informed. When we suddenly see an area growing, we need to see what is happening, perhaps we can identify a key person in that area.


Cornelia says we need someone to integrate our Facebook pages on Instagram and Snapchat. Research shows it is mostly older people who use Facebook. This means that we are missing a whole generation with our message. We need someone to run it for us.  Cornelia will find out from her son Joshua if he knows about someone who could do Snapchat for us (it is mostly girls who use Snapchat). Elias says that he downloaded Instagram but deleted the app again because there is such a lot of pornography there.


3.2           Phase 2: Cover in Prayer


We need to measure prayer walks and prayer meetings in each Kingdom Community. We also need to know if there is a Kingdom Community Coordinator (KCC) in a specific community. A KCC is not yet the man of peace, he must still be tested.


Carol says there is a prayer calendar on the website, but in order to access it, a person first needs to register.  This person could possibly be the prayer coordinator in his area. Carol must communicate any information on everything prayer to Elias.[9]


Hugo says Carol must be added to the Strava app.[10] We must create a group on Strava and each individual must share his information there. We need to measure how many people use Strava. Hugo's dad knows how to integrate all prayer walks in an area. He can superimpose them on one another so that we can get a total picture of the streets covered in prayer in a specific area.

Regarding the Strava app, we will have to put a link on the website explaining what Strava is, where to download it, etc.


Lelanie says that there are many apps that can post to all social groups at the same time.


Elias says Strava is a good tool, but from Carol’s side we should also assemble team of trained prayer warriors. Most people in the black community don't understand Strava. We need to train teams to use Strava so that they can again teach other people.


Asaph says that it is the KCC's that need to be trained to use it. Carol says there is already small video on prayer walks.  Hugo asks Asaph to launch prayer walks in his area.[11]

Cornelia says in the welcome note, we must invite people to join in the prayer walks.

Frieda says the invitation should be repeated once a month to remind people about it.


Hugo says that when we post in Facebook, we must always use the standard signature and perhaps put in as standard part of the signature, an invitation to prayer walks


The standard signature should look like this:


Advancing the Kingdom Globally (what we do)

www.kingdomglobal.org (website)


Hugo says that the call to prayer is very important at this stage, we need to get that going. We could add something that says "In order to start praying in your community, click this link".

If a measurement is still 0 (zero) we need to acknowledge it and not just leave it out.

Frieda says we need prayer for the youth of South Africa. Hugo says he will have chat with Lelanie about it. Carol says this is what the prayer calendar is for; it is not only for communities, you can use it to pray for yourself, your family, etc.


Hugo says because we are territory focused, our prayer becomes specific.

We want to bring in more prayer ministries. We must meet up with Ariel Gates (www.arielgate.com).[12] We want to take hands with any prayer movements that you know of, we will bless them and they are going to bless us.

Jericho Walls already has a prayer app. Carol says that we did try to take hands with them, but nothing came of it. We will try again to initiate something between us.[13]


3.3           Phase 3: Finding the Key Person


This person will be identified from among the praying people. Usually when you have good prayer in an area, you’d be able to quickly establish a key person.


3.4           Phase 4: Building the Core Group


We need to measure in what communities there are already core groups. We must not only measure the number of people in a community, but also the people as a percentage of the whole community.  We need to know the total number of people living in a community. If a community is very large, we will subdivide that community so we can focus better.


Hazel who lives in Soshanguve needs to talk to Hardus about different areas in Soshanguve to define as communities. [14]




To prevent duplicates of Facebook groups for Kingdom Communities, anyone who wants to open a new group, must send a list of the communities to Lourens on Google Sheets, but only after you have identified the communities and made sure that they don't already exist. Lourens will then confirm whether it exists or not. We need to pace ourselves in opening new groups, because Facebook keeps on blocking Lourens.


If Asaph finds a community in his area on Facebook, he needs to find out if Hugo is admin on that community. If he is not, Asaph must put that community on the list he sends to Lourens[15].  Lourens needs at least the group name and a note that says Hugo is not admin.


