CTDS Meeting Minutes: 5/8/2017

In attendance: Derek, Beth, Wendy, George, Margaret, Suzanne, Vikki

The Board reviewed and approved the minutes from the April meeting. Derek updated the discussion about new sound cables - no new cables will be needed at this time.

Treasurer’s Report: Low attendance at last few dances has led to loss. The CD is set for another year.

May 13 Dance: Turnip the Beet will play and Susan Kevra will call. Christopher will run sound with George’s help. Stephen will host. Vikki will publicize the dance to local FB groups. The announcements should include a reminder that in summer, the dances will be held on the 4th Saturday of each month and that there will be no dance on the 2nd Saturday.

May 27 Dance: Girl Time and the Do-right Daddies will play and Jane Ewing will call. George will confirm sound with Christopher. Stephen will host. The announcements should include a reminder that in summer, the dances will be held on the 4th Saturday of each month and that there will be no dance on the 2nd Saturday.

Future meetings: Suzanne suggested holding the monthly meeting on the Monday the week before the 1st dance of the month, rather than the Monday the week of the 1st dance of the month. The Board agreed that the timing would allow for discussion farther in advance. Because of the summer schedule, the Board agreed to make the change before the 1st September dance.

Publicity: Suzanne did the usual calendar listings. The Meetup group has 86 members and multiple comments about how glad people are to have found the group.

English Country Dance: Suzanne referred to an email report that she sent out to Board members regarding ECD (see addendum). Margaret reported that the church has allowed the group to enter and set up for ECD at 4 on a regular basis and will give the group plenty of advance notice, if that is no longer possible. Suzanne will reach out to Steve to make sure that he alerts her if there is a caller who does English as well as Contra booked for any given Saturday.

Procedure for starting new events: Derek proposed that any dancer/community member who would like to have an event or start a new program should come to the Board with a proposal and action plan. Margaret suggested that a Board Member At Large position could be tasked with being the point person for new events/programs, for example, Chattaboogie.

Sound: Christopher is doing well at running sound, but George emphasized that the Board needs to continue to build a sound team so that one person does not get burned out.

Committee recruitment: Beth will stock supplies. Wendy spoke up emphasizing the need to get supplies for good prices. Wendy also suggested reaching out to Feather. Vikki suggested recruiting committee members by bringing awareness. Vikki will sit at the table near the name tags in order to greet dancers and make connections.

Announcements: ensure that announcements are made before the last dance before the break. Suzanne suggested focusing on newcomers to make sure they feel welcome. She also suggested that newcomer passes be handed out at the break rather than at the admission table. The Board agreed to encourage dancers to wear name tags.

The Board discussed how to encourage couples to not dance with each other the entire evening.

Tasks accomplished at the work meeting: renewed insurance and CDSS membership; filed IRS e-postcard; Wendy created a flyer

Board Members at Large: The bylaws allow for 1-5 board members at large. The Board discussed formally and informally identifying people who might be a good fit and creating a nominating committee. Margaret announced that she would rotate off the Board next year. Derek announced that he would remain on the Board for one more year after the current year.

New Business:

Action Items:

Next Meeting: Monday, June 5 at 6:15 at Ankar’s Deli (5966 Brainerd Road)