Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen                                                

Daily Specials from Tuesday 25th September 2018


Sunny Side Up Salted Eggs with Avocado                                         23

We cure the eggs for 30 Days shell on in brine and it’s the yolks amazing and delivers an amazing flavour!   Served with Beetroot & Fennel Relish &  Sourdough Toast                                               

House Made Fluffy Pancakes with Seasonal Fruit, Chocolate Sauce & Fresh Cream        19

Served with Toasted Cashews                                                                


Beetroot & Red Cabbage Soup                                                 19/26

finished with Udder Farm Feta, Sourdough Toast…. & Salad as a main                GF available


Black Bean, Date & Tomato Curry & Blue Corn Chips                        27        Vegan N GF

with Coriander Salsa, Toasted Coconut & Cashews                                                                            

Little Hill Farm Chicken Breast                                                34        GF        

Marinated in Honey, Soy & Five Spice, served with Pickled Bok Choy & Pumpkin Puree                        


Hunter Natural Lamb Ragu                                                        27                        Slow braised Lamb Shoulder in rich Tomato sauce

served with Linguine & Parmesan        

White Rabbit Dark Ale Beef Cheeks                                                34        GF

With Sweet Potato Mash & Green Beans        

Pulled Pork Shoulder         with Sage & Cumin                                        34        GF

with Garlic Potato Puree & House Made Sauerkraut