Sprint 1

Sprint Overview: For our first sprint, our goal was to establish goals and create a very basic MVP of our LEGO sorter. We started off by establishing our project goal, individual learning goals, and determining what the most basic MVP of our project would look like. From there, we had a brainstorming session where we looked at different potential mechanisms for each step of the sorting process: isolation, sensing, and sorting. 

This led us to make a few sketch models to test some of the concepts.

We found that the simplest way to physically actuate the sorter at the most basic level was to use a small camera and a RasPi running OpenCV to determine the color of the LEGO brick (red, yellow, blue, green) and use this data to sort the legos. For the mechanical portion, we built a rotating disk that had two set positions and a plate that could tip in either direction. This plate would serve as the background for the camera, and the data sent to the RasPi from the camera would be sent to the Arduino to position two servos; one that sets the position of the rotating disk, and another that determines the direction the plate would tip. This allowed us to progress quite quickly using borrowed 180-degree servos instead of waiting for a motor with full rotation capabilities to arrive.

Project Goal:

The goal of our project is to design, create, and build an aesthetically pleasing LEGO brick sorter.


Sort the same size LEGO bricks by color, one at a time.

Sprint Goals:

Roadblocks and Lessons:

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