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Troubleshooting Steps
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Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Reboot - Poweroff your device and wait 30 seconds and power it back on.

          How to Power Off a Chromebook

  1. Clear your cache -
  1. Click on the  3 vertical dots on top right of your Chrome Browser > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data
  2. Choose Basic > All Time > Check off 3 boxes > Click Clear Data
  3. Shortcut Shift/Control/Backspace

Video Here

  1.  Update Chrome - Make sure your Chrome is up to date. Open Chrome> go to the 3 vertical dots > choose settings > go to ABOUT CHROME on the left side of your screen > check to make sure Chrome is up to date. Video Here

  1. Close extra tabs - declutter your browser by closing any extra tabs you have open

  1. Chromebook Won’t Turn On

Plug the charger into the charging port on the right side of the Chromebook.

Next, hold down the Refresh Refresh keyboard icon key and then press and hold the Power button. Hold both down for 10 seconds. Release the Refresh key and then the Power button and your Chromebook will restart. If it doesn't start, press Power again.

  1. Classlink Settings - On Classlink, click the person icon on the top right, settings, and then security. Click any active sessions and then select “Logout all other places.”

  1.  Software Specific Issues

Link Here

  1. Parent Academy                 

Click Here for the Website                        

  1. Screenshots
  1. When describing an issue, it is helpful to take a screenshot of the issue. Hold down the CTRL button and the key above the number 6 together.
  2. Screenshot Error? Click Here

  1. Still Experiencing Issues? - Look at the flowchart on the right!

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