We must also look under the "About" section of a group to see if the description of  the group is correct. If the description is not there, or if it is incorrect, the Facebook group is not complete. If you find anything like that and you are not admin, send the information to Lourens or Cornelia.

Cornelia says that she does not want to be admin on any of these groups.  Lourens agrees with her on this.


Hardus asks what the best welcome message would be for Egypt. What works in South Africa might not work in another country. We need to find the right people in foreign countries to write the welcome message there. Hardus says we need someone to write the welcome in Kenya; things cannot begin to move there until that is sorted out. Daniels’ hands are tied at the moment.


Cornelia says she noticed a lot of mistakes. Hardus asks Cornelia to communicate all mistakes; we are still learning and people make mistakes.[16]


There is currently someone from the DRC who wants to join Kingdom Global. Lourens will find out from Hugo if there is already someone in the DRC he can connect with.[17]


Hardus says that we always try to identify a country coordinator. This person must start to build up Kingdom Communities in that country.

Cornelia asks if, in the Master List, we can create a tab that says follow ups. We can name it Pending Africa, or Pending India. Hardus can then go and make the pending approved and welcome once it has been done.


Cornelia will have the name of the country, the group name, the person’s name and mark it pending. For Africa and India, Hardus and Asaph approve and welcome the people and change the tab. The country coordinator must be tagged in the post. The idea is that after a person has been welcomed, he must be integrated. Hugo will fine-tune the welcome.[18]


If we have any questions, we could ask Asaph as well as Hardus. We will have tabs in Google sheets, one called Africa.

Each ministry will have to welcome their groups in their own words, e.g. Prayer ministry.

Elias is looking to see who the responsible people for the various ministries are. We have to teach heads of verticals to give feedback of members joining, etc. This is part of their responsibilities.[19]  We need to find out from Hugo if he agrees that the different ministries should handle their own administration.[20]


Elias asks whether it is possible to have a welcome note that is generated automatically. Lourens says it is not possible in Facebook. With thousands of people joining Kingdom Global, we need to move to the Kingdom Global app as soon as possible. The app will replace Facebook and Whatsapp. We need to decentralize the process. The branches we talked about, we need people there to spread it and give feedback.


Lourens says in Kingdom Global Operational, Cornelia will be head of Kingdom Global Integration and she will have team under her. Cornelia will be responsible for the quality the feedback from the Facebook groups.

Elias needs figures only. If one updates the sheet, Elias can just open the sheet and get the information from there.

Another step that we need to add to Facebook, is to add location. We should add that to the Facebook groups as well.


Elias must find out about advertising cost on social media. [21]


We need to synchronise the Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Hardus and Elias will work on this.[22]  Lourens is working on a standardized spreadsheet so that they all look the same.


Cornelia asks if the type of community should not be a separate column. Lourens says that usually the name of the community, is already indicative of the type of community it is, e.g. Soshanguve Primary School Kingdom Community.


Elias has to specify the type of community on the master list; whether it is residential, farm, business, hospital, etc. Elias must go through the list, if there are ones that don't make sense, he must discuss it with Lourens.[23]


5.             KINGDOM GLOBAL TEAM


Hugo has to approve who may join KG TEAM (Trained Eager and Able Ministers). Lourens needs answer from Hugo.[24]


6.             OTHER MATTERS


Lourens says that Verticals cannot just be created. Hugo needs to approve the creating of a Vertical before it can exist.  A Vertical is essentially a ministry ran by a person or group. It is therefore important to know who we are dealing with.


Hugo announces that we are looking to obtain a truck that can be used to go into an area, open the flap and start ministering to people. We need an engineer who can convert such a truck for us to suit our needs. We are planning by faith for such a unit. Once we have one, we can get more of them.


Carol ******* Carol this was about the TV channel from which you are going to broadcast - please complete the necessary detail, I could not hear you and the sound on the video is atrocious *************


Hugo will again meet with Judea Harvest today.


Lourens asks who is responsible for Europe.[25]


The meeting is closed in prayer.

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