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Site Configuration: This feature allows you to determine the settings for your catalog, circulation, and receipt printing features. Click on the Back Office Button to access Site Configuration. This is the Catalog Tab.

You will be able to setup Inventory options, Destiny Quest, Language Support…

Library Reviews and what information about the student to include.  For privacy reasons, we request to limit identifiers to First Name and Last initial or initials only.

Make certain the Fountas and Pinnell is checked (if elementary), Lexile, and Reading Level and Interest Searches

The search statistics will let you know what terms students are typing in to help you evaluate their searching skills as well as the kinds of books and information they are trying to locate. You can find the Basic Search Statistics report on the Library page of Reports.

Remember to click on Count in-library use circulations. This refers to books in your library students and teachers may have used for research and/or reading that are not checked out. Go to Circulation and check-in. Scan all the books in your library that were handled. By including in-library use stats, you have more accurate data about how print resources are being used in your library.

The Visual Interface will allow you to choose standard or elementary depending on your population.

Circulation Tab

Library Options

Allow library materials to circulate to all patrons in the district

Allow library materials to be renewed at the borrowing site

Calculate library loan periods based on Automatically calculate fines for overdue items

Require explanation when waiving library fine

Require explanation when issuing library refunds


Automatically create fine for lost library materials

"Lost" library materials must be returned in a timely fashion to generate a refund

Calendar days from date "lost" before a paid library fine becomes non-refundable:

Display TitlePeek cover images in Check Out - Check Out  Display TitlePeek cover images in Check Out - Items Out  Display TitlePeek cover images in Check In


Display patron pictures

Select this option if you would like patron pictures to appear by default in Circulation Desk.

Allow patrons to create their user name and password

This allows students to change their password from the default.

You can display the patron pictures if there is a designated school photographer. If so, please email me for instructions at

Barcode Symbologies

We are promoting uniform barcode symbologies for all schools in NYC. Please follow the following format:

Preferred Barcode Symbologies

Fixed Characters

Total Length





3EAGL00000001 M

Code 39 mod 43



Follett Classic        

P 1

Note: Please email me for the fixed character (4 letter code) for your school or find it on the Destiny LibGuide under the Short Names tab.