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Knowing Tasha
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Food and allergies

  1. She is allergic to some animal protein. She has specific hypoallergenic food and treats and should not eat human food or other dog’s food or treats.

Gestures and commands

  1. Sit
  2. Kom = come
  3. hopp= jump
  4. Lig= lie down
  5. Stanna= stay/freeze
  6. Rulla= roll over (lilting down,  clockwise)
  7. Snurra= spin (standing,  clockwise)
  8. High five
  9. Tass= handshake

Daily routine

  1. No more than 4 hours between walks
  2. At least two long walk per day (more than 30 minutes)

Meeting other dogs

  1. During heat it is necessary to inform the owner of other dogs that she is on heat (in Swedish: hon löper). Male dogs get really crazy and cause trouble for their owners.
  2. Do not let her get close to other dogs when excited. Have control of her leash and let them approach slowly. If they show aggression (specially by showing their teeth) break the contact. If necessary by picking her off the ground. She generally is very dominant and if other dogs don't listen she gets angry at them 😅

Physical limitations

  1. She has a problem with kneecaps in her rear legs so it is important that she does not jump up really high. So she should not be allowed to jump over a sofa or bed. She probably tries to do that with a new person in her company but a swift reaction would set the limit.
  2. She has had issues with her teeth so when playing with a toy that she wants to pull with her teeth be careful not to pull too hard.

Pet peeves and fears

  1. She finds roller skates and skateboards really annoying and usually runs towards them and barks. Be more vigilant when getting close to an area that such an activity is ongoing
  2. One thing that she truly fears is the sound of fireworks. One needs to move away and get back to home so that she feels safe again.

Medical emergency

  1. In case she needs immediate medical attention you can visit
  1. DjurAkuten in Kungstensgatan 58, they are open 8am to 8pm on weekdays
  2. AniCura animal hospital Bagarmossen in south-east of Stockholm is open 24/7
  1. She is insured by Sveland insurance company and her insurance number is 4571637.
  2. You can ask them to directly report to the insurance company so that you pay only the deductible not the total cost.